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For Total Liberation – vegan straight edge hardcore band CLEARxCUT premiere new track & video “The Sky Ablaze”

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Ahead of their new album release on April 20th via Catalyst Records (USA), German based vegan straight edge hardcore band CLEARxCUT joins us for a special new track & music video premiere above! “The Sky Ablaze” kicks off with a slowly crawling intro, leading into a faster, atmospheric verse and bursts into full metalcore territory, followed by epic, more reflective excursion that corresponds with the striking visuals.

CLEARxCUT‘s new album, “Songs of Desire Armed“, features metallic hardcore/metalcore songs, which could be described as angry, energetic and heavy, but at the same time melancholic, atmospheric, sad and sometimes fragile.

The band was founded in 2018 and includes members of Implore, Heretoir and King Apathy. They released their debut EP in summer 2018 and their first full-length in spring 2019 via Catalyst Records, played at Fluff Fest in Czech Republic and toured extensively through Europe (until Covid hit).


“Hardcore punk is still more than music to us. The world we all live in is getting darker and darker every hour. Authoritarian politicians everywhere, discouraging news about corrupt and brutal law enforcement every day and the ongoing exploitation of the natural world make it hard to believe in a bright and colorful future. While pop songs about “getting drunk on the beach“ seem to be the soundtrack to the end of the world, we feel the urgent need to adress issues like anarchism, human and animal rights, veganism, straight edge, feminism and the destruction of the Earth within our songs.“

The upcoming album features seven songs dealing with issues like environmental destruction, the ongoing exploitation of humans and animals within capitalist societies and industrial civilization in general, animal liberation, the benefits of a vegan diet & a straight edge lifestyle and the need to fight sexism and rape culture as a means of emancipation.


The message that connects all songs on this album is, that there is an urgent need for all the different struggles for liberation to work together to overcome a political and economic system, that dominates, exploits and enslaves every living being on this planet.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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