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French post punks CEMENTED MINDS (members of Amanda Woodward, Nine Eleven, Aussitot Mort) premiere debut EP

I.Corrupt Records is pleased to announce the debut EP by CEMENTED MINDS, a new post punk outfit from Caen, France, which shares members of the hardcore punk bands Amanda Woodward, Nine Eleven, Aussitot Mort and some more. The five track EP is called “Colostrum” and will be out on a coloured 10″ vinyl and digitally in December on Friday, the 13th. 2 new tracks have been made available online and you can check them out below!

“Colostrum” is the debut record from the French Post Punk band Cemented Minds. (Ex-)Members from Hardcore Punk bands like Amanda Woodward, Nine Eleven, Aussitot Mort and Burning Bright came together to form this band and record the EP in the Winter of 2018. Although the sound of Cemented Minds is different to the members’ previous projects, it should not be as a huge surprise for most of the listeners. In fact it makes sense since the love for Post Punk has always been strong in the Hardcore Punk community (take Ceremony as an example who diversed their sound over time). Colostrum is a strong five track record that serves gloomy dark songs which are pressed on beautiful pink marbled vinyl.

The idea of the band started back in summer 2016 as a challenge between Arnaud (the singer from Tromblon) and Camille (of Burning Bright and Nine Eleven).

Both were talking about touring life and how much they missed it when they spend more than one month at home. While speaking, they came to a point where they discovered a mutual passion for all these “new” bands playing Post Punk (like Eagulls or Beastmilk among others). Arnaud and Camille had never played anything else than Punk Hardcore and even if they didn’t know how to properly sing or write Pop music, Arnaud said to Camille: “Fuck it, let’s do that. Take your guitar, I bring my microphone”.

After one year and half stepping out of their comfort zone and recordings demos, Camille innocently showed the demos to Pierre from Amanda Woodward who immediately asked to be part of it. The same week, Antoine and his cool pop groove accepted to join.

The rehearsals as a real band then started in January 2018 and the band moved to the recording studio in the Fall of the same year, followed by their first gig in December. In the studio they worked with Guillaume Doussaud from Swan Sound Studio who already took care of most of their previous bands (Amanda Woodward, Aussitôt Mort, Burning Bright).

The fact that Camille and Arnaud also share the love for comics deeply influenced the background of the five songs. The lyrics for “Hallorave” and “Hair Shirt” for example are the direct results of their fascination for independent comic authors. The visual atmosphere from the works of Charles Burns or Daniel Clowes helped them to define guitar textures and riffs.

French post punks CEMENTED MINDS (members of Amanda Woodward, Nine Eleven, Aussitot Mort) premiere debut EP
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