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French emotional act EUX sublimate the essence of screamo in new single “S’y Jeter”

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Inspired by bands like Daïtro, Birds In Row, and Mihai Edrisch, EUX maintain the essence of traditional screamo and are a must-listen for fans of the genre. Today, we’re stoked to give you their new single “S’y Jeter“, taken from the upcoming album Mor(t)sang, one of the most interesting European screamo / post hardcore releases this year, slated for a April 7th release via Hell Vice Records, Voice of the Unheard records, Sleepy Dog records, Seaside Suicide records, Zilp Zalp records and Saltamarges,

Speaking about its lyrical content, the band says that the song means « dive into it » in French, it’s a contemplation of the void, an attempt to overcome our fear and pushing limits beyond our comfort zone.


EUX, the acclaimed 3-piece band, has evolved from their first LP “Et les Autres”. After a long wait, they are set to release their new 9-track album “Mor(t)sang”. The album showcases their growth, as it features more melodic, cutting, and emotional chaos. Fans will be delighted to know that Aurélien from the classic French screamo band Daïtro lends his voice to the last and epic song “Après la mort, rien”.

Having already performed in Europe and the UK, the band will embark on a tour in May across France and Spain.

The band’s previous single “Dans ce miroir” can be heard below:

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