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Hardcore kids go grunge pop: introducing PAVEMENT PIZZA!

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Its not unusual for hardcore bands members to become involved in various, non-punk projects, and 90s alt rock, grunge and garage rock have been on the forefront of this wave. PAVEMENT PIZZA, a new pack on the map of Warsaw alt scene will undoubtedly be compared to their influencers known for harsh textures and candied melodies, but members of bands like The Lowest, Hands Resist, Heatseeker, Shame, don’t give a fuck! That was basically the idea – pay homage to those that had inspired them and have some proper fun in the process. To celebrate their passion, we have teamed up with them to give you a full rundown of each and every track from their debut EP “SKUXX”! Check it out and catch them live at pin Barka Wisława in Warsaw on my birthday, June 28th, alongside FERTILE HUMP!


Off The Peg:

Well, there’s not much to tell about this one. Every track on this album has a different story but this one’s simple. Jurek (drums) made it at home, sent to the boys and it stayed as it was then. We love this one, it’s simple, talks about not being a poor little sad creature and not letting anyone tell you how to set your mind. Simple equals awesome!

Midget Spinner

This one was created at our rehearsal room and it evolved from an idea brought to us by Dominik (guitar) there are different ways of making songs at our camp. We make them at home and show the whole thing at once or someone brings the riff to the rehearsal and we debate what to do with it. This one evolved, like I said, from a simple idea of the first riff that Dominik showed us and it became a very cool, jumpy, rockandrolly song which talks about not understanding the world around.


This one talks about becoming friends with death. Of letting the fear of death go and living the life as it is. This one is one of the oldest ones because (believe it or not) we are a band from almost 2,5 years, but it was a snowball that we pushed veeery very slow and there were some obstacles on the way. So yeah, eventhough our album is in the web for around a month, some songs to us feel old already. But they are still cool!


This song started from a riff Michał (vocals) brought to a rehearsal, we started to think how should it go and instantly we made a song. Sometimes it’s simple as that. This song is about a guy that finds a pleasure in beeing bullied. Tells a story of a unique relation between the predator and his victim. Another one about not giving a fuck about some things, yeah… because we like to not give a fuck about things.

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Dicks On The Books

This one was the first song that we made. It’s about what’s left of the school era in our life. In most cases all that’s left from it are old books with drawings on them. Funny, but it shows that school is not very important theese days. You can live a pretty good life with no school if you want it and you’re smart.

Kids But Old

This one is about dreams that we had when we were young and we can’t achieve them because of some minor things we come across living our lives and becoming adults. Another one that’s one of the first songs we’ve made. After Dicks On The Books we had to do something faster and more alive. And that’s what came from it.

Do Birds Fly

We wanted to make something a little bit trancy to play and do a lot of repetitions of the same thing. In the first form it was a lot longer but at the end we’ve shortened the song and that’s what we came up with. Talks about how cool it is to be on your own and think with your own head. Sometimes traditions and behaviors that we are made to do/think can destroy an individuals inside of us

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