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“False Gods” – UK hardcore act WORRY premiere new video

Our recent guests from Oxford, UK’s gritty, noisy hardcore punks WORRY have recently premiered new music video for their new track “False Gods”, a harsh new offering about learning to make your own decisions and choosing to live by your standards. Watch above and see a special commentary from the band below.

There are many systems that people live by that I personally disagree with, such as religion, the monarchy and politics. Being part of something can be good, but following something blindly, not questioning leaders, and outdated ideas are some of the major problems of society. However, I know that each person is different, and having faith or being attracted to Prince Harry doesn’t make you bad or ignorant.

The EP is called ‘Good Person’ and I think the lyrics ‘I Don’t know if there is purpose/I’m just trying to be a good person’ best describes the theme of over the songs. I don’t care who you are, try not to be a dick.

We have been busy preparing the release of the EP and practicing for our upcoming UK tour at the end of March. After that we might record, we already have a few new songs and we keep on writing. Keep an eye out!

WORRY live by Helen Messenger

WORRY live by Helen Messenger

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