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“Imprisoned” – Milano youth crew pack SET ME FREE return with a new 7”!

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Six years since their latest release “Walkin’ The Line“, Italian youth crew hardcore punks SET ME FREE are back with a powerful new record “Imprisoned”, defined by its great energy and positive message, and reminiscent of the greats of the scene. Today, we’re giving you the exclusive first listen of the EP, along with the band’s track by track commentary!

Formed in 2009 by members of Product, No More Fear, The Miracle and Fumbles In Life, SET ME FREE have released 2 EPs, one split with Hungarian hardcore crew MOTIVATION and a couple of promo tracks, and some of these new tracks were actually written years ago, but the energy is fresh and vibrant. Oh, we missed the bravura performance from youth crew bands. Thanks so much guys for bringing it back!

Suring these years we tried to develop our own kind of sound and style, mixing late 80’s bands like Youth of Today, Bold and Wide Awake together with the revival youth crew era of the late 90’s of Ten Yard Fight and Floorpunch. I think that if you listen our previous albums and this one, you can definitely find a common thread, both for music and lyrics. In “Imprisoned” there are some small details that make it sound more powerful overall.

The 7” is available for pre-order at this location. It was recorded in April and May of 2017 at Toxic Basement Studio, and mixed and mastered at Toxic Basement Studio. Vinyls were printed at Phonopress in a limited edition of 300 hand numbered copies on black wax. The record is available via Best of Times Records and Rebuilding.

IMPRISONED – We all grow up in a society full of rules and laws, from the goverment to the streets we have rules to follow or our peers don’t accept us. It’s like being in prison. Sometimes we try to be different, but maybe in the end we find ourselves trapped in our own rules.

SUPERFICIALITY – One of the problems that plagues the HC scene, and real life out there too, is being superficial and acting like a boss that judges the others. And a subjection to those people, for not being ignored by the cool guys, is a part of the same pleague. The HC scene doesn’t need kings. It needs real people who think with their own mind.

ZOMBIFIEDSCENE – It’s again about our HC scene going dull over and over. If we act like fake losers who fight each others we don’t go anywhere, we become rotting zombies in a decaying world full of nothing. But this time the virus is neither Solanum nor Trioxin-245, it’s just the virus of hypocrisy.

WALL TROPHY – This song is against hunting as a sport or a relief valve. And the fact the hunters claim to be “part of an ecosystem” is abominable. A “part of an ecosystem” and then they leave all the shotgun shell on the ground. Mutherfuckers! In so called western civilization of the 21st century killing wildlife animals to get food is anachronistic, it’s just stupid. And killing them for fun is beastly and nefarious.

BUSINESS&WAR – It speaks itself. Governments, multinational corporations, lobbies… they’re all interested in making more money. And wars are a good business, no matter what.

SOMETHING WRONG – When money and profit are the base of a society, while human being are not important, it means it’s no more a civil society and something is going wrong.


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