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HEAVE BLOOD & DIE “Dog Days” portrays the anxiety of late nights in vast concrete cities

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Recently, our attention was drawn back to Heave Blood & Die, a name that resonates in the corridors of Norwegian high energy, modern post-punk with a distinctive echo. This resurgence of interest was sparked by an insightful piece in our weekly news wrap-up here.

Now, the collective gears up for a significant moment in their artistic trajectory with the impending release of their fourth album, “Burnout Codes,” scheduled to grace the shelves on January 26th via Fysisk Format.

This latest offering from Heave Blood & Die is a poignant tribute to Eivind Imingen, their bassist, whose life ended too soon, right after the album’s recording. The tragedy casts a shadow over “Burnout Codes,” lending the album an emotional depth that transcends its musical boundaries.

In this article, we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive first look at “Dog Days, the band’s new song that marks one of thesteps in the revolution in the band’s musical journey.

Karl Pedersen, the band’s guitarist, singer, and principal songwriter, delves into the essence of “Dog Days” with a vivid description: “Dog Days portraits late nights in big concrete cities, filled with seemingly never-ending anxiety. Aimless wandering in high-intensity traffic. Fighting ‘the man’ under strobing neon lights in a POV and resolution that resembles a brawl in ‘Punk Alley’ from the PlayStation classic Tekken 3.”

“On ‘Burnout Codes‘, the listener will meet a band that is gearing up the pace of their hypnotic synth-driven rock into a nightmarish urge of energy often associated with punk rock or electronic club music,” Pedersen explains.

The band’s approach in “Dog Days” whips up a manic pulse of acceleration, moving bodies in concert like heavy rain and flooding water. It’s a soundtrack for changing times, encapsulating a sense of urgency and restlessness that resonates deeply in today’s world.

Heave Blood & Die

The production of “Burnout Codes,” handled by Karl Løftingsmo Pedersen and Ariel Joshua Sivertsen, and mixed by Magnus Lindberg, promises a rich and immersive listening experience. The artistic vision of the album is complemented by the artwork and design of Annika Linn Verdal Homme of Daufødt.

Since their inception in 2017, Heave Blood & Die has made significant waves in the music scene.

They’ve been lauded by national radio as one of Norway’s most exciting new bands, graced major festivals like Øya and Roskilde, and even garnered a Norwegian Grammy nomination for their third album, “Post People.”

The band’s lineup on this recording features Karl Løftingsmo Pedersen on vocals, synth, and guitars, Marie Sofie Mikkelsen on synth and vocals, Jonas Helgesen Kuivalainen on guitars, Kenneth Mortensen on drums, and Eivind André Imingen on bass, with Luna Storeide joining more recently.

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