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French instrumental power post rockers GRAND DÉTOUR break up! Exclusive live track streaming!

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Dense, dynamic, echoing arrangements’ makers, GRAND DÉTOUR, have recently informed us that they are parting their ways! The instrumental post hardcore tiinged post rockers have only been in the public eye for a couple of years, but they’ve been together since 2001, and their run in the underground spotlight has been marked by their amazing 2 full lengths and numerous energetic live shows. Today, we’re thrilled to share an exclusive live track recorded for their Little Elephant Sessions in Toledo, Ohio, which serves as their contribution to the new amazing anniversary compilaton from Time As A Color, a DIY label run by Munchen artist Daniel Becker. The X LP is a fine celebration of the label’s 10th Anniversary and it compiles 9 exclusive recordings by 9 bands that helped write the story of Time And Color in the last years. The pack includes IDIOTEQ-featured artists COMA REGALIA, LORRAINE, and GRAND DÉTOUR, which we’re praising once again in this very feature below.

GRAND DÉTOUR offered the following on the contept of their latest record and the track we’re happy to share with you:

The whole album called “Tripalium” is about work conditions/the good/the bad/how work is important or not in your life etc… So every song is a different aspect of it. We have pictures for each song on the insert, it gives clues to the listener to understand what we wanted to talk about.

Arbeit und Rythmus is taken from a book called from the same name from the author Karl Bucher in the 19th century. This guy was saying that working is like dancing. He says that Dance, music, poetry was developped with the the rythmic of the worker songs during their daily job days. And that movement would be the common denominator of all human action and rhythm a unifying social factor. pretty crazy! Also this guy is also the founder of non market economics.

And since it’s a German name and author we also wanted to do a little dedication to Tim from Dingleberry. We met this guy a few time, and his crazy job, crazy working schedules, and he has still time to work with his label and organize plenty of shows! Love you Tim!

Just before their final show in Toulon, the band hit a high floor of one of their local buldings and recorded an amazing live session, now available for your viewing and listening pleasure:

Just before our last show we’ve played that song on a roof in Toulon, our hometown. It makes a good souvenir :)

The band performed live for the last time at Le port des créateurs in Toulon, France on January 21st, 2917:


1. Demi chaine
2. Trabajo y arrebato
3. Sourd comme un livre d’histoire
4. Arbeit und Rhythmus
5. Le dixième pionnier
6. La pénibilité et la crasse
7. Révolte en solde
8. Révolution des sphères célestes
9. L’entre deux mers

GRAND DÉTOUR shared the following on their farewell:

Just a few words to thank you all for helping us in many different ways. We’ve been a band and we’ve been able to travel that much because of your precious help. So thank you! This was definitly worth it !!!!

We’re officaly a dead band now.

Take care of yourself and see you somewhere, somehow, sometime !!!!

Clément, Jérémie, Pierre & Vincent

GRAND DÉTOUR released their debut record in 2013. An impressive follow up emerged 2 years later and it was presented through an insightful interview on IDIOTEQ – GO HERE to read up, visit this spot to check out our first interview in 2013, and stream both adventurous records in its entirety below!


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