Planet B by Becky DiGiglio @yourethenight
Planet B by Becky DiGiglio @yourethenight
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IN SHORTS 📢 MEGA wrap-up of punk, hardcore, metal releases of the week of January 1st

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Dive into our special roundup of the year’s hottest releases in hardcore, punk, metal, and some alternative rock. We’ve scoured various sources to bring these gems straight to you. Welcome to the pulse of today’s underground (and some of the mainstream) scene below.

ALKALINE TRIO is back with “Versions of You“, a fresh single that’s pure Alkaline Trio magic.

Mark your calendars for January 26, 2024, as they roll out “Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs”, their first full album in a cool six years, bringing back that unique, dark Alkaline Trio flair.

Madrid’s crust punk/black metal powerhouse SVDESTADA has wrapped up their third album, “Candela”.

Eschewing the usual revivalist trends, SVDESTADA melds crust punk’s raw energy with the fierce intensity of black metal, infusing eclectic influences to forge a sound that’s both innovative and true to its roots. The album is a relentless surge of blackened, emotional crust punk, marked by harrowing roars and frenetic, impactful guitar work.

Conceived in the depths of harsh winters, “Candela” channels SVDESTADA’s aggression and introspection into a maelstrom of metallic, sometimes melodic, unyielding chaos. Their lyrics, sharp and poignant, delve into themes of abandonment, nostalgia, and solitude, complementing their sonically heavy and poetically fierce approach.

Set for release on January 5th, 2024, “Candela” will be available in CD and LP formats from February 5th, courtesy of Long Legs Long Arms Records and Shove Records. Fans of Converge, Ictvs, Ekkaia, Buried Inside, Svalbard, and Morrow – prepare for an auditory experience that’s both brutally honest and artistically profound.

Post-punk supergroup GHOST WORK, featuring members and ex-members of Seaweed, Snapcase, Milemarker, and Minus The Bear, share new single.

The band is set to release their new album “Light a Candle for the Lonely” on March 8, 2024, through Spartan Records. The 11-track LP showcases the band’s unique blend of influences, drawing on their rich musical backgrounds.

The first single from the album, “Godspeed on the Trail”, is now available for streaming. Accompanied by a music video, the track has been praised for its driving guitars and echoes of the ’90s post-hardcore world. Vocalist Aaron Stauffer regards it as his best singing performance, comparing it to some of Seaweed’s favorites and likening it to The Cure doing an AC/DC cover.

Fort Worth hardcore veterans OZONE unleash a beast of a track, “Always On My Back”.

This new release is a blend of monumental heaviness and aggression, featuring electrifying scream-growls and a relentless barrage of nasty power chords.

Crank up the volume and give it a listen below.

GRAY STATE, the Sastamala vegan metal squad share hard-hitting second album “Under the Wheels of Progress” via The Coming Strife Records.

Following up their 2018 hit “Our Final Regret”, this Finnish band is all set to shake the metalcore/hardcore scene again.

The album features a cover art taken from a painting by Belgian artist Jean Delville, adding an artistic touch to their powerful sound.

Philippines metallic hardcore band TURNPIKE share new single.

Metallic hardcore band from Cebu, PH 6000, has just dropped their latest single, “Breaking Your Peace”.

This track is part of their six-song EP, released under Melt Records. Coming up, don’t miss a special feature on the band and the resurgence of Cebu City’s metallic hardcore scene. Dive into the full story HERE.

Metallic hardcore band REJOICE from Columbus, OH, just released their debut LP today!

It’s packed with 8 fresh tracks of hardcore metallic fury, blending elements of black metal and punk. The lyrics pack a punch, targeting capitalism’s earth-shattering effects, the ultra-rich’s toxic greed, and the average Joe’s struggle in this chaotic mix.

Vinyl enthusiasts, get ready for a treat: Side A features the new LP, while Side B is loaded with a remastered version of “Damnation No Longer Hurts” EP, plus “Empty Hands” and “Hog” from their 2022 promo. Cassette fans, you’ll snag the 8 new tracks.

London harsh hardcore punks NASTI teasing their third album, “People Problem”, via Static Shock Records and Iron Lung Records.

This latest release echoes their belief that humanity is, well, not great.

Each track is a sonic blast of raw, misanthropic energy, mirroring the relentless, typewriter-hammering scene of Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”. It’s an onslaught for those who find solace in thudding, aggressive soundscapes. Set to hit the streets on January 26, 2024, get ready for a co-release with Static Shock Records and Iron Lung Records (US).

Tune in now – the new songs are already streaming!

Seeing Red Records has just dropped “God is Violence” by CANCER CHRIST.

CANCER CHRIST, a Reptilian-Christian-Christ-Violence hardcore punk band, hails from Los Angeles, California, where they embark on a mission to cleanse the damned through their God forsaken hardcore.

URAGANO, a Sanremo-based inventive screamo band, has just announced their first ever LP, “LP1”.

The journey begins with the premiere of their first single, “Capo Danno”. Get ready for the LP pre-orders, available through a collaboration of international labels including Dischi Decenti, Nontiseguo Records, and Ripcord Records, among others.

“LP1” is a decade in the making, a venture into vectorial post-hardcore that pulls listeners into a whirlwind of complex emotions and scenarios. It’s a blend of deconstructed screamo with elements of post-metal and electronic, but with a twist. Each genre element is decontextualized, creating a cinematic soundscape that’s constantly morphing.

The lyrics mix everyday stories with enigmatic metaphors, exploring themes of alienation and discomfort. This vinyl, co-released by labels across Europe, is set to be a fragmented yet impactful representation of Uragano’s essence. Mark your calendars for its release on January 25, 2024.

BIB just dropped their latest 7” called ‘BIBLICAL’, packed with 5 hardcore punk tracks that keep you on edge.

Known for their frantic yet reflective style, this Omaha-based band has been mixing it up since 2015, unbound by any local scene’s legacy.

They’ve rocked the US and Europe with their high-energy gigs, all done the DIY way.

From a demo to LPs, BIB’s got a knack for quick rhythm shifts, off-kilter structures, and dreamy soundscapes that hit hard.

The recording magic on ‘BIBLICAL’ comes from the legendary Arthur Rizk, giving it a massive, gritty sound.

Post hardcore / screamo act TERRY GREEN has just unveiled “EASY”, a track from their upcoming album.

As the final song on the album, “EASY” was selected by David Norman for the new Zegema Beach Records Zampler.

Keep an eye out for more details coming soon.

VÆGTLØS, the Danish post-metal/post-hardcore/blackgaze outfit, just dropped a new massive single.

Featuring the vocal prowess of Christian Jamet Bonnesen and Victor Kaas, known for their work in LLNN, The Psyke Project, EYES, and more, this track dives deep into the personal story of the singer Troels’ aunt and her struggle with alcoholism.

Stay tuned for a special feature we’re dropping later today, diving into the raw and emotional journey behind VÆGTLØS’s new album “Aftryk“.

The album, a heartfelt tribute, explores deeply personal themes such as coping with a close friend’s cancer diagnosis and the pain of loss.

VÆGTLØS’s sound, a unique blend of intense post-metal with shades of black metal and post-hardcore, stands as a testament to the power of music in expressing the fragility and beauty of life.

Welsh post-hardcore outfit SHELL share new single from their upcoming EP

With influences ranging from 90’s grunge to post-hardcore and shoegaze, the band features members with roots in various punk and hardcore bands, such as Enouement, Judgement, Blackbeard, and Wraith. They’ve recently joined forces with Bones on bass and Andy on drums, solidifying their lineup.

Their debut EP, “Feel Nothing,” is already available on all major streaming platforms. Moreover, they’re gearing up for the release of their EP on March 1st via Best Life Records, a label making waves in the UK’s post-hardcore, hardcore, and emo scenes.

The band’s lyrical focus revolves around the struggles of addiction, shedding light on the challenges individuals face when trapped in the grip of such battles.

UNDERNEATH’s latest banger, “Optimizing Bodies”, is out now.

Clocking in at just 1.5 minutes, this deathcore/metallic hardcore track packs a punch with an unexpected twist of suspense mid-way. Released on January 19th, these Pittsburgh natives are redefining intensity in a compact package. Check it out – it’s short, sharp, and surprisingly suspenseful.

Sanctus Propaganda just hit us with a self-titled 7” EP from MONROE’S MYSTERIOUS DEATH.

Kick-started in 2012, these guys have been on the scene for a while, having dropped a 3-way split album with Pokrak and Moaft, and a full-length CD “Out of Power” which they took on tour in Poland.

Now, they’re back with more punch, featuring members from KMKZ and Orphanage Named Earth.

This EP packs 10 titleless tracks into just under 11 minutes of fast, energetic hardcore punk. Their unique sound blends expansive guitar tones with potent vocals, setting the stage for a concept EP centered around the Poland-Belarus border crisis. The record paints a vivid picture of people in search of a better life, offering varied political perspectives on the issue.

BRING ME THE HORIZON launching 2024 with “Kool-Aid”.

The new song marks the first since keyboardist Jordan Fish’s departure. Amid their ongoing four EP series “Post Human”, this track follows their 2020 “Post Human: Survival Horror EP”. While fans anticipated “Post Human: NeX GEn” last fall, its release has shifted to summer 2024, possibly influenced by Fish’s exit.

“Kool-Aid” offers a familiar vibe that long-time fans will appreciate, blending a touch of their aggressive future sound with their well-polished, melody-driven style, complete with a catchy pop chorus. It’s a glimpse of what’s next for Bring Me the Horizon, post-Fish era.

ATAQUE ZERO, Bogota’s hardcore punk pack, is back with a bang on Static Shock Records.

Two years since their debut, they’re dropping “Ciudades”, their second 12″ EP. This international act, with members from Venezuela, Colombia, and France, rose from the Rat Trap scene, home to the likes of MURO and ALAMBRADA.

“Ciudades” is a step up, delivering five new tracks that fulfill the promise of their debut and then some.

Expect a fusion of passion and anger, with hints of STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, PELIGRO SOCIAL, and LEATHERFACE influences. It’s a perfectly balanced blend of refined taste and raw power. Keep an eye out – this EP hits the scene on January 26, 2024, and something tells us ATAQUE ZERO is just getting started.

CRAWL SPACE is hitting the shelves with “My God… What’ve I Done?” MLP, available on Iron Lung Records.

This new release features ten intense tracks of American hardcore punk, reminiscent of legends like Negative FX and Agnostic Front. Known for their no-nonsense approach, Crawl Space has evolved their sound this time around, offering a richer listening experience with some tracks even breaking the one-minute mark, a leap into “Long Play” maturity.

“My God…” stands out as a hardcore triumph, emerging from the basement into the spotlight, ready to deliver a relentless auditory assault. This MLP, pressed in a limited run of 500 copies on black 150gr vinyl with an etched B side, is housed in a sturdy 24pt jacket with an insert. The record, a testament to their gritty and unfiltered style, was recorded by Detto, mastered by Will Killingsworth, and features artwork by S.E.B. and Jose Mora. Mark your calendars for January 26, 2024, and brace yourself for an onslaught of hardcore punk at its rawest.

VIOLIN, London’s own hardcore whirlwind, storms onto Iron Lung Records with their self-titled 7″ release, “Violin”.

Lindsay Corstophine, the mastermind behind Violin, delivers four ferocious tracks that confront and tear down a world filled with ignorance, urban anxiety, paranoia, and resignation. These soundblasts are set to a relentless, mostly one-two violence tempo, encapsulating a hardcore essence in under six minutes.

The EP carries the provocative message: “GUILT SATURATES THE AIR BUT YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE YOU DON’T BREATHE IT”, challenging listeners to confront uncomfortable truths. Limited to 500 copies, this release is pressed on black 70gr vinyl and comes in a 12pt glue pocket sleeve – a testament to simplicity and impact. Recorded by Corstophine at Devil’s Mango VI, the art for this visceral experience is by DDF, with layout by CC & PQF, and mastering by Will Killingsworth. This record is not just music; it’s a hardcore reality check, condensed into a potent, brief explosion of sound.

POTENCE, a crust/screamo band from Besançon-Strasbourg, share new song.

Featuring members from Géraniüm, Human Compost, Black Code, I Was A Cosmonaut Hero, and Daïtro, the band is gearing up to release their new album. Formed in December 2014 and comprising Anto, Aurélien, Henri, Nico, and Sylv1, they’re known for their powerful punk ethos.

Their third LP, “Cinq Ann​é​es De Nuit”, is set to drop on March 1, and they’re already streaming a new song from the album. The band expressed their excitement, inviting fans to enjoy this first extract. Stay tuned for POTENCE’s latest release that promises to be a hardcore addition to their discography.

Blackened crust punks CARA NEIR celebrating the new year by revisiting a classic with a special release.

Their album “Portals to a Better, Dead World”, originally co-released with Halo of Flies on vinyl in 2013, is now getting its long-awaited cassette edition. Known for their blend of blackened crust, this Texas duo’s powerful record is a follow-up to their 2011 full-length “Stagnant Perceptions”.

This special cassette release features a pro duplicated, transparent green-shell cassette with a full-color J-card in clear Norelco cases, limited to an edition of 50. Priced at $10, it includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC, and more.

The album, showcasing Cara Neir’s genre-smashing style and evolution, features tracks like “Peridot”, “Closing Doors”, and “Red Moon Foreboding”. Shipping starts around January 15, 2024. This release not only celebrates Cara Neir’s growth as artists but also offers fans a chance to own a piece of their evolving legacy.

GREEN DAY have dropped their new single and video, “One Eyed Bastard”.

It’s a total throwback to their roots. This banger is the fourth sneak peek from “Saviors”, their 14th studio album and the first since the 2020 hit “Father of All Motherfuckers”.

More songs from the new album:

TO THE WIRE, the German hardcore trailblazers, have just unleashed “Make No Mistake”.

The song marks the lead single off their upcoming album “WILLPOWER“.

Tune into this fierce track on all major streaming platforms. Plus, don’t miss the video premiere tonight on HCWW.

Mark your calendars: “WILLPOWER” drops on January 26, 2024, via Dedication Records. And for those eager to catch them live, To the Wire’s tour is kicking off with a string of dates across Germany and the Netherlands, including stops in Aachen, Bochum, Herford, Osnabrück, and more. The tour will feature festival appearances and culminates in a hardcore fest in Hamm on November 2, 2024. Get ready for some high-octane performances!

“Kindling” showcases INFANT ISLAND’s unique blend of Virginia screamo with the emotive intensity of American Black Metal.

Produced by Virginia’s own Matthew Michel and featuring talents like Harper Boyhtari and Logan Gaval from Greet Death, “Kindling” comes from their third album, “Obsidian Wreath”. This album, an intense journey through a world plagued by climate catastrophes, capitalist exploitation, and the aftermath of the pandemic, poses a daunting question: how do we continue in the face of such relentless decay?

The album, written in 2020 but released in 2024, reflects a resilience born from surviving the pandemic’s impact on the music industry. It’s not just an album; it’s a testament to a community’s perseverance, featuring contributions from artists in Undeath, King Yosef, For Your Health, and more.

Chicago hardcore punks SNUFFED just dropped their latest track “Lobotomy Dream”.

After their 2022 release “Coping Human Waste” took them on a tour across the States, including a spot at Flyover Fest, they’re back to shake things up with their new album, also titled “Lobotomy Dream”.

This new track is a perfect blend of raw ferocity and unexpected catchiness, a must-listen for fans of bands like GEL and School Drugs. And here’s a sneak peek – No Echo snagged an early stream of this killer title track.

Shawn Hopman of Another City Records, who’s dropping this record, says “Lobotomy Dream” is one of his all-time favorites in over 30 years in the hardcore scene. He’s excited for everyone to finally hear it, and so are we!

GVILLOTINE, known for their unique blend of blackened emo grind, blackened grindcore, emoviolence, and experimental screamo, just dropped “PART VIII”

The song comes from their first album “HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE”, via Lower Class Kids Records. Fans can mark their calendars on February 9th, 2024.

To celebrate the release, GVILLOTINE is hosting a show on February 9th, 2024 at Zollkantine Bremen, featuring Japanische Kampfhörspiele. They’re also planning an April tour with We gaze into Sunlight, with more details to be announced.

Melodic punk rockers THE SKINFLICKS are back with their latest album, “Let’s ‘Ave It!”, following up their 2021 comeback, “Old Dogs, New Tricks”.

Embodying the band’s signature no-nonsense attitude, this album lands another solid punch of uncompromising, old school Oi punk.

Get ready for a raw, melody-driven ride with The Skinflicks!

Sanctus Propaganda just unveiled “Myrsky Noúsee” by HAAVAT, a fresh take on punk straight from Norwich, UK.

This band is shaking things up with their Finnglish punk style, where hardcore punk meets Katri’s Finnish vocals, creating a sound that’s a first of its kind. It’s a mix of Finnish and English punk styles, spiced up with Haavat’s own secret touch.

The band, made up of seasoned punk veterans, boasts top-notch production and some killer artwork by Rob Middleton. The tracks, recorded at Meantime Studios and mastered at Dobra 12 Studio, are a testament to their unique blend and sound.

PLANET B is shaking things up with their new sci-fi single “Rack More Brains”, a track from their album Fiction Prediction that dives headfirst into hip-hop territory.

This isn’t just any song – it’s a collision of genres, blending aggressive space-age punk with the gritty nu-metal raps of Kent Osborne. Osborne, a musician Planet B’s frontman has been keen to collaborate with since last January, brings a raw and precise edge to the track.

The idea for the collaboration sparked when Pearson witnessed Osborne’s captivating performance at Deaf Club’s LP release party. The process involved recording both vocal parts as a base, with Osborne then layering his own dynamic style. Luke, another key player in the making of this track, contributed an insane backing, pushing Pearson to match the energy and deliver something spectacular with Osborne joining the mix.

Pearson suggests listeners try to wrap their heads around the song being in a 4/4 time signature, then layering that with a sense of anxiety and tension. The lyrics touch on themes of war and its primitive nature, asking the poignant question: “Do we need more?” This single is more than just a song; it’s an intense, genre-blending experience that demands attention.

PILE just released their new EP, “Hot Air Balloon” via Exploding In Sound Records.

This collection of five songs, born from the sessions of their acclaimed album “All Fiction”, showcases the band’s relentless experimentation in sound.

Known for their atmospheric and textured music, PILE – comprising Rick Maguire, Kris Kuss, and Alex Molini – pushes the boundaries further in “Hot Air Balloon”. Inspired by eclectic influences like Portishead and Aphex Twin, they’ve crafted songs rich in lush orchestration and abstract textures. The EP, including tracks like the contemplative “Scaling Walls” and the more surreal “The Birds Attacked My Hot Air Balloon”, demonstrates the band’s versatility, moving effortlessly from direct melodies to disorienting synths. It’s PILE as you know them but exploring uncharted territories, available now!

“II / IV”, the latest EP from the vegan edge metal act Forward To Eden, has just been released.

This solo project by Tim Rule, known for his work with Castigator and The Rule, continues to make waves in the metalcore scene.

The EP features Forward To Eden’s unique take on the xvx classic “Still Believe in What Has Fallen Apart” by xMAROONx, alongside a new, exclusive track that channels the essence of ‘90s Metalcore, reminiscent of bands like Caliban, Morning Again, and Poison The Well. This limited release is now available on an 8″ vinyl from BBMA Records.

In our recent feature, “THE 2023 VANGUARD OF VEGAN STRAIGHT EDGE HARDCORE METAL: TOP 10 SELECTION BY FORWARD TO EDEN”, we teamed up with Forward To Eden to bring you the top 10 vegan straight edge hardcore metal releases of 2023. Be sure to check it out HERE.

Knife Hits Records just dropped “Let’s Die” by MY TURN TO WIN, tearing it up since 2004 from the heart of Philadelphia.

The squad – David Rosney, Jess Goldey, Justin Shepp, Len Carmichael, and Mark Antonio – mixes high-octane modern hardcore with smooth breakdowns and catchy sing-alongs.

With a discography that includes EPs “Whatever it Takes” and “No Challenge,” and the full-length “Weight of the World,” they’ve been carving out their niche in the hardcore scene. Taking cues from hardcore legends like Kill Your Idols and Madball, they bring a fresh twist to that classic, gritty hardcore vibe.

Now, after a decade, they’re unleashing “Let’s Die”, a powerhouse album originally recorded in 2011 but shelved until now. This long-awaited release, remixed and remastered by Len Carmichael, is being hailed as their angriest and possibly best work. It’s raw, unfiltered, and cranks up the volume to the max. My Turn To Win proves that their sound not only endures but thrives with time. Check out “Let’s Die” for a hardcore blast from the past, brought back to life for today’s scene.

Enter the mind-bending landscapes of black/death metal in new split from ABERRATION / DIABOLIC OATH

Sentient Ruin Laboratories, based in Oakland, California, is setting the stage for a monumental year in extreme metal with the “Divinations” split 7” between two up-and-coming metal powerhouses, Aberration and Diabolic Oath.

This split, featuring two tracks, is a relentless assault on the senses, showcasing these US-based bands’ mastery in creating vast, mind-bending landscapes of black/death metal.

“Divinations” is just a glimpse of the sonic havoc to come, serving as a teaser for the spring 2024 releases of both bands’ full-length albums. Aberration is set to unleash “Refracture”, a colossal creation, while Diabolic Oath is gearing up to drop their second full-length album, details of which remain shrouded in mystery. Brace yourselves for a deep dive into the abyss of surrealistic extreme metal darkness.

Next week, Audiotree is dropping some fresh sessions that you definitely won’t want to miss.

Kicking things off on Wednesday, we’ve got JIVEBOMB from Baltimore, MD. They’re bringing their hardcore, punk rock sound to the Audiotree Live series. Catch the full session premiere on January 10th at 12 pm.

Then on Thursday, dive into the intense world of Restraining Order, hailing from Connecticut / Western MA. They’re also showcasing their hardcore, punk rock vibe in the Audiotree Live series. Their full session drops on January 11th at 12 pm.

Boston hardcore outfit HAYWIRE just launched their debut album, “Conditioned For Demolition”, through DAZE, marking a strong start to 2024.

The album delivers eleven tracks of pure fury and energy, exploring themes from finding purpose to the raw experience of being from Boston. Haywire turned this album into a community project, featuring guest appearances from COA, Chubby and the Gang, and Conservative Military Image.

The production process saw pre-production and vocals handled by Chris Ceserini at Old Salt Studios in Fairhaven, MA, while drums and guitars were recorded with Will Hirst at Gate 4 Studios in Western, Mass. The record was given its final touch by Trevor Vaughn at the Meat Market.

Accompanying the album’s release, Haywire shared a dynamic live video for “IS WHAT IT AINT WHAT IT AINT”, featuring Bryan Harris of Death Before Dishonor on guest vocals. Fans won’t want to miss Haywire’s performance at the sold-out FYA festival in Tampa, FL, this weekend.

ANCST just rolled out a new ambient split with xKeep Tryingx, and it’s a must-check for all dark, sci-fi inducing ambient music enthusiasts.

In a surprise release, ANCST, hailing from Berlin, Germany, joins forces with Helsinki’s xKeep Tryingx to bring an immersive ambient experience.

Each artist brings three tracks to the table, diving deep into the vastness of space. ANCST’s contribution is a journey through grimdark, sci-fi-themed dark ambient, while xKeep Tryingx offers a more lush, slowly evolving sci-fi-infused drone.

Check it out now, courtesy of Yehonala Tapes.

NON PRESIDENT just dropped a stream of the CD version of their latest hardcore punk fury, “Strach”, through D.I.Y. Koło Records.

This Wojcieszów-based band blends hardcore punk with crust punk elements, creating an uncompromising sound.

Recorded in spring 2022 at Punx Szopa Wojcieszów, the CD has been mixed and mastered by Jędras at Studio Riot. With lyrics by Czarny/Kostek and music by Kostek/Non President, “Strach” is a raw and powerful expression from the Polish underground scene.

Norwegian post-punk collective HEAVE BLOOD & DIE is set to release their fourth album, “Burnout Codes,” on January 26th via Fysisk Format.

This album holds a deep emotional significance as it’s dedicated to their bassist, Eivind Imingen, who tragically passed away shortly after the recording sessions.

“Burnout Codes” emerges from a place of sorrow and tragedy, showcasing the band’s most textured and innovative work yet. Recently, they unveiled a new track, “Mjelle,” as the second single from the album, following the lead single “Things that Burn”. Both tracks are available for listening at their Bandcamp page.

The band describes “Mjelle” as a soundtrack to an industrial mourning march, a song about striving, failing, and the relentless cycle of finding false solace in avoidance. It’s a tribute to Eivind and a nod to Terje Nilsen’s classic, reflecting on the windswept, red beaches of Mjelle near Bodø.

The album, recorded and produced by Karl Løftingsmo Pedersen and Ariel Joshua Sivertsen, and mixed by Magnus Lindberg, features artwork and design by Annika Linn Verdal Homme of Daufødt. “Burnout Codes” will be available on vinyl and digital formats, adding a poignant chapter to Heave Blood & Die’s discography.

Boston’s melodic hardcore THE PROMISED END, featuring members from bands like Landmines and SkyTigers, is set to release their debut LP “For The Buried And The Broken” on February 2, 2024.

The album, releasing through Sound Investment Records in North America and Gunner Records in Europe, brings a new wave of politically charged melodic hardcore from Massachusetts.

The first single, “Smash and Grab”, is already streaming and captures the band’s aggressive yet melodic essence.

Vocalist Paul Picillo emphasizes a strong stance against fascist and nationalist agendas. The album, a blend of 80s Thrash, Early American Hardcore, and Youth Crew influences, explores themes from personal grief to political frustration and the search for community.

Despite the dark tones, there’s a glimmer of hope through mutual aid and self-improvement.

Noise rock/hardcore band ELEPHANT RIFLE just dropped their latest track, “Leader of the Pack”.

Recorded by Ilya Arbatman at Holland Project, this song is part of the album “No Deep Cuts: Halloween.”

The album features art by Daniel Hart, and the track is a unique take on the classic by The Shangri-Las.

Los Angeles-based metalcore band Matriarchs has just released their new single “Let It Go!”.

The track comes from the album, “The Divinity Of All Things (Anthems Of The Neurodivergent)”, on KnucklehedzInc, blending rebellion and aggression, drawing inspiration from various forms of their past offerings.

The album also includes a video for “Let It Go”, created by Vicente Cordero.

The Ultimate Emo Album“, the latest release from Really Rad Records, features a trio of emo powerhouses: Swiss Army Wife, Avec Plaisir, and Celebration Guns.

This compilation is the first in a series of split albums spotlighting emerging emo artists.

Swiss Army Wife, from Portland, brings a raw and energetic vibe reminiscent of early emo greats. Avec Plaisir from Montreal infuses their music with a mix of emo, math rock, and punk, building on their impressive EPs. Celebration Guns from Phoenix adds depth with themes of time and aging, reflecting a more mature take on emo.

Standout tracks like “What Nietzsche Wanted” and “None More Time With Feeling” showcase the diverse talents of these bands. The album, available for streaming now, is a must-listen for fans of the genre, offering fresh perspectives on emo from seasoned artists. The artwork by Oliver Jones (@brandpoisoning on Instagram) adds a visual treat to this auditory journey.

Darkwave post punks BLEACHED CROSS dropped new promo singles.

The recording and mixing of these tracks were skillfully handled by Andy Nelson, with mastering duties entrusted to Brad Boatright. The artwork for this release was created by the talented Reuben Sawyer, while the design was masterminded by Alex Cegielski.

With a captivating visual aesthetic attributed to Ryan Davis, Bleached Cross continues to make its mark in the realm of underground music.

PARK+RIOT, a Leipzig-based hardcore/noise outfit, has unveiled their ‘Clouds’ video.

Their upcoming full-length album, ‘Wise Words From Well-Fed Mouths,’ is set to release on March 1st through THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS, with preorders starting on January 6.

The band, consisting of Samuel and Micha on guitar and drums, brings a chaotic blend of mid-90s ChaosCore, post-rock elements, and catchy melodies that stick with listeners. Despite the diverse influences, their songs maintain a dense and coherent structure. “The End” combines spoken word sections with black metal aggression, while “Clouds” seamlessly transitions between Swedish core and post-metal atmospheres, ending with a powerful mosh-inducing finish.

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