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Glasgow crossover thrash punks KINGPIN return with a new EP; booking shows

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3,5 years after our fun interview, thrashy crossover hardcore punks KINGPIN are back with a new 7” called “The Vultures Circle”, which can be streamed and downloaded digitally right now with pre-orders for the self-released 7″ vinyl release (due out around 26th May 2017). The band is planning to hit Europe in June and help filling dates for Belgium or France or Germany on 16th and 17th June 2017, so feel free to reach them via Facebook or e-mail! Check out the new EP below and watch out, cause it’s a one hell of a trip. The energy and muscle these guys employed to execute their vision of growly vocalized thrash hardcore is totally satisfying and it’s always nice to hear KINGPIN racing through their riffs with the velocity of a hurricane.

Oh, and here’s a tip when it comes to the bandcamp version below:

Choose “Afghanistan” as shipping location to arrange to pick up for free in person at a show, etc. BandCamp don’t seem to allow you to put anything less than 25p for shipping so doing this will still add 25p to yer total (which is why the record is listed as £3.75 and not £4).

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