FATES WARNING to reissue “Inside Out” next month

Metal Blade Records is going to release a reissue of FATES WARNING‘s 1994 album “Inside Out” (see the cover below) on June 5th.

The reissue comes as a double CD plus bonus-DVD. It contains the classic original album as well as live tracks from a German show FATES WARNING played in Düsseldorf, Germany back in 1995 and unreleased demo takes. The bonus-DVD contains an assortment of live clips, from 1993-1995.





CD1 – Inside Out (re-mastered original album)
01. Outside Looking In
02. Pale Fire
03. The Strand
04. Shelter Me
05. Island In The Stream
06. Down To The Wire
07. Face The Fear
08. Inward Bound
09. Monument
10. Afterglow

CD2 – Live in Düsseldorf, Germany February 11th 1995
01. Outside Looking In
02. Down To The Wire
03. The Eleventh Hour
04. Point Of View
05. Face The Fear


01. Outside Looking In (demo)
02. Pale Fire (demo)
03. Shelter Me (demo)
04. Island In The Stream (demo)
05. Face The Fear (demo)
06. Monument (rough mix)
07. Circles (unreleased)

DVD – Inside Out Live
Outside Looking In (1994/95)
Pale Fire (1993/94)
The Strand (1994)
Shelter Me (1993)
Island In The Stream (2010)
Down To The Wire (1994/95)
Face The Fear (1994/95)
Monument (1994/95)
Afterglow Slide Show

Live In Still Water (1994)
Through Different Eyes (1995)
Guardian (Mike Portnoy drums) (1994)
Shades Of Heavenly Death (1995)
MTV Europe Interview (1995)
Eye to Eye (1994/95)
Face The Face Of Fear (1994)
Don’t Follow Me (1994)
Shortest Fates Warning Show Ever (1994)
Guardian (Arch/Alder duet) (1994)

FATES WARNING – “Point Of View” video:

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