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Fuzzy, noisy experimental rockers LAS NUBES and MEMORY LEAK share psychedelic live session

Miami, Florida based melancholic dream pop – meets – gritty punk act LAS NUBES have teamed up with shoegazin’ alt rockers MEMORY LEAK from Tijuana, México for an intriguing live session at Paradox Effects in Tijuana, Mexico. The sessions were recorded live in Paradox’s Tijuana studio where they build all the equipment, and each band was given pedals to use for the first time in the sessions. The result is two bands with already-signature sounds experimenting with these devices on the fly, creating new, ecstatic takes on their songs. Check out the official, ingightful commentary from the  commentary from Paradox Effects and get inspired!

Having released their debut album SMVT last year, Miami lo-fi punks Las Nubes have shared a split EP with likeminded Miami band Palomino Blond on March 13 via BUFU Records. MEMORY LEAK’s latest record “Graduate Into Nothing” was released two years ago and can be checked out below as well.

How have effect pedals influenced the sonic style of bands’ music?

Memory Leak is a band from Tijuana that mixes atmospheric textures aligned with screaming and evolving guitars, soaked in reverberation and a lovely ethereal vibe. Their lyricsare sung in cloudy, almost laconic voices that are both dreamy and nostalgic – melodies imitating foggy memories.

Miami-based Las Nubes creates their own style of dream pop, which combines their love of fuzz/noise with tricky and precise rhythms. It’s no coincidence Iggy Pop chose them as his backing band for a Gucci x SNAP showcase at Miami Art Week 2019. Their Spanish lyrics dance in melancholy time with the perfect proportion of raw garage punk and 90s-era shoegaze melody.

What happens when you extract a band from the usual settings of musical production?

Paradox Effects set aside the solder and the iron, taking advantage of the work space and its acoustics, hosting a special moment. More than just a live session with a high fidelity audio recording, the event was documented to capture the full range of sonic textures, within tight prosimity of a space, and to convey the memory of a house show or a rehearsal room, while illustrating the often claustrophobic sensation of teenage emotion.

Fuzzy, noisy experimental rockers LAS NUBES and MEMORY LEAK share psychedelic live session
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