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Australian metallic hardcore act REBIRTH document their farewell show; life.lair.regret records releases The Final Act of Defiance CS

To celebrate the death of Australian straight edge hardcore band REBIRTH, Life.Lair.Regret. Records has dropped a celebration with their final show recorded for one last release. The record is available on tape and can be grabbed at this location. Additionally, all international orders can be dropped via [email protected]

The label commented:

We had been saving the catalogue number LLR050 for something special as it marks a milestone for us a label, having now surpassed 50 (and done 55 releases) we still wanted to have LLR050 attached to something that means something to us. So we are proud to announce the last Rebirth release; The Final Act of Defiance is a live CS that was recorded at their last show earlier this year. We believe Rebirth were an important band in Australian hardcore history and something we see fitting for our 50th release.


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