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TVIVLER protest against Copenhagen’s deceptive self image in a new single “Vold”

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We already welcomed Danish gritty alt punks TVIVLER earlier this year, and it’s our pleasure to give you “Vold”, another interesting new track, giving you a good idea of what to expect from the band’s new record “Ego”, to be released via This Charming Man Records on April 3rd!

Our cities have become more financialized than ever. Housing is first and foremost an object of investment, and those without large incomes or access to old money (i.e. most of us) are slowly being barred from the City. Poverty is a form of violence and more of us regular inhabitants in Copenhagen are becoming poorer, because Copenhagen is becoming more and more expensive. In that sense Vold is our song about Copenhagen; a song of new nordic penury. It’s the dark side of the urban development our city has experienced over the past few decades, from poor capital to hip wellness hub. Even the apparently inclusive housing cooperatives once so crucial to Copenhagen has become breeding ground for a highly contagious and aggressive petty bourgeoisie mentality. The song protests Copenhagen’s deceptive self image as progressive and inclusive. Bourgeois fun fact: in Denmark, the law regulating demarcation of land and property is said to be one of the most extensive law scripts. Apparently, everyone requires a small plot of land.

For a long time we thought the song was too weird for the album. Possibly because of the weird combination of the Clash-like guitar and a bass that sounds like some wretched, angry animal. But now it is a favorite.

EGO is an album of courage and defiance. It is an album about relations and relations to self, about knots and inner monstrosities. It is songs in the neoliberal Copenhagen, songs from late modern life, songs about the insides of capitalism, about keeping up without holding on. It is an album of songs about reclaiming life from hopelessness. About wanting and committing to what is important.

The fifteen songs on the album channel inspiration from both straight up punk rock, ambient drone and noise rock: drums, bass, guitars, and voice. Each song has been cut to the bone; it’s pure maximalism. The album is a tribute to punk rock at its purest but also challenges the dogmatism that often comes with it.

Vold- Lyrics (original)

Det er ikke alle der har lov til at være her. Det er ikke alle der har en stemme mere. De får dig til at bløde og du elsker dem for det. Det er dig mod dem, en voldens koreografi. De får dig til at nyde og du hader dem for det. Nu trives vi på en stædig diæt af underskud. Det er ikke alle der har en stemme mere. Det er ikke alle der har lov til at være her. Det er de gamle penge der former vores by; det er den nye mønt der styrer den. Der bliver mindre og mindre mindre plads. Nu trives vi på en stædig diæt af underskud. Det er dig mod dem. Det er blevet almen praksis at være ligeglad. Det er dig mod dem. Det er blevet almen praksis give op. Det er mig mod dem.

Lyrics (translated) – Violence

Not everyone is allowed here. Not everyone still has a voice. They make you bleed and love them for it. You against them, a choreography of violence. They make you savour it and for that you hate them. We thrive on a steady diet of deficit. Not everyone still has a voice. Not everyone is allowed here. Old monies shapes our city; new coins rule it. There is less and less less space. We thrive on a steady diet of deficit. You against them. Carelessness is common practice. You against them. Giving up becomes common practice. It is me against them.

Tvivler is Morten Ogstrup Nielsen (bass), Thomas Feltheim (guitar), Morten Clausen (drums) and Thomas Burø (vocals). In 2014, the band was formed on an ambition to write fast, dirty, intimate and violent music. That ambition was expressed in 2015 – 2017 in the form of three EP’s under the title Negative Psychology #1 – #3, and shows in Denmark, Germany, France, Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2017, Tvivler performed at Roskilde Festival and went on to compose what was to become EGO.

All band members have been active on the Danish scene for a long time. Feltheim and Clausen were in the hardcore band Children of Fall and mathrock outlet Obstacles, Burø sang for Lack, and Ogstrup is still active with Town Portal. Throughout these bands the music has always been adventurous, expressive and energetic. Tvivler is the logical continuation of this spirit; it’s a punk band with equal love for Blondie and Brutal Truth.

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