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ILYDAEN to release new album this November; new video available

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ILYDEAN, who were interviewed for IDIOTEQ back in 2012, are back with a new record, more tour dates and a new video, available for you viewing pleasure below.

ILYDAEN on tour

Ilydaen [ilidæn] is a Post-Rock band from Belgium created in 2009. Mainly instrumental, the band had to struggle to forge it a name. Step by step Ilydaen evolved and created their own philosophy, with occasions to be drown into self-reflection and vague feelings. Inserting a rhythmical power is also a focus for Ilydaen. It’s the way the band tries to give the audience a chance to be close to them. Ilydaen had the chance to train themselves over 3 European tours and more than 60 shows.
While Ilydaen’s first album Digressions tried to explain their virtues hidden behind the concept of time and its relativity, Maze focuses on self observation and underlines the trial of finding yourself trapped or free in any type of locus. With more intense guitar and bass layers than ever, Ilydaen try to provide more dimensions around their usual energetic process. The rhythmical parts are more frenetic and calibrated and leave almost no breath for the listener and the live audience.

Exordium (EP, 2010, self-released)
Digressions (album, 2012, Dunk! Records)
Tier III / Implementary (digital single, 2013, Dunk! Records)
Maze (Album, 2014, Finaltune Records)

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