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GHOST WORK delves into the fleeting nature of life’s struggles with “Erase the Morning”

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Ghost Work

Diving into the soul-stirring realm of alternative, post hardcore and post punk tinged rock, GHOST WORK, a supergroup boasting members and former members of Seaweed, Snapcase, Milemarker, and Minus The Bear, have teamed up with us to unveil their poignant single “Erase the Morning” from their forthcoming album “Light a Candle for the Lonely.”

This track intricately weaves reflective lyrics and raw emotional energy, resonating with the spirit of the influential 90s bands that shaped its members’ rich musical journeys.

Bassist Dustin Perry shares a rare personal connection with “Erase the Morning,” describing it as a beautifully detached creation that stands out in his body of work, a piece he can appreciate as if from an outside perspective.

Vocalist Aaron Stauffer delves into the song’s lyrical essence, reflecting on the challenges of altering human lifestyles and the ensuing loneliness, emphasizing the transient nature of existence and the fleeting quality of all light, offering a profound contemplation on temporality and adversity.

“The song lyrics are about how difficult it is to change the way people live; and as a result how many find themselves isolated and alone. To me, the positive part is that all life is completely impermanent, thus all of the light will fade. So the hard time that someone might be having in this moment is really just a blink of an eye.” – he says.

Ghost Work

As “Erase the Morning” preludes the release of “Light a Candle for the Lonely,” it encapsulates GHOST WORK’s dedication to exploring the depths of human experience through their take on the organic blend of indie, alternative rock and 90s post hardcore.

Light a Candle For The Lonely is the search for the authentic in place of the synthetic; the gratitude, humility, and dedication that is paired with a concerted renewal; and the reverberating sound of an unexpected reawakening.

“Light a Candle for the Lonely” is scheduled for release on March 8, 2024, by Spartan Records.


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