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FOR DIFFERENT WAYS: Sardinian melodic hardcore pack unpacks their gritty journey through “Scars”

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Sardinia’s own For Different Ways have etched a mark with their latest offering, “Scars”, unfolding across digital platforms, unveiling a narrative woven from the fabric of human experience.Β  an auditory exploration that challenges the conventional, blending the raw energy of hardcore with an eclectic mix of influences.

Scars” emerges as a sequel to “Awareness,” the band’s previous release, yet it carves out its own identity with a noticeable shift towards a dirtier, more experimental sound. The EP’s vocal work is notably versatile, integrating elements of hip hop into its gritty texture. Beyond the music, the EP delves into themes of reflection, criticism, and hope, transcending the superficial layer of lyrics to engage listeners on a deeper, more introspective level.

The band describes “Scars” as a cathartic journey, an ode to the transformative power of life’s trials. They articulate a philosophy where experiences, no matter how scarring, are not futile. This metaphorical alchemy – turning lead into gold – underpins the EP, giving voice to the weight of experiences that shape our existence.

Today, we dive into each and every track from the EP, through a special song by song rundown below.

Give Respect: This song embodies the concept of “To be, not to appear.” It critiques how significantly the music scene has deteriorated, highlighting our entrapment in a culture dominated by digital and image influences. Even the underground scene is not immune. The song argues against becoming mere products on a shelf or clichΓ©s.

The Old Oak: This track narrates the story of a father in an existential crisis, plagued by anxiety, dreary work, and the burden of paying bills through immense sacrifices. It’s a story about maintaining dignity and the quest for a better life amidst such challenges.

For Different Ways

Adversus: This song serves as an invitation to resist conforming to the social and behavioral norms imposed by the “system,” which operates in a covert manner. It aims to inspire opposition to this system, advocating for divergent thinking as a form of real “adversus,” or resistance.

Plan B: This track is a commentary on the gender pay gap in Italy, a topic seemingly ignored by many. Highlighting that the pay gap is 5 percent in large companies, it notes the exclusion of smaller businesses and the self-employed from these statistics. The song tells the story of a diligent girl, brimming with enthusiasm, who faces the harsh realities of a country lacking meritocracy. The narrative questions the normalcy of being undervalued or rejected in one’s homeland simply for being a woman.

Unbeaten: Inspired by the personal experience of losing loved ones, this song narrates the journey of a patient in a cancer hospital. It portrays the fast-paced passage of time for those with little left, and the loneliness felt in the battle against illness, despite being surrounded by loved ones. The song conveys a message of hope to emerge undefeated in this struggle.

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