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“Hardcore Bruce Springsteen”? Check out “World Peace”, the new single from BODY STUFF

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Body Stuff by Paul Roura
Body Stuff by Paul Roura

From the vibrant, pulsating heart of New York City emerges a musical force that is Body Stuff, painting a sonic tableau that is as much hardcore as it is reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen’s impassioned energy. Their tale of relentless creativity and reinvention reaches a new crescendo with the imminent release of their album, “Body Stuff 4“, a hotbed of sonic exploration, and an anthemic proclamation of their indefatigable spirit.

The first taste of what’s to come is revealed in their newly unveiled single, “World Peace“, now available for streaming on Bandcamp and other streaming services.

In the words of Curran Reynolds, the vocal force and creative soul behind Body Stuff, the song is “a beacon of hope and a promise of homecoming, for those who are seeking solace”. The chorus resonates with an evocative imagery, creating a narrative of resurgence and anticipated joy.

Set to see the light of day on June 2nd through The Chain, a collaborative venture involving Reynolds, Justin Pearson of Deaf Club, and Brandon Gallagher from Trace Amount, “Body Stuff 4” encapsulates the band’s uncompromising approach to their craft.

As aptly encapsulated in the May 2023 issue of The Wire Magazine, the sound embodied in this album “is akin to a tidal wave of fervent energy, reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen in his most hardcore form“. A recent review from Stereogum takes it further, likening Reynolds’ robust roar to “Springsteen embracing his Suicide influence”, while also drawing parallels with Sisters of Mercy and New York’s hardcore scene.

Adding a sprinkle of unexpected flavors, “Body Stuff 4” also features a guest vocal appearance from the 1980s pop sensation Tiffany of “I Think We’re Alone Now” fame, and a remix touch by Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu.

Born from the creative union of Reynolds and Ryan Jones in 2013, Body Stuff has been a force to reckon with in New York City’s music scene, punctuating the years with three remarkable EPs.

“Body Stuff 4” marks their first venture into a full-length creation, a promising narrative awaiting to unfold in the ears of their listeners.

In episode 099 of Psychic Static Productions’ V&V, we are given an insight into the life and experiences of Curran Reynolds, a remarkable musician whose journey began in rural Maine and led him to world-wide performances with the acclaimed band, Today is the Day.

Throughout this compelling interview below, Reynolds shares his personal history, life anecdotes, and strong opinions, all framed around an engaging discussion of Jane’s Addiction’s iconic debut album, “Nothing’s Shocking”. He also dives into some of the details beind Body Stuff. Watch below.


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