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FULL OF HELL readying a split with CALM THE FIRE

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FULL OF HELL is planning to release 2 splits before the end of 2012. One of which is a split 7″ with prolific noise outfit, THE GUILT OF (Mike IX of EYEHATEGOD and Ryan McKern of WOLVHAMMER) featuring two new slabs of brutal and unrelenting electronic terror set to be released by the infamous A389 Recordings in mid August. The other release is a split 7″ with Poland’s CALM THE FIRE and is set to be released through England’s Holy Roar Records later this fall. A new song was released on August 3rd from the aforementioned split with CALM THE FIRE. Check it out.

[UPDATE, September 20, 2012] Pre-orders launched.


Also on the schedule for the band will be the return to European soil this fall with Boston’s own NEW LOWS.


Through calcite, hairline fractured. Picked apart in tedium and cracking palms.
Security is binded to familiar oppression.
A highway to heaven, a prison of flesh.
If the family had a name, by God it was blessed.
The decrepit are constrained by ominous prophecy.
The youth sold swiftly by their own fucking credulity.
Terra Firma is calling, retreat from society.
It offers me nothing, no olive branch or dogwood tree.
Return to the mines and reject all that’s come to be.

CALM THE FIRE has also revealed a track from the split:

Both splits feature art by Szymon Siech:

PUBLISHED on August 4, 2012.
UPDATED on September 20, 2012 – pre-orders launched.

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