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WORLD’s GRASP: A Thrashing Symphony from One-Man Hardcore Powerhouse Tommy Wood

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From the vigorous heart of London, Ontario, emerges World’s Grasp, a dynamic crossover project uniting the fierce intensity of hardcore and the blistering speed of 80s thrash metal. Spearheaded single-handedly by the multi-talented Tommy Wood, this innovative endeavor defies the traditional band setup, emerging as a potent solo act.

Recently, World’s Grasp has dropped two striking new singles, “Get It” and “Pure Heat,” they caught our attention immedaitely, and we think they have everything to set the metal community abuzz. These new releases mark a shift towards a more metal-infused style compared to Wood’s previous hardcore-oriented output.

“Get It,” the first track, has been deliberately crafted as the ideal setlist opener. It begins with an ominously slow buildup before exploding into a hardcore-thrash onslaught. In Wood’s words, “Get It is a song about people that just don’t Get It. The kinds of people you deal with in your life that no matter how hard you try to tell them something they don’t listen and then end up causing harm to themselves or others out of pure ignorance.”

Tommy Wood by @davidpraph
Tommy Wood by @davidpraph

In stark contrast, the second track, “Pure Heat,” flaunts a Southern metal influence with its bouncy single-note riffs and a rather extended guitar solo. The track is an anthem for embracing and unapologetically channeling raw emotions into something potent.

World’s Grasp’s blend of thrash metal and hardcore has resonated with listeners, and the reception has been highly positive. This fuels Wood’s passion and dedication to the project, driving him to delve further into his creative reserves. Currently, he has around 12 to 20 demo tracks on his computer, ready to be refined and possibly released later this year.

Tommy Wood live with RUST
Tommy Wood live with RUST

While World’s Grasp thrives as a solo project, Wood has plans to bring this electrifying music to a live setting. To this end, he is currently seeking musicians to join him on stage, including the drummer from his main band, Rust, and potential bass players. The plan is to light up the stage with World’s Grasp‘s visceral sound by this summer, promising a high-voltage live performance for the fervent followers of this unique crossover project.

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