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“I Wanted More” – post punk act TRUE FAITH share new cinematic video for driving new single; share top horror movies to watch!

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Soon after our recent music premiere, we’re back with another TRUE FAITH special! Today, we’re giving you the band’s new music video “I Wanted More” from the upcoming LP on A La Carte Records titled “They Can Always Hurt You More”, and their list of top horror movies worth a check after watching the premiere above.

The video was directed, filmed, and edited by True Faith and it stars Emily Ottinger and Kelsey Benson. “I Wanted More” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dereck Blackburn at Quiethouse, and produced by Dereck Blackburn and True Faith.

Fresh on the heels of their Leucovorin Rescue b/w What Is Owed 7”, True Faith emerges with their debut full-length album, They Can Always Hurt You More — a bleak introspective view into the dehumanizing experience of medical trainees. Entering the last year of their medical education, the members of True Faith serve up this album as a reflection of the trials and tribulations of the past year.

Sonically, They Can Always Hurt You More builds upon the guitar-oriented sound True Faith explored in the Leucovorin Rescue 7”. Enlisting the help of Francisco Ilabaca on synthesizer and Tom Weir (of Old Moon) on drums, the band continues to hone a sound that employs elements post-punk, coldwave, and shoegaze reminiscent of The Chameleons and The Sound.

Another notch on the belt of the emerging post-punk label à La Carte Records, They Can Always Hurt You More serves as a high watermark for True Faith and is a harbinger of things to come for the group.

“I Wanted More” Lyrics:

I knew the price
But I wanted more
No life to live
When your back’s to the wall
The things I gave
They seem so far
I took the risk
But I wanted more
I Wanted More
I knew the cost
But I wanted more
There is no virtue
When it takes it toll
The vice we feed on
That binds us all
I took the risk
But I wanted more
I wanted more

Top horror movies to watch, by TRUE FAITH:

True Faith - band photo by Chris Ma
True Faith by Chris Ma. The band is:Travis Benson – Vocals and Guitar, Dylan Kotliar – Bass, Quentin Moyer – Guitar, Francisco Ilabaca – Synth, Tom Weir – Drums



For all the raw horror packed into Alien the scariest part is realizing your crew is always expendable. That and the memory of your corporate steward android sputtering into a frenzied, oddly milky death. I don’t think the contemporary relevance of Alien needs to be stated, but it rhymes with “wamazon.”


Shyamalan serves the terror of human extinction through the eyes of a single baggage-laden family in an almost Kubler-Rossian form of staging with a very appropriate parallel narrative. Unforgettably terrifying, expertly minimal glimpses of an unknown visitor herald the end of the world, and the dumbfounded denizens of rural America have little recourse but to board up the windows in disturbingly futile—and realistic—self-preservation.

The Strangers

I grew up in the countryside and this movie has scared the absolute shit out of me in spite of the guy from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia taking a leading role, and it’s done so since the year it came out. I see that burlap mask pretty much every time I’m home alone and at this point I’ve just sort of learned to live with it.


OK—I did fall asleep in the middle of Eraserhead at a Coolidge Corner midnight screening but I had already seen it a bunch of times before then. Jack Nance’s troubles in Eraserhead deal blow after blow of visceral horror. Even the mundanity of a puritan family’s chicken dinner becomes what feels like an actual organic nightmare, like one you’d actually wake up from with flashbulb memories for years afterward—but with each watch the walls of Lynch’s industrial hell world feel closer and closer than welcome! Spooky!

Mars Attacks

Listen, I don’t care. Mars Attacks is the scariest movie of all time


The Shining

It just has so many unforgettable images and scenes, fantastic music, and Jack Nicholson is iconic.

The Thing

It’s an amazing portrayal of how people under stress turn on each other, with an absolutely incredible monster/alien *thing* (there’s really no better word for what it is…)


Maybe it’s more of a thriller than a horror flick, but it is just so visceral and incredibly well done. The maternal showdown in the queen’s nest is one of the best scenes in any movie.


I never knew how terrifying video surveillance cameras could be…

Nosferatu the Vampyre

Werner Herzog’s classic on vampires and plagues is just gorgeous and totally absorbing. And the danse macabre scene is mind-blowing.


Cabin in the Woods

I chose this movie for the same reasons that this gets a lot of acclaim, it’s a cleverly meta movie that holds a mirror to the played out horror tropes. Although, I think it goes deeper than that. Whether intentional or not, I really took the ancient gods demanding sacrifice as a metaphor for horror movie fans and their insatiable bloodlust that leads to a lot of the same cliches saturating the genre.

Silence of the Lambs

I was on the fence about whether or not to include this movie because I always considered it more on the suspense end of the spectrum, but I can’t think of a movie with a better soundtrack. The Fall, Q Lazzarus, Book of Love, Colin Newman, and Savage Republic.

It Follows

Loved everything about this movie. Everything seems so disjointed and surreally disconnected from reality and the cinematography and score really emphasizes this. One of the aspects of this film that stands out the most is how much dread you feel through the length of the movie.

The Witch

Living in New England, the whole witch trope is pretty played out. But something about this movie just broods evil. Every aspect of this movie just exudes something sinister. I still remember how unsettling it was hearing Black Phillip speak.


I’ve never been able to see Kathy Bates differently since seeing her in Misery, especially her role in About Schmidt. Her obsession in this movie is unparalleled and, god damn, the hobbling scene really kills me.

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