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“…where the suffering never ends” – watch new psychedelic, scary new video from PORTRAYAL OF GUILT

 ‘CHRISTFUCKER‘, the newest album from PORTRAYAL OF GUILT is scheduled for a November 5th release via Run For Cover Records, and today the band has shared their second single “…where the suffering never ends”, promoted by an unnerving, disturbing new music video directed by Craig Murray, written and produced by Lubomyr Witkin. Shot in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, UK, the video can be watched above.

“…where the suffering never ends” comes from the album ‘CHRISTFUCKER’, out November 5th, 2021 via Run For Cover Records.


Spiraling down the staircase, straight to Hell.
The pain is torturous.
This is my sick fantasy, where the suffering never ends.
Where the ceilings constantly bleed.
In this vile cold dark room.
Shackled hands, chained to the wall.
How do I end this right now?
I bash my head into the concrete until my skull caves in.
Until I’m dead inside.
I want to feel this pain pouring out of my eyes.
I fall to the floor.
My body grows numb.
Eyes wide open, here I lie alone.
The room is silent, not even a sound.
I’m begging for an end.
Just burn it all down.

Check out the previously released track “Possession” HERE.
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