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FALL OF MINERVA – “Beyond The Pines” video

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The sincere and tasteful mixture of majestic soundscapes and exploding bursts of energy presented through this new single from Italian band FALL OF MINERVA are a quality is the forerunner of full-scale adventure, the band’s debut release called “Portraits”, to be released on March 25th via OverDrive Rec, Vicenza and Basick Records, Goodfellas Records, Unquiet Records, Trvs Records, and Towner Records. The band has just released an impressive track called ”Beyond the Pines” and produced an interesting music video to make it more visual and meaningful. Watch below and share if you like what you see.


Fall Of Minerva, a Vicenza (Italy) based project, got together in late 2011 and released their first EP “Fall of Minerva” which, alongside with the release of the video for “Sievert”, gave the band much more exposure, the chance to intensely tour Italy and, consequentely, the need to push themselves into a wider, international setting. In October 2013 the band released their 2nd Ep “Seasons”, followed by Russian and two European tours for promoting it and their second video for the song “The Lingering Agony Of An Exhausted Soul”. In the year of 2015 the band focused on the final composition and recordings of the first full-lenght and in November released the first single “Träume” announcing the new album. In February 2016 with the release of the video for the song “Beyond The Pines” the band announced the signing with Baisck Records (Uk) for the digital side, and with Overdrive (It) for the physical side, and the date of the record release show: 27/03/16 at Bocciodromo, in Vicenza.


I came here to curse the shadow in my mind while my stomach rips itself open from the inside.
Ivy creeps up my back, scratching and strangling my brains.
I bury my face in my hands, hoping something will put an end to this all.
My sighs are mute anguished screams of a grieve.
I’ve lost and then trapped.
Are we anything but a constant storm of thoughts and unresolved doubts?
What are we?
What are we?
I want to know, what are we, if not a constant storm of thoughts..a constant storm…
a constant storm?
How would self-awareness be nurtured if we didn’t go through our thoughts ceaselessly?
What I fear and repulse is captive inside of me haunting my soul, I tried my best to defend myself, but I’ve got to let it go.
I came here to curse the shadow in my mind and this I write for those who dream of a simple way to live an existence free of constant self-demands, of the chance to just breath deeply, without filling one’s lungs with self-criticism.
I came here to set my mind free.

For Portraits promotion there are already two tours planned: FOM’s second Russian tour that will start 3 days later the record release show, and a European release tour with Amia Venera Landscape for the begging of May. CREDITS: Guest vocals on Träume: Luca Rocco (Storm{O}) Guest vocals on Ask the River: Chris Hell (Fjort) Recorded by Paolo Canaglia, Marco Canaglia and Maurizio Baggio Produced and mixed by Maurizio Baggio at Hate Recording Studios (IT) Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music (USA) Digital Release: Basick Records Physical Release: Overdrive, Unquiet Records, trvs Records, Towner Records, Goodfellas After these tours other promotion gigs are planned to take place all over the Italy, one of these has just been announced, it will take place in occasion of the first Tattoo Convention in Caserta (south Italy) where the band will share the stage with Betraying the Martyrs.

The band’s vocalist Sido commented:

“I can say that this record is both sides more agressive and more melodic at the same time, so it could be interesting to listen to these different sounds mixed together on the tracklist. Personally, I tried my best to give something more to this debut album, for example giving a melody to my voice, and I know my guitarists spent really a lot of time searching for the best sounds possible and composing songs of course.
This debut album contains really the best music we ever composed so far, and we are so proud of it. Even if it is hard to say “something new” when the amount of music is so, so hard to even realize it, I guess we can say that this record is a breathe of fresh air in the post-hardcore music scene, because of putting on it a lot of atmospheric, post rock, and post metal sound. So, give this italian band a chance, hope you won’t be disappointed”

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