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YOUNG MOUNTAIN serves a tribute to he youthful spirit with new video “Lovely”

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A little over two years since the release of their acclaimed full length “Lost Tree“, Swedish post rockish, emotive post hardcore / screamo act YOUNG MOUNTAIN are back with new single “Lovely”, a mellow, moody offering refining their earlier sound and gifting us with a nostalgia trip, strengthened by the blurred music video shot on analog 16mm film using an old camera made in Soviet Russia. “The video is about subculture and is an embodiment of the youthful spirit.” – says the band. “When you’re young nothing can hurt you.” We’re honored to give you its first viewing above.

Asked about the meaning of the new track, YOUNG MOUNTAIN offers: “The single Lovely is musically inspired more by pop and post-punk songs than our earlier music were, but formed through our punk and hardcore influences. The song is based on a rave some of us were at, that resulted in the death of a young drug dealer. They found him later in the morning stabbed to death in the bushes just a few metres from where everybody was dancing. Real sad shit happened in a night where everyone seemingly was having a lot of fun.”

“2020 is just the symptom of a postmodern disease and now we see the result of a neo libetarian society.” – comments the band when asked about their take on the turbulent year.

“Hopefully 2021 will be a turning point but there is a fear that people will forget the lessons we learned from our poor handling of the pandemic. As always poor and sick people will get sacrificed for the “greater good” of our society.”

We asked the band to give us their best records of the year, and here it is:

Imperial Triumphant – Alphaville (Kami’s pick)

Imperial Triumphant – It’s metal that miraculously isn’t shit. It’s scary and dangerous the way it’s always meant to be but somehow few bands can actually project something that sounds terrifying.

Anti Flag – 20/20 Vision (Hannes’ pick)

I won’t lie, I am a fanboy. Anti Flag has always been a band that I return to, from time to time. Their new record 20/20 Vision came out right before covid hit and deals with the Trump-era and current political landscape in the USA. It’s a classic Punk Rock record, fast, political and melodic. 

The 1975 – Notes On A Conditional Form (Joakim’s pick)

Noacf is a weird mixture of songs but in some way it just works. It’s not a perfect album, there are songs that i skip, but it’s got a few really good songs that moves them further away from the worn down “modern 80’s” sound they made themselves known for.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Magic Oneohtrix Point Never

The hardest album title to remember of 2020, by far. This album just released but is already one of my favorite albums of the year. It’s really fun and creative electronic music with a lot of cool ideas that works, for the most part. The production of the album is superb! Some of the synths sound like heaven. 

Apart from new music tips, YOUNG MOUNTAIN has some good reads recommendations for your hunry souls. Kami’s says that they don’t read new books all that much, mostly something by Murakami or Goethe, but they “would recommend the wind-up bird chronicles”. “We read that one once more this year.” – they conclude.

Hannes adds: “I´ve been really into The Expanse book series this year. Think the Cold War in space, two power players and an exploited group in the middle. Great Sci-Fi. But like Kami, I’ve also been reading old books this year, like the classic swedish historian Alf Hendriksons book Antiken from the 50’s”

Lastly, to get you out of the fog into some cozy, chilled out paradise, we have teamed up with the band to give you…

Top 10 Creamy/Sexy Songs by Young Mountain !


Massive Attack – Paradise Circus

Beach House – Lemon Glow

Jamie Isaac – Pigeon

Goldfrapp – Utopia

Aphex Twin – Xtal

Explosions In The Sky – The Birth and Death of the Day

Kent – Kräm

Cigarettes After Sex – Sweet

Justice – Safe and Sound

Ariel Pink – Baby

Young Mountain

“Lovely” lyrics:

I woke up
and I hated the world I was in
nothing said made any sense
there was no change in those words
so you’re sober
so you’re drunk
so you claim to be a fucking punk
no, you’re so sterile
no you don’t stand for anything
yeah you bore me, you fucking bore me

what would it take to close your mouth
raise the flag on a burial mound
this is the city, a blinking mass grave
they found that guy dead at the end of the rave

going up, going down, coming closer
who was the killer? I don’t know sir
all i know is that i had a lovely time
that I had a lovely time

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