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Italian hardcore punks RAKE-OFF premiere new record!

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Crossover thrash and wild hardcore punk have an incredibly close fight on the newest record from Lazio, Italy’s powerhouse RAKE-OFF. “Rake-Off in Twenty Sixteen” is an absolutely blistering listen that exposes the real value of a new intense measure of the mixture and highlights some of the best aspects of this tasteful blend. There’s plenty of weight behind ths fure and we’re really happy to unleash it for you exclusively.

Read the official word from the band, listen to the full record below and stay tuned for some more information on the band and their 2017 European treks, which will be soon detailed here on IDIOTEQ.

This record means a lot to us. We can consider it a kind of act of friendship.
As you know, playing in a punk band is not like playing in a canonical band. Since you don’t do it for money or glory, all the moments you live, all the experiences
you have are more intense and playing together means sharing something special.
Some of us played together in other bands for long time but something happened and we haven’t met for years.
Then, under way better circumstances we started a new band, the best we’ve ever played together. We love to say that even though we got older, the spirit remained exactly the same. The song “At first” speaks about this.

“Rake-Off in Twenty Sixteen” was self-produced and is being self-released on 50 white and red tapes. Its digital version below is also downloadable for free. Grab it or support the band by making a donation.

RAKE OFF cover

RAKE OFF tapes

RAKE OFF covers! (2)



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