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FIRE AT WILL – “Life Goes On” video

Melodic hardcore band FIRE AT WILL have debuted a new music video in support of their new album “Life Goes On”, giving you a good idea of what’s to come on this catchy, uplifting effort. Formed in Toulouse in 2006, the band have been delivering an intense and highly energetic mixture of fast tempos, melodies, and emotionally charged vocals. “Life Goes On” marks their 3rd album, it features 10 new songs, and it will be out April 14th 2016, on vinyl LP and CD on KROD Records. Furthermore, FIRE AT WILL will be touring all year long through France and more European countries. get stoked, cause 3 tours are currently in the works! (Feb 2016 [26/02 – 06/03] France, April 2016 [22/04 – 01/05] England and France, July 2016 [15/07 – 30/07] Europe).


There’s nothing that you can expect from them
I could not see the light goes on in their eyes, everything turned upside down
Everyday was dull and uninspired, why did it take so long?
It should have been easier I should have taken time before speaking. If i only i had taken time to think.
Let your tears help you feel better, don’t try to hold them in,
Tell yourself it’s sorrow rolling down your cheeks.
Let your tears away

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