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Hardcore band MANU ARMATA premiere new EP on White Russian Records! Stream it here!

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One week after the premiere of their new music video for the track ‘Keep Breathing’, Dutch hardcore pack MANU ARMATA is back with a full presentation of their new record called “All I Have”! The band brutally blended a groovy metal assault and hardcore aggression into a sound that keeps up with top brands in the genre. Read the official word from the band and check out their big meaty riffs below.

The band commented:

“We are very excited for this EP. We took the same approach as with our last few releases. Head to the Double Impact studios to get the best possible result, and write songs that are straight from the heart in your face. Just the way we’ve been doing things since 2007. It’s great to be working with White Russian Records for the first time, and we hope all fans will like the new EP as much as we do. It’s nothing new, but it’s damn fine!”

Dutch hardcore band ‘Manu Armata’ profiles themselves as “From the heart in your face, since 2007”, which is probably the best way to describe them.

With a 10th anniversary coming up, the band of friends (pretty much all guys have been playing together in bands since the early 90’s), is certainly no stranger in the hardcore community.

A steady output of EP’s on labels as 5FeetUnderRecords and Beatdown Hardwear, tours all over Europe -recently the band played France and Spain- and shows with the leading bands in the genre (Sick Of It All, Ryker’s, Strife, Sworn Enemy, Pro Pain) – Manu Armata does exactly that what they claim to do. Play from the heart, straight in your face.

New EP “All I Have” contains six hardcore tracks that are the perfect follow up to 2014’s “Surpass The Master” – which was received with great enthusiasm and raving reviews.

Once again recorded at “Double Impact Studios”, the EP will definitely not disappoint fans of bands like Terror, Strife, Death Before Dishonor and Sick Of It All. A clear -yet heavy- production showing a enthusiastic driven band.

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