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KOYO teams up with Daryl Palumbo for new uplifting single “Message Like A Bomb”

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In a thrilling fusion of talents, KOYO, the melodic hardcore ensemble, has collaborated with post-hardcore luminary Daryl Palumbo for their new single “Message Like A Bomb“. The track has been released as part of KOYO’s eagerly awaited debut album “Would You Miss It?”, due to hit the shelves on September 29th via Pure Noise Records.

Daryl Palumbo, renowned for his work with acclaimed bands such as Glassjaw and Head Automatica, brings his signature vocal prowess to the new KOYO track, imbuing it with a potent dose of intensity and emotion. Palumbo’s unmistakable voice, combined with KOYO’s fierce and passionate instrumentation, creates a riveting sonic experience that is both empowering and touching.

Vocalist Joey Chiaramonte discussed working with Palumbo on the new song, saying: “‘Message Like A Bomb‘ is a sweet ballad, anthemic track, with some real venom layered underneath it. It’s a song fueled by my distaste for a lot of the things I see around me as the band grows in scope and size, as well as the scene surrounding us does the same. I’m not the hater type, but whatever hater energy exists in me is laced into this song.”

“This song also gave us the opportunity to have Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw and Head Automatica do a feature on the track and that’s been surreal. Glassjaw is one of my favorite bands, and Daryl is one of the greatest creatives of my lifetime, or at least that’s how I feel. We reached out to him about this feature, kinda taking a shot in the dark about a year prior to it actually happening, and he responded all that time later out of nowhere completely down to do it. His swag, character, and nuance, is now baked and layered into various parts of the track. The final mix via Jon Markson left me speechless. It’s been an honor beyond any words I could assemble to have him on this track.”

KOYO’s upcoming album “Would You Miss It?” promises to be an exciting addition to the melodic hardcore music landscape. Beyond Palumbo, the record also features guest appearances by Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife and Anthony DiDio of, further augmenting the project’s already impressive lineup. These collaborations are a testament to KOYO’s commitment to creating rich and diverse music experiences, blending a variety of voices and styles within their powerful compositions.

KOYO feat Daryl Palumbo

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Originating from the Long Island underbelly and featuring members from Typecaste, Hangman, and Rain of Salvation, Koyo swiftly embraced the acclaimed soundscape of their legendary scene. Their musical style, while resonating with the grandiose melodies of Taking Back Sunday or the melodious rawness of Silent Majority, is a distinct blend of their inspiration and their unique songwriting prowess.

Their album, “Would You Miss It?” was produced by Markson (Drug Church, Taking Meds, One Step Closer) whose adroit production strikes a balance between colossal sound and the unrefined authenticity of Koyo’s sound. The album bridges the historical and contemporary East Coast punk, featuring appearances from prominent artists such as Palumbo, Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife/I Am The Avalanche, and Anthony DiDio of Vein.FM. Since its inception in 2020, Koyo has consistently presented genuinely heartfelt music.

The band, a brainchild of five childhood companions – vocalist Joseph Chiaramonte, guitarists Harold Griffin and TJ Rotolico, bassist Stephen Spanos, and drummer Salvatore Argento – crafted a sound reminiscent of summers spent in Stony Brook, oscillating between Taking Back Sunday and Silent Majority, on route to the beach. Their songs embody the familiarity and comfort of home.

Three years into their journey, with several well-received EPs behind them, Koyo is embarking on a monumental phase in Long Island’s hardcore scene with their debut album, “Would You Miss It?”. Conscious of the significance of a debut album, Koyo have meticulously crafted it since their early days. Chiaramonte notes, “The record was slow-cooked. Some songs were conceived shortly after ‘Painting Words Into Lines’ was released. We would earmark certain songs for particular albums, refining them over time.”


“Would You Miss It?” despite the meticulous planning and refinement, embodies the unpretentious spirit of Koyo. The album epitomizes the authenticity of its creators, conceived organically by five friends collectively crafting songs. Griffin remarks, “Our chemistry as a band and as songwriters is the beauty of Koyo. We avoid compartmentalizing ourselves, as everything we produce inherently reflects us.”

Immersing themselves in the creative process, Koyo retreated to a barn in rural New Jersey with producer Jon Markson and spent six intensive weeks fine-tuning the album. The result is sharper and stronger tracks, such as “You’re On The List (Minus One),” “Message Like A Bomb,” and “Anthem,” that reflect Koyo’s growth while retaining their captivating allure. The process, according to Chiaramonte, was a “labor of love,” influenced by life experiences and accompanied by minor heartaches.

Working with Markson involved grueling 10-hour sessions to perfect the album while Griffin was concurrently recuperating from a major ankle surgery. “The first week at the studio, I was wheelchair-bound,” Griffin recalls. “Three of the album songs were composed from that wheelchair. During our stay at the farm, I was also learning how to walk again.”

Chiaramonte, too, underwent an introspective journey while writing lyrics, isolating himself with a notepad until he could truthfully pour his heart out. The track “Life’s A Pill” stands as a poignant example of Koyo’s emotional depth and range.

The new album reflects the sonic expertise of its creators, a group of genre-devotees. Koyo’s adeptness in transitioning between Hardcore festival stages and opening for Bayside, as well as collaborations with Daryl Palumbo, Vinnie Caruana, and Anthony DiDio, underscores their musical fluidity. Each collaboration harmonizes perfectly with Koyo’s sonic dialect, demonstrating their wide-ranging musical abilities.

“Would You Miss It?” in totality, narrates the maturation journey of five friends united by their passion for music and creative synergy. Koyo is pioneering a new wave of Long Island bands. As Chiaramonte lyrically declares in “Anthem,” a homage to Long Island’s past, present, and future scenes, “the best is yet to come.” Be attentive, for you won’t want to overlook it.

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