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Heavy hardcore mob KUBLAI KHAN premiere new video “The Truest Love”

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Texas metalcore / hardcore mainstays KUBLAI KHAN have shared the video for the new song “The Truest Love”.

“‘The Truest Love’ is a statement surrounding the cultural norm of the single-parent household” says singer Matt Honeycutt. “It challenges and questions what it means to be a man and still abandon a family you took part in creating. We hope it provokes thought and unfiltered conversation”.

Before “The Truest Love”, the band shared the single “Self-Destruct” from the forthcoming album “Absolute”, out October 4th via Rise Records.

Kublai Khan TX are touring in Europe with Lionheart this November. Check the dates below.

09th November 2019 @ Muziekodroom (Hasselt, BE)
12th November 2019 @ Dynamo (Zurich, CH)
18th November  2019 @ Meet Factory (Praha, CZ)
19th November 2019 @ Dürer Kert (Budapest, HU)


Live with your judgement. This life is forever. Everyone’s the alpha in control.Til. the truth shines through. That you’re fuckin scared of life and that I’m scared too. Nothing’s ever certain. Life is never clear. But pretending you are fearless. Only magnifies your fears. You’re out living. They’re stuck in grief. You call. yourself a man. But you just leave. Live with your judgement. This life is forever. Cursed to mold mistakes. This life is forever. You’re the fucking man. Don’t need shit from no one. Don’t care your baby’s crying. Cause you’d rather be gone. Don’t repeat the cycle when. You change their view. Why would you inflict on them. The same pain that molded you. What does it mean To be a man? Strength? Live with your judgement. This life is forever. Cursed to mold mistakes. This life is forever and ever more.
Feet to the fucking earth. My hands won’t fail.
No weapons of heaven or man could sever me From The primal need to live and die beside
my species.
Fuck a liar’s tongue. Fuck a second love. Fuck a golden gift. Fuck a fucking bitch. Just Protect your young.
Fight god.
Pass on.
This soul.
With it…

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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