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Finnish hardcore band TERROR SHARK share new video for “I’m Part of the Machine”

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Shortly after the release of their new album “13 Tracks,” which was released on March 31st, Finnish hardcore band Terror Shark are back with a music video for the song “I’m Part of the Machine”.

The band’s sophomore effort is a follow-up to their debut album “EPHC” and features the same straightforward East-Pasila hardcore style that they have become known for.

Finnish hardcore band TERROR SHARK
Finnish hardcore band TERROR SHARK

The album was composed mainly during 2021-2022 and contains a few previously written songs. It is almost twice as long as their debut and showcases newer, more experimental material while maintaining the old school hardcore spirit that the band is renowned for.

The first half of the album draws influence from newer hardcore bands like Lionheart and Hatebreed, while the latter part contains nuances from NYHC pioneers Sick Of It All, Madball, and Agnostic Front.

Terror Shark’s lead singer, Daniel Hänninen, expressed excitement about the release, saying “the debut album was quite successful as a whole, but with this album, the band rises to a whole new level.” Guitarist Jesse Rantala added that the band’s energetic live performances are what sets them apart, saying “Terror Shark’s absolute strength is the energetic gigs that have become a trademark and do not lack speed and feeling.”

The album is an entity in itself, with themes ranging from typical topics of the genre to politics and the personal experiences of band members. More band members were involved in writing the lyrics and themes of the songs, which adds to the richness and versatility of the album.

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