Hierophant by NecrosHorns
Hierophant by NecrosHorns
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Metal Shorts of the week of February 19th

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This week in metal is a full-throttle journey across a landscape bristling with the raw energy of old school metal, death metal, black metal, deathcore, thrash metal, sludge metal, doom metal, heavy metal, modern metal, alternative metal, and more styles. POWER TRIP is back with a vengeance, HIEROPHANT captures their live powers, and loads of other bands showcase their various styles, blending death metal’s intensity with hardcore’s punch, taking dark turns, melding downtempo deathcore with a grunge twist, and serving merciless dives into death metal’s abyss. Browse below.

Old School Metal / Death Metal / Black Metal / Deathcore / Thrash Metal / Sludge Metal / Doom Metal / Heavy Metal / Modern Metal / Alternative Metal / Modern, Melodic Metalcore

JOB FOR A COWBOY’s long-awaited album “Moon Healer” is finally here, and it’s a relentless onslaught of raw and punishing death metal.

After a decade since their last release, the band simplifies their sound, diving into a darker and more aggressive sonic territory.

Produced by Erik Ron, the album showcases the band’s evolution while staying true to their roots. Featuring complex guitar lines, intricate rhythms, and Jonny Davy’s distinct vocals, “Moon Healer” is a testament to the band’s technical prowess and bold experimentation.

POWER TRIP rises again!

After a turbulent journey through the fires of loss and grief, the mighty Power Trip emerges from the ashes with a roar that shakes the very foundations of metal itself! Following a surprise set at Fugitive’s show in Austin, the metal behemoths unveil their triumphant return to the stage, marking their first performance since the untimely passing of original vocalist Riley Gale.

Joining forces with long-time collaborator Seth Gilmore of Fugitive/Skourge fame, Power Trip pledges to deliver a performance that will ignite the flames of passion in every metal enthusiast’s heart.

Prepare yourselves for an electrifying spectacle at the new Goldenvoice punk festival No Values on June 8th in Pomona, California!


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AMNIO, a Florida-based band, has released a melodic death metal beast titled “The Entropy Within Our Hearts” that is commanding attention for its intensity.

This new offering, available on Force of Reckoning Records, includes tracks like “Sorrow of Tranquility” and “Manchild in the Promised Land (The Year of Our Lord),” promising a powerful and emotive experience. An instant banger.

THE LAST OF LUCY, a technical death metal band from the US, is back with their latest album “Godform,” surpassing their highly acclaimed previous release “Moksha.”

Known for their brutal yet intricate sound, the band has refined their blend of technical death metal, mathcore, and elements of brutal death metal on this new album, making it their most impactful work to date. “Godform” maintains THE LAST OF LUCY’s ferocious intensity while presenting a more diverse and cohesive sound. The album features a mix of rapid-fire blasts and slower, more deliberate sections, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. Notably, the band continues to experiment with additional instruments, including a track that showcases both a saxophone and tempos reaching 300 bpm, underscoring their unique ability to merge complexity with accessibility.

The lineup for this album includes Josh De La Sol on vocals, Gad Gidon on guitars, Derek Santistevan on bass, and Josef Hossain-Kay on drums. “Godform” has been mixed and mastered by Dave Otero and features artwork by Par Olofsson. The tracklist offers a journey through ten meticulously crafted songs, promising a riveting experience for fans of technical death metal and bands like Inferi, The Faceless, Archspire, and The Zenith Passage.

“Godform” is set for release on May 17th, 2024, and marks another significant milestone for THE LAST OF LUCY, showcasing their evolution and continued excellence in the technical death metal scene. Fans can explore the album further and support the band through their Bandcamp, official site, and various merchandise stores listed in the announcement.

No Time Records drops the debut self-titled album “High On Formaldehyde” by High On Formaldehyde, featuring Josh of Groin’s explosive hyper-mincegore solo project.

Dive into 11 raw tracks, delivering a total assault in under 6 minutes!

UNBORN GENERATION is slicing through the airwaves with “Rattus,” their latest single that’s as ferocious as it is foreboding, heralding the arrival of their seventh studio opus, “…and All We Forget,” set to shake the ground this spring.</h4.

Drenched in grindcrust and laced with a melancholic despair, “Rattus” is a no-holds-barred sonic assault that paints a stark picture of a dystopia born from humanity’s greed and the relentless pursuit of power at the expense of the downtrodden. This track isn’t just music; it’s a dire reflection on the consequences of our choices, served with a side of ruthless honesty.

Since 2002, this Finnish trio has been carving out a niche in the grindcrust scene, combining the raw, fight-or-flight inducing intensity of their sound with the melancholic touch of northern melodies. Comprising Herkko Huttunen on vocals and guitar, Eetu Huttunen on drums, and Arto Kettunen on bass, UNBORN GENERATION has a history of shaking listeners to their core.

In the shadowy corridors of Helsinki’s underground, VAINOA is stirring the pot again with their double EP offering, “Pimennys / Pelon Varjo,” set to slice through the silence on April 5, 2024.

Imagine a concoction brewed with the fiercest hardcore, a pinch of extreme metal, and a whisper of oppressive atmospheres for those slower moments – this is music not just heard, but felt in the marrow. The pre-order gates have swung open, inviting you to snag a piece of this sonic rebellion in either a captivating transparent red with a smokey effect vinyl or the classic noir of black vinyl, each accompanied by exquisite cover art that promises to be as intense as the tracks it envelops.

Italian death-black metal powerhouse HIEROPHANT announces the release of their live album, “Gateway to the Abyss,” scheduled for March 29th, 2024, through Dusktone Records.

Capturing the sheer intensity of their performance at Hellfest 2023 in France, this album breathes new life into tracks from their latest studio effort, “Death Siege” (Season Of Mist).

Hellfest marked a pivotal moment for HIEROPHANT, showcasing their evolved sound and ferocity on stage. The live recording accentuates the raw, unfiltered essence of their music, emphasizing the band’s growth through relentless touring and appearances at renowned festivals like MetalDays and Party.San.

Fans can catch HIEROPHANT live at various festivals and shows throughout 2024, including Dissonant Rites Fest in Austria, The Tower Music Meeting in Italy, Swr Barroselas Metalfest in Portugal, and many others, culminating in performances at Metal Gates Festival in Romania and Rome Carnage Extreme Fest in Italy.

Emerging British metallers GODETH are set to dominate 2024 with their explosive new EP, “The Path Of Destruction,” slated for release on Friday, April 26th.

Leading the charge is their blistering single and video, “Coup de Grace,” a sonic assault that combines groove, death metal, and hardcore elements to stunning effect.

EXTORTIONIST, the moshslingers from the Pacific Northwest, are back with their fresh release “Devoid Of Love & Light,” set to drop on May 17, 2024.

Offering a fusion of downtempo deathcore with a touch of grunge-tinted metal, Extortionist has established themselves as masters of the heavy music scene.

The band, known for their bold guitars and steamrolling percussion paired with a spectrum of vocal styles, has ventured from Coeur d’Alene into the wider world with a reputation for high-energy, punishingly heavy music. “Devoid Of Love & Light” promises to continue this legacy with 5 tracks already available for streaming and as a high-quality download on Bandcamp, giving fans an early taste of the complete album upon its release.

ROTTING IN DIRT, the North Carolina chaotic metal ensemble, and THE HOLY GHOST TABERNACLE CHOIR (featured HERE) from Savannah, Georgia, unleash their wild and dissonant split, blending metalcore’s intensity with chaotic hardcore’s fury.

This collaboration, marking Rotting In Dirt’s resurgence with new members and a fresh surge of unrest, pairs with The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir’s electrifying energy for a release filled with discordant sounds and raw emotion.

HATE FORCE is storming the scene with their latest brutal assault, “SYSTEMS OF TERROR,” set to unleash havoc on March 29, 2024.

Leading the charge is their new track “HATEFUL CREATOR,” now streaming for those brave enough to face its heavy onslaught. This Chicago-based powerhouse dives headfirst into the realms of metal, death metal, grindcore, hardcore, and war metal with a track that’s a relentless force, characterized by its pulverizing riffs and deep growling vocals.

Hate Force isn’t just any band; it’s a formidable assembly of metal and hardcore veterans. Vocalist James Pligge brings his menacing presence from Harm’s Way, while Drew Brown (ex-Weekend Nachos, Like Rats) and Todd Nief (Like Rats) back him with sheer instrumental ferocity. Despite the members’ roots, Hate Force veers into a dominantly death metal direction, showcasing their ability to transcend genre boundaries and expectations.

The Florida deathcore scene has been revitalized with the release of “Piece By Piece,” the lead single from TETHER, and their upcoming EP, HOLLOW.

This powerful track serves as a potent reminder that deathcore is not only alive but capable of reigniting the fervor reminiscent of its early days. “Piece By Piece” promises an electrifying preview of what’s to come, showcasing the intensity and passion that fans have been craving. What a listen.

Horror metal duo THE VISION BLEAK has just released the chilling black & white video for ‘Chapter II: In Rue d’Auseil,’ a new single from their upcoming one-track album, “Weird Tales.”

Set for release on April 12, 2024, this seventh full-length endeavor promises to enthrall fans with its dark narratives and grandiose soundscapes.

The video, inspired by the silent film era and iconic director F. W. Murnau, complements the track’s haunting melodies and gothic atmosphere. It’s based on H.P. Lovecraft’s story ‘The Music of Erich Zann,’ where violinist Erich Zann’s eerie performances open a portal to a cosmic void. This narrative is visually brought to life by Oliver König & Klara Bachmair of Mbience Visuals, starring Klara Bachmair.

Track number 4, “Vengeance Of Eternal Fire,” by ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE, is available for streaming as part of their upcoming album “Vengeance Of Eternal Fire,” set to release on April 19, 2024.

The album, described as an embodiment of violence and chaos, marks the band’s commitment to utter brutality. Recorded and mixed by Matt Michel at Viva Studio, with vocal recording by Bob Quirk and mastering by Arthur Rizk, the album promises to summon darkness and evoke the latent evil within.

New York City-based death metal quintet HYPOXIA unleash their third album, “Defiance,” via Selfmadegod Records.

Ahead of its release, Lambgoat is exclusively streaming the album, offering listeners a taste of the band’s merciless onslaught. With a revamped lineup and a renewed sense of aggression, HYPOXIA delivers eleven tracks of apocalyptic riffage and relentless brutality.

GATECREEPER shared new song “Caught In The Threads”.

Arizona’s death metal powerhouse Gatecreeper unveils their latest single and music video, “Caught in the Treads,” following their 2021 album, An Unexpected Reality. Produced and mixed by Kurt Ballou of Converge, this track delivers a ferocious onslaught of sound.

Frontman Chase H. Mason sheds light on the song’s theme, describing it as a tale of revenge and supernatural vengeance, where tanks possessed by fallen soldiers wreak havoc on their enemies. The band wasted no time integrating the song into their live performances, capturing the raw energy with footage shot on VHS cameras by friends during their shows.

OWL’s latest release, “Ghosts of Summer,” defies its serene title with a dive into their most intense and extreme material yet.

This album marks a significant evolution for Owl, merging the epic grandeur characteristic of their previous work with the high-velocity intensity found in Christian Kolf’s Sci-Fi Death Metal project, Labyrinth of Stars. The result is an astonishing blend of sonic landscapes, showcasing Owl’s ability to push boundaries while maintaining their unique sound.

It’s a release not just for fans of Labyrinth of Stars, Aeviterne, and Nightmarer, but for anyone seeking the thrill of metal’s uncharted territories.

Released on February 20, 2024, under Total Dissonance Worship.

SLAYER, the thrash metal titans, are breaking their five-year silence not with a tour, but a strategic strike – two exclusive festival appearances this fall.

Slayer has officially reunited and announced their first shows, set to take place later this year at Riot Fest and Louder Than Life Festival. The lineup includes Tom Araya, Kerry King, Paul Bostaph, and Gary Holt. Riot Fest in Chicago, scheduled for Sept. 20-22, marks their return after nearly five years.

Additionally, they are one of the headliners for Louder Than Life, happening from Sept. 26-29 in Louisville, Kentucky, alongside Slipknot, Motley Crue, and Korn. While these are the only announced performances so far, fans eagerly await news on whether the band will tour or release new music. Stay tuned for updates on Slayer’s return.


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Earlier this week, Lisa Holt, wife of guitarist Gary Holt, sets the record straight: these dates at Chicago’s Riot Fest on September 22nd and Louisville’s Louder Than Life on September 27th mark SLAYER’s live return since their 2019 “farewell” tour conclusion. The lineup features Holt, Tom Araya, Kerry King, and Paul Bostaph, promising a rare resurgence of their legendary sound. Lisa’s stance? For skeptics, attendance is optional; for fans, these shows are not to be missed.

SLAYER is back, briefly, so brace for impact.

HAND OF KALLIACH unleashes their sophomore album, ‘Corryvreckan’, via Prosthetic Records, accompanied by a new lyric video for “Cirein-Cròin.”

The track dives into Scottish lore, recounting the legend of a massive sea monster, with lyrical nods to Gaelic poetry.

The duo’s latest offering delves deep into Celtic myth, painting a sonic picture of the Cailleach’s wintery domain and the tumultuous Corryvreckan whirlpool. With ‘Corryvreckan’, HAND OF KALLIACH amplifies the raw energy of melodic death metal with the haunting beauty of Scottish folk, inviting listeners into a realm where mythic tales and metal ferocity collide.

Dutch death metal pioneers PESTILENCE are gearing up for a monumental release and tour this April, as they prepare to unleash “Levels of Perception” via Agonia Records on April 26th.

This genre-defying album features twelve re-recorded classics from their illustrious 38-year career, breathing new life into their iconic anthems. Frontman Patrick Mameli sees this as a testament to the band’s evolution, reflecting on their enduring legacy in the realm of death metal. With a refreshed lineup and subtle artistic changes, “Levels of Perception” promises to deliver a fresh perspective on familiar tracks, showcasing PESTILENCE’s continued relevance and innovation.

The album’s creation was a collaborative effort, with drummer Michiel van der Plicht’s recorded tracks setting the foundation for the band’s sonic exploration. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by van der Plicht himself, the album maintains a cohesive sound while embracing the band’s evolved vision. With artwork by Peter Suchy, “Levels of Perception” represents a new chapter for PESTILENCE, reaffirming their status as progressive death metal icons. As they embark on a three-week European tour starting April 3rd, PESTILENCE shows no signs of slowing down, continuing to push boundaries and explore the outer realms of extreme metal.

Legendary death metal pioneers NECROPHAGIA have risen from their silence, signing to Time To Kill Records for the release of their final album, “Moribundis Grim.”

Following the tragic passing of frontman Killjoy in 2018, the band’s last line-up, including Serge Streltsov, Shawn Slusarek, and Jake Arnette, along with special guests John McEntee, Titta Tani, and Mirai Kawashima, completed the album from the demos worked on until Killjoy’s passing.

“Moribundis Grim” captures the essence of NECROPHAGIA’s horror and gore, with reworked versions of previous tracks and a Samhain cover. The album, an eight-track barrage of death metal, marks NECROPHAGIA’s return after 40 years since their first demos, solidifying their legacy in the death metal realm.

Texas-based crossover powerhouse LIFE CYCLES ignites the scene with their latest single, “Haunting Spirit,” taken from their debut EP, Portal To The Unknown, set to drop on February 22nd via 1126 Records.

Hailing from the heart of Texas, LIFE CYCLES channels the raw intensity of thrash metal and hardcore, akin to legendary bands like Power Trip. Drawing influence from metal icons Slayer, Pantera, and Judas Priest, the band seamlessly blends ferocious thrash metal aggression with hardcore tenacity, creating a sonic maelstrom that captivates listeners.

“Haunting Spirit” delves into the theme of confronting the ghosts of one’s past, resonating with the eternal struggle against haunting memories and bitter recollections. Drummer Xavier Rios describes the track as an exploration of the relentless torment inflicted by the specter of one’s past, manifesting as a perpetual nightmare.

Prepare for an exhilarating journey into the realms of progressive metal with the upcoming single “MYSTERIUM TREMENDUM” by THE CHRONICLES OF MANIMAL AND SAMARA.

This dynamic and diverse track promises to captivate you with its intricate melodies, both harsh and clean vocals, powerful rhythms, and immersive storytelling. Check out the official video below.

Conceptualised as an opera, ‘Mysterium Tremendum’ merges metal and classical music, and contains a full orchestra section. The lyrics, written as a poem, fuses brutal vocals with poetry performance. Alongside the single, the official video (produced by us), combines traditional 2D and 3D animation with AI video technology to recreate the life story of the slave-born gladiator who fought and gained freedom for the people through his own death.

Austin’s very own SADISTIC FORCE just dropped “Iron Rite,” a scorching track that sears with blackened speed metal fury.

Formed in December 2020 by James Oliver, the band has swiftly risen as a force to reckon with on the metal scene, now comprising a trio with Mike Gupta on bass and vocals, and Rom Gov on drums.

“Iron Rite” channels the raw energy of metal gods like BATHORY and MIDNIGHT, delivering a full-throttle ride that’s as much a nod to the past as it is a blast into the future. The track is set to feature on cassette and a special CD edition through Goat Throne Records and Spiritual Beast Records, respectively.

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and TRIVIUM are teaming up for The Poisoned Ascendancy UK Tour, hitting stages in January and February 2025.

Both bands are set to honor 20 years since their debut album drops by playing those records front to back.

TOTAL DISSONANCE WORSHIP thrilled to announce the debut full-length album from HECATONCHEIR, *Nightmare Utopia*, set to release on February 29th.

Hailing from Slovakia, Hecatoncheir bursts onto the dissonant extreme metal scene with a sound that blends the dark, entrancing atmospheres of death and black metal. The band’s mid-tempo, often ominous soundscapes are punctuated by explosive tracks like ‘The Crowning Horror,’ showcasing their ability to seamlessly transition from hypnotic melodies to full-on assault.

With Nightmare Utopia, Hecatoncheir is positioned to leave a significant mark on the underground metal scene, following in the footsteps of notable debuts like Kvadrat, Choir, and Beyond the Grasp of Light.

For fans of Cosmovore, Owl, and Nightmarer, Hecatoncheir’s *Nightmare Utopia* promises to be a standout addition to Total Dissonance Worship’s catalog.

VULTURE readies to unleash their latest album, “Sentinels,” on April 12th via Metal Blade Records.

Their lead single, “Unhallowed & Forgotten,” offers a glimpse into their classic yet innovative metal style, drawing inspiration from legends like Exodus and Slayer. Recorded at Marco Brinkmann’s Hellforge Studio, “Sentinels” promises a polished, relentless assault of wild riffs and explosive beats. Catch VULTURE live on their upcoming tour dates, including record release shows in Essen, Hamburg, and Halle.

ABORTED unleashes “La Grande Mascarade,” a ferocious EP that solidifies their reign in the death metal domain.

Released on April 17, 2020, alongside their US tour with Napalm Death, this EP showcases ABORTED’s relentless brutality across three tracks: “Gloom And The Art Of Tribulation,” “Serpent Of Depravity,” and “Funereal Malediction.” Featuring high-definition audio and the grotesque art of Mitchell Nolte, “La Grande Mascarade” offers a glimpse into ABORTED’s gory future, with production by Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner.

This merciless EP, available for €3.90 EUR, continues ABORTED’s legacy of sonic carnage with new material and a track from the “TerrorVision” sessions, proving their undying commitment to death metal savagery.

To mark the one-year anniversary of their second album, DOUBLE DOUBLE, SEUM is set to captivate fans with a live EP titled “Live at CJLO,” dropping on February 24th.

SEUM, a Montreal-based bass-only sludge band, comprises doom veterans Gaspard (vocals) from Lord Humungus, Piotr (bass) from Mlah!, and Fred (drums) from Uluun. Known for their workaholic ethos, intense live shows, and darkly humorous lyrics, SEUM infuses New Orleans-inspired sludge with a punk ferocity, creating a sound devoid of guitars yet full of venom and vibrancy—a nod to the band’s name, which signifies both ‘venom’ in Arabic and a sense of disenchantment in French slang.

Pirates ahoy! Brace yourselves for a wild voyage as Southern California’s own rogues, THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD, drop anchor with their latest single, “Leather Ship.”

Armed with acoustic instruments and tales of high seas adventure, THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD has carved a niche in the folk metal scene, blending heavy metal energy with Celtic folklore. Rust & Glory, a thirteen-track odyssey, promises to captivate audiences with its rousing anthems and rowdy drinking songs.

Rust & Glory will hit the airwaves on March 15th, available in limited vinyl variants and across all digital platforms.

ROTTING CHRIST is gearing up to release their 14th studio album, “Pro Xristou,” a powerful homage to the last Pagan kings resisting the Christianization wave, on May 24, 2024.

The album, translating to “Before Christ” in Greek, delves into the stories of historical and mythological figures like Flavius Claudius Julianus and Nordic kings, exploring themes of resilience and the preservation of ancient values. The band offers a preview with the track “Like Father, Like Son,” available for streaming now.

This upcoming release from the Greek metal legends continues to blend their iconic sound of histrionic atmospheres and melodic symphonies, marked by moments of intense harshness.

NASCAR-inspired thrash metal project I AM THE INTIMIDATOR unveils their latest single and video, “Eat My Smoke,” paying homage to the legendary racer Dale Earnhardt.

Released via Miserable Pyre, the album, titled “I Am The Intimidator,” is set for release on March 8th, 2024. The project’s mastermind, Andrew Stromstad, reflects on Earnhardt’s legacy and influence, transforming what began as a humorous concept into a heartfelt tribute. The album narrates a fantasy-based account of Earnhardt’s final day, with tracks like “Gasoline” and “I Am The Intimidator” embodying the adrenaline-fueled spirit of NASCAR racing.

Unique Leader Records announces “Cannibals Anonymous” by CARRION VAEL, hitting stores on March 29th.

This new album from the ‘DeaThrash’ pioneers merges Melodic Death Metal with high-octane Thrash, making it a must-have for fans of Alterbeast, The Black Dahlia Murder, At The Gates, and Benighted.

SIDEWALK MAFIA just dropped a fresh track, “Bad Karma Zombies,” and it’s not what you’d expect.

Out now via Sliptrick Records, this tune is a sneak peek into their upcoming second album. Despite being known for their darker, heavier vibe, this single mixes it up with an energy that’s bound to shake up their live sets. Think metal with a twist of doom and goth, but with a catchy edge that’s hard to ignore.

Straight out of Helsinki, these guys have been on the scene since 2021, crafting sounds that are heavy, melodic, and full of atmosphere. “Bad Karma Zombies” stands out as a lively break from their usual gloom, something the band is excited to bring to fans live. It’s different, it’s energetic, and according to them, it’s going to be a blast live.

Recorded and mixed by Sammy Aaltonen at East Sound Studios, and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox, the track’s got the creds to back up its buzz. Available on Apple Music, Spotify, and other major outlets, it’s a hint at what’s to come later this year from SIDEWALK MAFIA. Check it out if you’re up for something new from the doom metal scene.

Massachusetts death metal band BONGINATOR unleashes their new video single ‘Blood Diner’ alongside the announcement of reissues for their debut EP “The 1986 Doink City Massacre” and full-length album “The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot.”

Both reissues, including the ‘Blood Diner’ bonus track, are available for pre-order with vinyl options in translucent red and black. The reissue celebrates BONGINATOR’s unique blend of old-school death metal, horror-inspired visuals, and a nod to stoner culture. The ‘Blood Diner’ video, directed by Tony Simone, captures the band’s lively essence and humorous take on cannibalism, urging fans, “please don’t eat your friends.”

ESCUELA GRIND’s guitarist, Thomas Sifuentes, has parted ways with the band, citing safety concerns regarding his hearing.

Sifuentes accused the band of disregarding his concerns, prompting his departure. Meanwhile, amidst rumors and speculation, it has come to light that the band’s drummer is a Free Mason. As the band prepares for an upcoming East Coast run with Capra, fans have expressed concerns and sought clarification regarding the recent developments, including allegations made by a former driver for the band.

German melodic death metal band DEATH IN FICTION shared their new single “Centurio’s Whore”.

“Centurio’s Whore” tackles the theme of false societal values, particularly addressing the ambivalence experienced by women who may sell their bodies for recognition or fame while simultaneously fighting against sexualization. The accompanying music video reinforces the song’s message in a compelling manner.

AVRALIZE, the German melodic metalcore, are gearing up to drop their latest bomb, FREAKS, on March 22 via Arising Empire.

Accompanying the announcement, the band has debuted a video for the single “Higher,” which, according to bassist Valentin Noack, captures the band’s commitment to pushing their musical boundaries, fueled by personal challenges and ambitions.

Norwegian progressive metal outfit, IN VAIN, delivers their latest single, “Shadows Flap Their Black Wings,” set to release on February 29th.

Acting as a precursor to their forthcoming album, “Solemn,” the track promises a blend of raw intensity and melodic finesse. Songwriter Johnar sets the tone, describing the song as a continuation of IN VAIN’s established style, featuring aggressive riffs and a mix of vocal styles. Lead singer Sindre adds that the track combines familiar grooves with a relentless energy, making it a quintessential IN VAIN offering.

As anticipation builds for “Solemn,” IN VAIN demonstrates their ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre. Stay tuned for more updates as they continue to carve their path in the world of progressive metal.

Louisville’s thrash metal aficionados, BELUSHI SPEED BALL, are gearing up to unleash their third album, “Stellkira,” on May 10th, promising a relentless assault of headbanging goodness infused with their signature pepperoni-soaked essence.

Bassist and lead vocalist Vinny Crastellano describes “Stellkira” as a manifestation of the band’s core identity, delivering a seismic sonic experience akin to discovering the mythical seventeenth chapel. To whet fans’ appetites, they’ve dropped the savory single “My Favorite Color Is Pizza,” a raucous Pizza Thrash anthem guaranteed to leave listeners craving more. In a bold move, the band has released the single on a playable slice of pizza encased in resin, adding another quirky entry to their collection of alternative formats. With their irreverent yet undeniably infectious approach, BELUSHI SPEED BALL continues to push the boundaries of thrash metal while celebrating the joyous absurdity of their pizza-infused musical universe.

Polish black metal enthusiasts have reason to rejoice as HORNS, a formidable force in the genre, has unleashed their highly anticipated third studio album titled “Oświecenie.”

Formed in Zielona Góra in 2014, HORNS has established themselves as a prominent figure in the Polish black metal scene. Their latest offering, “Oświecenie,” showcases the band’s evolution and mastery of their craft.

Recorded in 2023, the album features a stellar lineup of talent, with drums recorded at Zastal Factory Studio, guitars & bass at Nehem Studio, and vocals at PZ Studio. Filip Hałucha, known for his work with renowned acts like Azarath, Behemoth, and Obscure Sphinx, handled the mixing and mastering at Heinrich House Studio, ensuring a top-notch sonic experience.

Adding to the album’s allure is the contribution of guest vocalist M.. Drac from the legendary band ARKONA, who lends their vocals to the tracks “Oświecenie” and “Nicość.” The cover artwork, crafted by M.. Drac, sets the tone for the dark and atmospheric journey that awaits listeners.

Italian Death/Black Metal outfit KERES has unleashed their relentless fury with the release of their second album, “Homo Homini Lupus (2024).”

Featuring eight tracks of unbridled aggression and atmospheric depth, the album showcases the band’s uncompromising approach to extreme metal. Recorded by the band and mixed/mastered by Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio in Italy, this release promises a captivating journey into darkness and chaos. With tracks like “Exist for War” and “Void and Silence,” Keres demonstrates their mastery of the genre, delivering a brutal sonic onslaught that will leave listeners spellbound.

ATOLL’s latest release, “Inhuman Implants,” is a brutal onslaught of death metal mayhem, featuring tracks like “Berdella Of Blood” and “Sexual Aggressor.”

Available now via Unique Leader Records, the album offers a visceral experience for metal enthusiasts.

Prepare for a sonic onslaught as Atlanta-based metal outfit Sadistic Ritual unleashes their latest offering, the newest split from Vancouver’s WORMWITCH and Atlanta’s SADISTIC RITUAL, set to drop on March 22, 2024.

Blackened and progressive thrash unite in a two-way split between Vancouver’s WORMWITCH and Atlanta’s SADISTIC RITUAL, set for release on March 22nd via Boris Records! Each band contributes three new tracks showcasing their boundary pushing take on the genre.

Prepare for a descent into darkness as Southern Lord unleashes “Back In The Hole” by TOADLIQUOR, marking the return of the enigmatic entity after over 25 years of silence.

Known for their unrelenting assault of desolation and despair, Toadliquor emerges from the depths once more to deliver seven tracks of primal anguish and sonic devastation.

Technical blackened death metal outfit Ulterror, hailing from Finland, is set to unleash their debut album on March 29th.

With anticipation building, the band has dropped their third single as a precursor to the album’s release.

Los Angeles death metal outfit APPARITION unleashes their ferocious new single, “Imminent Expanse Of Silence Or Not (And Not),” offering a glimpse into their upcoming second album, “Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State,” slated for release on Profound Lore Records in March.

Showcasing a blend of doom-riddled progressive dark death metal, the band continues to carve their own path within the genre while paying homage to its roots. Produced by bassist Taylor Young and mastered by Nick Townsend, the album promises a dynamic range from brutal to beautiful. APPARITION’s relentless soundscapes are set to captivate listeners, with upcoming performances confirmed at Death Over Bakersfield 2024 and DeadStock II. Dive into the haunting depths of “Imminent Expanse Of Silence Or Not (And Not)” and prepare for the release of “Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State” on March 22nd.

UK sludge trio IRON MONKEY is set to unleash their highly anticipated new album, “Spleen & Goad,” via Relapse Records on April 5th, marking a ferocious return to the forefront of the doom sludge scene.

With tracks like “Concrete Shock” and “Rat Flag,” the band showcases their signature grit and intensity, delivering a relentless onslaught of fuzzed-out guitars, thunderous drums, and visceral vocals. Recorded in Nottingham and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, the album promises to be a visceral sonic experience from start to finish. Dive into the world of IRON MONKEY and experience their unyielding sonic assault with the official video for “Misanthropizer” and pre-order “Spleen & Goad” now.

Italian death metal band HIDEOUS DIVINITY unleashes a powerful anthem challenging the established order with their latest track “Against the Sovereignty of Mankind,” taken from their upcoming album “Unextinct,” set to release on March 22nd via Century Media Records.

The song narrates a rebellion against human dominance, portraying a protagonist witnessing decay and seeking liberation. With their signature riffing and a poignant ending, the band delivers a visceral experience that prompts reflection on lost strength, taught lies, and unfulfilled promises.

Portuguese death metallers CHAPEL OF SAMHAIN unveil their second single, “Pale,” from their upcoming debut album “Black Onyx Cave,” scheduled for release on March 18th, 2024, via Nuclear Winter Records.

This follows the premiere of their first single, “Charnel.” “Pale” captures the essence of the band’s dark and intense sound, offering a glimpse into the abyssic depths explored in their music. Crafted in the sulphuric womb of lunacy, CHAPEL OF SAMHAIN brings together members from other notable projects like Grog, Velório, and Nethermancy, embracing and celebrating the spirits of the dead with their monolithic vision.

Drawing from the extreme and obscure catacombs of old-school metal, their music blends death and black metal with eerie symphonies, resulting in skull-crushing hymns and morbid enchantments. “Black Onyx Cave” promises to be a journey into darkness, where the boundaries between light and shadow blur, and transmutation becomes the key to understanding.

Stockholm-based death metal powerhouse Feared makes a triumphant return after seven years with their latest single and video, “Song of The Dead,” released on February 21, 2024.

Comprised of vocalist Mario Santos Ramos and guitarist Ola Englund (of The Haunted), the band delivers an electrifying track produced by Jocke Skog, showcasing their raw energy and signature style. Reflecting on their resurgence, Englund expresses excitement for future releases, promising more to come.

Melbourne’s own WRØNG ignites the metal scene with their blistering new album, ‘Acid Burns’.

The harsh release is a relentless barrage of grindcore with death metal and powerviolence twists, serving up a hefty dose of mayhem.

This ferocious ensemble is powered by Crispin, who doubles up on drums and vocals, and Tim, who handles the bass and adds to the vocal assault. The band flexes their musical muscles with Crispin’s debut of the double kick pedal, adding a new layer of intensity to their already formidable sound.

COMANIAC, a Swiss technical thrash metal band, has unveiled their latest music video for “None For All,” the title track from their critically acclaimed album.

Rhis release, set for re-issue through Wormholedeath Records, will delight fans with two exclusive bonus tracks. Established in 2012, COMANIAC quickly made a name for themselves in the thrash metal scene with their debut album, “Return To The Wasteland,” hailed as a significant thrash highlight. Their follow-up, “Instruction For Destruction,” and subsequent albums have seen the band grow in stature, earning international recognition and embarking on extensive tours, including notable performances with OVERKILL and METAL CHURCH, and participation in major festivals.

The forthcoming album, “None For All,” scheduled for a 2024 release, explores themes of societal imbalance, empathy, and indifference, offering a blend of structured chaos and thoughtful commentary across nine tracks. The band comprises Jonas Schmid on vocals and guitar, Valentin Mössinger on guitar, Stefan Häberli on drums, and Tom Zürcher on bass.

Manipulator teams up with Whitephosphorous for a surprise release, “Manipulator+Whitephosphorous,” a sonic endeavor blending deathgrind and noise to support a cause.

All proceeds from this collaboration benefit the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, making each track not just an auditory experience but also a charitable one.

The album features 15 tracks from Manipulator with an overlay of 4 tracks from Whitephosphorous, designed to be consumed as a continuous play for the full immersive effect. This partnership ventures into a chaotic mix of short-form deathgrind, bizarre samples, murderous noise, and unsettling audio clips, creating a unique soundscape filled with unexpected harmonies and eerie moments.

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