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Holding These Moments: teasing the upcoming documentary on BANE!

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‘Holding These Moments’, the ucpoming documentary on BANE, has recently received a new video teaser. The film will document the band’s legacy, great great influence on modern hardcore scene, and their final hometown show. Watch below, scroll down to see 2 previously released teasers and visit GoFundMe to support this project.

GO HERE to watch ‘Holding This Moment’, another documentary on BANE and their relation to the beautiful city of Budapest.

All great things must come to an end. But that reality is easier to deal with when you have some of those amazing times documented. My passion project is a documentary for my favorite band, BANE. I want to focus on the history of the band, the final tour, and the very last show.

My goal is not only to create something that myself, the many fans, and the band will have to cherish, but to make a film that can excite and inspire everyone by exposing them to the passion, rawness, and hope that is BANE.

As a highschool kid in the late 90’s, I struggled and didn’t know where I fit in. Music has always been the heartbeat of my soul, but there was no solace in the empty and terrible music on the radio.
And then I found punk rock and hardcore.
I found a place with like minded people, a place full of passion, meaning, and the desire for a positive change. It helped inform the person I am today.

The most influential of those bands (for myself) was BANE. A band from Massachusetts, BANE formed in the mid 90’s, and quickly became a band that made me believe. Believe that I didn’t have to follow all the rules, that I should stand up for myself and for the ones I care about, and that that we don’t have to be blood, to be family. I have them to thank for many amazing times in my life. Every show I’ve seen them play has been highly energetic and inspiring, and I always leave with a positive outlook.

Unfortunately, after 20yrs of creating music, BANE will be ending their run, calling it quits this summer (2016). Because of this, I am inspired to want to leave the world a lasting impression of this incredible band, by giving them the chance to tell their story. We will follow them on the road, for the blood, sweat, and tears, while fans crowd the stage for sing-alongs and stage diving from 30 and 40 year olds. I want to show the passion, the energy, and the fun times that will ensue on this last tour.

As we all know, money can be tight for projects like these. Everyday expenses, cameras, audio, lenses, lighting, travel and lodging, editing and man power. Thankfully, I have a few talented and amazing friends that have offered me their gear and help, in pretty much every way, and I’d like to be able to compensate them at least a little bit. I’m never one to ask, but I’m starting this gofundme to help me along the way. I have already put forth a lot of my own money, and I’m realizing I won’t be able to finish it without your help. Any donation will be greatly appreciated, and you will receive a special thank you in the credits.

I won’t carry you in my heart, you are my heart. [BANE]

Dan Elswick

HOLDING THESE MOMENTS – BANE from Dan Elswick on Vimeo.

Bane Teaser from Dan Elswick on Vimeo.

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