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THROWE infuse more viciousness to their hellish sounds in new metallic hardcore miasma “Aerosol Jesus”

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Danish blackened hardcore band THROWE are releasing their debut album ‘Forfald’ on April 29th via Deathbird Records, and today we’re thrilled to open the gates to hell with their new shatering single and music video “Aerosol Jesus”!

“‘Aerosol Jesus’ is about the paradox in the eternal search for the meaning of life, that it in itself becomes a religion and omnipotent for the basis of one’s own existence, that one has ultimately forgotten to live a life and accept the premises of life.” – comments the band.

“Aerosol Jesus is one of those songs we think that generally represents Throwe’s musical and lyrical theme best of our record Forfald.”

THROWE is: Kim Rock – Vocals, Mads Østergaard – Guitar, Guillermo Agustin Papetta – Guitar & Vocals, Marijn Vossen – Bass & Vocals, Mike Simpson – Drums.

The Copenhagen black metallic hardcore band THROWE say it as it is and how they they see it. On the debut album ‘Forfald’ (‘Decay’ in Danish), the band communicate the personal struggle of life, which all humans experience, through a straight forward blackened hardcore insisting on honesty and the communion, that exactly this music has to offer.


THROWE was formed at the end of 2018 with base in Copenhagen, while conjuring an international constellation of members from England, Holland, Argentina and Denmark. After THROWE’s formation, the band released three singles with accompanying videos, played a string of shows and since then, they have been working on new material Now, THROWE has completed the debut album ‘Forfald’ consisting of seven tracks running 28 minutes all in all. The music is hard hitting blackened hardcore which excels in its ultra heavy and direct aesthetics perfectly molded for the band’s high energy live performances.

Lead singer Kim Rock says about the band’s approach: “Throwe was always meant to be a band doing songs that would work well in a live setting. We want the energy from hardcore back on stage, moshing, stagediving and sweating, and at the same time we wanted to cultivate the intense and chaotic vibe from black metal. We’re not in this world to revolutionize, but to smash it up in the most noticeable way.”

THROWE is an old-English term that means “suffocating death” – a simple word, most people can remember, and as such, THROWE prefers to speak directly to its audience in both music and lyrics.

A main theme with THROWE is the struggle of life, which we all fight, while we inevitably approach our demise within a long movement of decay – the human decay. The album lyrics written in both English and Danish springs from behavioral psychology – why we act, as we do.


Kim Rock elaborates: “Forfald is about the narratives we all carry and regardless of how we carry them, they all have their dark sides. It’s songs about the individual’s fight with life, for life, in good or bad, a struggle that is very challenging for every single human. We’re living lives of constant decay, where we constantly repair ourselves to become whole.”

The struggle in life, before death concludes it, is a circumstance, which unites us as humans despite our differences. In the same way, music and not least hardcore with its eternal theme of human struggle can unite us beyond nationalities and other differing parameters. In its confrontation with the challenges of life and death, man’s inadequacy and decay, music can create strength, community and determination, and THROWE and ‘Forfald’ is a shining example of exactly this.

THROWE’s debut album ‘Forfald’ is produced by the band themselves, recorded by Patrick Fragtrup and guitarist Mads Østergaard, mixed and mastered by Jacob Bredahl with artwork from drummer Mike Simpson. The album is released digitally on the band’s own imprint Deathbird Records and the vinyl version will be out later in 2022 as a co-release between Heartland Records (DK), Virkelighedsfjern (DK), Vinyltrolden (DK), Maniyax Records (DE) og Drown Within Records (IT).

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