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“Gun in My Hand: behind the scenes of Use of Force” by metallic hardcore band DROSERA

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In a world painted with shades of bleakness and turmoil, DROSERA emerges with a harrowing new single, “Use of Force.” This heavy metallic hardcore anthem does more than echo the darkness; it embodies it. Directed by Matthew Zagorski, with raw, gritty VHS visuals captured by Jeremy McGuire, the video is a visual descent into the harsh realities of systemic violence and societal decay.

The opening lyrics set a tone of oppressive authority: “Stop resisting, everything will be just fine. Quit protesting, and we’ll get you all in line.”

These words are an indictment, a reflection of a reality too many face.

The song’s creation stems from a deeply personal and tragic inspiration. Aaron Bushnell’s self-immolation, a desperate cry for a free Palestine, serves as the catalyst. His final moments, a burning body juxtaposed with the threat of a gun, are etched into the consciousness of those who witnessed it. The imagery lingers, an unshakable reminder of the brutality that punctuates our times.

Phil, the voice of DROSERA, lays bare the song’s roots and broader implications: “The image I still can’t shake months later is a gun pointed at a burning body. It was all I could think about for weeks. It’s just emblematic of how we deal with things in this country. Shoot first, ask questions never.”

“Use of Force” transcends Bushnell’s story, capturing a litany of names and faces whose lives were unjustly extinguished.

Phil recalls Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice—each name a testament to the violence perpetuated by those in power.


The song is a eulogy and a battle cry, remembering communities devastated by economic policies, terror, and systemic violence. From Tulsa to the MOVE bombing, the narrative is one of suffering, anger, and a relentless demand for justice.

“I think of parents sobbing holding the bodies of their children, at orphans wondering where their life went. I think we need to do better.”

Drosera by Collin Barndt
Drosera by Collin Barndt


This new single is a prelude to their upcoming EP, Empire, slated to be recorded this summer with John Howard at War House Recordings. The EP promises to delve deeper into themes of human cruelty and societal neglect, a sonic assault on the listener’s conscience.


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DROSERA’s journey is not confined to the studio. With a relentless drive to spread their message, they are constantly booking shows, seeking to perform further and further from their Gainesville, Florida, home. Their unannounced tour in July promises to bring this raw, unfiltered message to audiences near and far.


The band’s recent EP, “Visions of a Dying World”, was released earlier this year:

In “Use of Force,” DROSERA present a mirror, reflecting a world where the cries for justice are often met with the barrel of a gun.

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