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Finnish alt emo punk / screamo band ALAS teasing new album with poignant new single “Uusi Vuosi”

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Hailing from Jyväskylä, Finland, ALAS are about to unveil their upcoming new album on a number of great screamo / post hardcore labels this coming Summer. Having teamed up with Zilpzalp Records (Germany), Voice of the unheard (France), Zegema Beach (Canada), and Larry Records (USA), ALAS will release their own take on the new wave of European skramz this coming Summer, but today we’re stoked to give you an early teaser in the form of their new single “Uusi Vuosi”!

ALAS is: Ruben – Vocals, Bass, Oula – Guitar, Ville – Guitar, Jaakko – Drums.

The band released a split with To Be Gentle, Armywives, and Mirin Bide in November 2021, a split with Claire Voyancé in April last year, and their debut EP in August 2020.

Find “Uusi Vuosi” and hundreds of other post hardcore essentials in our lengthy Spotify playlist HERE.


Oletko uusi vuosi
Täynnä lupauksia
Joita ruumis ei pysty pitämään

Ruumis on kehuista tehty talo
Jonka eniten tarjoava omistaa

Oletko uusi vuosi
Täynnä odotuksia
Jotka palavat kirkkaana
Räjähtävät ja hiipuvat
Laskeutuvat pitkin poskipäitä

Jos antaisit lupauksen?
Jos, jos ja jos

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