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HEARTLESS BREAKERS – “Liquid Confidence” video

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Directed by Everett Thomas Fitch, the newest music video from Salt Lake City pop punk rockers HEARTLESS BREAKERS for the track “Liquid Confidence” is a perfect reminder of the band’s amazing debut full length ‘The Great Give Back’, released last year via Animal Style Records. I’m certainly still a huge fan, and this band is a great cure for the absence of new tunes from FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER and similar emo rockish bands. Watch below, click the band’s name to browse through many previous entries on HEARTLESS BREAKERS and go here to check out the band’s vocalist’s other solo project called WESTING.

Here’s the official word from the director:

“Every generation struggles with uncertainty. It may be that you first start to truly realize the gravity of that in your late twenties. At this age you struggle in the impermanence of your youth, and the perceived permanence of your impending adulthood. Life isn’t always what it seems though. Life is cyclical. It’s important to realize that. Otherwise you’ll go mad. Childhood, adolescence, manhood/womanhood, there’s a birth and death to all these stages and you can sometimes repeat them many times in your life. I wanted to convey that in the music video as simply as possible. In fact, there’s a line in this very song that sums it all up quite perfectly: “the broken record still spins with the twentysomethings.”

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