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German artsy post hardcore act OAKHANDS streaming new video for “P A L M I N G”

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One of our best inventive post hardcore discoveries this year, Munich based OAKHANDS, are back with their new video for the song “P A L M I N G”! Watch above.

“The Shadow of Your Guard Receding” LP/CD is out now on This Charming Man Records.

Oakhands built their house right on the borders of Post-Hardcore, Emo and Indierock. Their debut „The Shadow of Your Guard Receeding“, released in Spring 2020 by this charming man records, is the follow to their critically acclaimed EP released by Uncle M in 2016. it will bring you 11 brand new tunes about family, mental health, social anxiety or masculinity in ones modern society, full of emotions and with its aesthetic compareable to the writers approach of the „Sturm & Drand“ period.

Their complexity, metaphoroc and their abstract forms of storytelling may seem a bit artsy and stand in contrast to their stripped down live performances.

„The Shadow of Your Guard Receeding“ will be visulaized by 7 conceptual videos telling one story on 3 different time layers – so please dive into the world of OAKHANDS with all your concentration and passion you have for this adventurous piece of music.

FFO: Foxing, The Tidal Sleep, Envy, frühe The World Is A Beautiful Place

OAKHANDS band by Dennis Klausmann

P A L M I N G is the result of us trying to make something between a melancholic indie-pop & emo-pop song. We unsure as to whether it would fit the album, but ultimately we think it’s a great addition to the overall tone & dynamic we were trying to achieve. We usually listen to lighter stuff than we actually play and we were trying to incorporate that in some way. That’s why the song’s emotion is “trust”, because its structure is something well known and trusted.

Lyric-wise, the song talks about introversion, about actively withdrawing and finding solace in solidarity. But also deals with the social repercussions that come with introversion. There’s an ambivalent feeling in trying to sing about NOT wanting to stand in the spotlight, bearing in mind, that the singer of the lyrics stands in the limelight and centre position of the song.

The video deals with this topic too: the actor works his way into the spotlight as he undresses himself more and more as the act of undressing functions as a metaphor for vulnerability in this video. The naked and vulnerable is whitewashed by the effects of confetti and light, and even the acting becomes overly self-confident. A paradox arises and wants to reverse it. The actor undresses, thus surrendering to the public, but appears super self-confident, almost manic, and defies the actual situation.

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