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French noise rock quartet A SHAPE releases new album Iron Pourpre

A SHAPE is a noise rock band from Paris and Toulouse, France. Why you should listen to noise rock? What is noise rock? Good questions and finally there is no answer. I can only say that i am constantly looking for originality, marginality and moreover creativity. A Shape has totally succeeded to wound me with their ingenuity or their pure inventiveness.

Usually people say that noise rock is nonsense. Me when i play like this, it never sounds as much structured and elaborated as noise rock, because noise rock is an organized chaos. What can happen when you mix a bit of Heliogabale (Sasha Andres), a bit of noise and some young wolves with sharp teeth then you have A Shape with our new album Iron Pourpre. Nothing better to derail the machine than to be surrounded by Antoine Cocquelet & A Shape for the mix, and the mastering by Nicolas Dick (Kill The Thill). So, our band plays noise rock. Simple as that. – A Shape

A SHAPE is out September 1th via Atypeek Music/ Records/ Araki Records/ Jelodanti Records.

A Shape band


1. Black Mamba
2. Echoes
3. Morning Faces
4. Crave
5. Hush
6. Lungs
7. Vertical Flex
8. Random Error
9. Thirst Trip

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