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IN SHORTS 📢 Quick News in Punk, Hardcore and Metal (January 1-6)

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📰 Catch up on the past week’s essential news in punk, metal and rock music – IDIOTEQ.com’s #InShorts News Briefing is a rundown of the past week’s most important music news stories you need to know about independent and underground music around the globe.

Burlington, Vermont hardcore / metalcore / mathcore / post hardcore legends DROWNINGMAN have kicked off 2022 with their new track “Navigating Grief and Loss in a Pre-Apocalyptic Landscape. We covered it at this location.


Indonesian hardcore label SAMSTRONG RECORDS has released Single Choice 2020 by youth crew band CHOICE, hailing from Bandung City, Indonesia, and new heavy single from grindcore / metallic hardcore band PROLETAR.

Polish emotional post hardcore sad punks from APORIA are streaming their excellent new EP “Strefy Graniczne”, teased in this special feature on IDIOTEQ.

Aporia - Fot. Macko Maj
Aporia, by Macko Maj

Screamo label Larry Records has launched the newest 3-way split by LETTERBOMBS / 44.caliberloveletter / mis sueños son de tu adiós.

Nantes, France based hadcore pack NEW DAWN teasing new album with 2 high energy singles! “The wicked shall not rule” comes out this March.

HUNDREDTH will begin tracking their sixth full-length studio album later this month.

Creator-Destructor Records presents Oakland, California-based melodic death metal band DARKNESS EVERYWHERE. The new act has completed production on their debut EP, The Seventh Circle, set for release in late February, today unleashing the lead single, “Reign Of Chaos,” alongside the cover art and more.

DARKNESS EVERYWHERE unites vocalist/guitarist/drummer Ben Murray, guitarist Cameron Stucky, and renowned producer engineer Zack Ohren on bass. The band formed in late 2020 with the goal of writing songs heavily influenced by the classic mid-1990s Swedish melodic death metal sound. This isn’t the individual members’ first round around the block when it comes to melodic death metal, as Murray is a founding member of Bay Area band Light This City, and Stucky is a member of symphonic melodic metal act, Crepuscle. Ohren recorded and produced all of Light This City’s albums throughout the past twenty years and continues to be one of the leading metal producers in the industry, having worked with Machine Head, All Shall Perish, and many more.

The glory years of early In Flames, At the Gates, and Dark Tranquillity are what largely inform the sound and aesthetic of DARKNESS EVERYWHERE. The core of the band is built on the feel of those legendary records, while offering a refreshing take on the no frills melodic death metal sound akin to the output of modern outfits Darkest Hour, The Haunted, and God Forbid. The band wastes no time in getting to the point of melodic death metal riffing and driving, thrashing tempos.

Straight edge band ENACT will be releasing an LP on WAR Records.

The band will be playing some record release shows in Southern California with Bent Blue in February. More details on both of those very soon!

AS I LAY DYING frontman Tim Lambesis is teasing new recordings from his Arnold Schwarzenegger-themed side project Austrian Death Machine.

The band’s last album was 2014’s “Triple Brutal“.


Wyświetl ten post na Instagramie


Post udostępniony przez Austrian Death Machine (@austriandeathmachine)

Zegema Beach Records has unveiled their mega screamo Zampler and we covered it in a special feature with a bunch of guest bands HERE.

No Time Records has released a new mega release from DISPARO!, an Australian powerviolence / fastcore band from Sydney.

Imagine a band with the power to play faster than most. imagine a band insane enough to play where most wouldn’t, imagine a band who doesn’t give a fuck what you think… The year is 2010, an earthquake shakes the streets of Sydney, Australia. Coming up from the cracks in the pavement rises 3 otherworldly beings hell-bent on shaking the world with their noise.

Now 10 years later, the unstoppable force that is Disparo! has shown no signs of slowing down, leaving a world of ruin in their wake. 360 sightings in 15 countries and counting, no distance is safe enough from the deadly trio of Australian maniacs.

You can’t run or hide from the Australian terror, the unholy trio Disparo! will stop at nothing until a world is left in ruin. After a decade of destruction, Disparo! is only hungry for more, pray it’s not you in their path next…

A new DESPIZE / DEKLINATION promo tape has been released in support of the upcoming FYA Fest 8, happening on January 8 and 9, 2022 at Bryan Glazer Family JCC.

Just released via Northern Unrest and From Within Records.

DESPIZE side recorded by DESPIZE at Audio Lounge, Glasgow. DEKLINATION side recorded by Wyatt Oberholzer at The Knife Lair in Philadelphia, PA and DEKLINATION at Audio Lounge, Glasgow. Mixed & mastered by Wyatt Oberholzer at The Knife Lair.

In related news, TERROR have cancelled their tour dates with Pain Of Truth, which were to commence on January 1 in Syracuse, NY.

“January 1st thru January 7th are cancelled, but we will still see you at FYA Fest.” – says the band.

THE ERGS! are about to release their new Dirtnap Records 7″ Time and the Season and the band has unleashed one new song off of the EP called “Ultimate Falsetto Book.” It’s one of two original songs on the EP.

Madrid grinding powerviolence punks TEETHING have shared their new single called “Beth”, recorded in a live setting by Javier & Alfredo Ustara. Engineered and mixed at Mpire Studio in late 2020. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Punk rock label Drunken Sailor Records has shared a new label sampler, with a track off each of the records they have released this year

Hudson Valley, New York hardcore band AGE OF APOCALYPSE have shared their new single “Fury”, , coming from their new album “Grim Wisdom“, to be released later this month.

Zegema Beach Records offshoot label Tomb Tree Tapes has released A Rapid Flicker of Light by DITCH ORGAN. For fans of: Thumbscrew, The Chariot and Fawn Limbs.

The debut EP from Eeli (Fawn Limbs) and Ian (Micro Colossal) aka DITCH ORGAN is like watching the highlights from a horror movie separated by short acid trips. 5 songs in just 7 minutes, the race through chaos and orchestrated destruction is reminiscent of Thumbscrew, Machinist, The Chariot in their venomous, unrestrained and violent interpretation of breakneck metallic hardcore. This release is the catalyst for pushing Tomb Tree Tapes into new territory, as we are dumping the “Tapes” from our name as we don’t want to limit ourselves. Therefore you’ll find this stellar release on both cassette and 7” lathe. The marble swirl tapes are housed (primarily) in paper bags with the center burned out and the lyric insert/cover behind it. Lathes are double sided stereo 7”s, 25 clear and 25 black.”

Hidden Home Records has shared the new album from FOREVER UNLEAN, a perfect treat for frontmen with glasses (Descendents, Rozwell Kid, Weezer).

“Recommended if you like Descendents, Rozwell Kid, or wanna hear what a more coked-up Weezer sounds like (tho I don’t believe this band actually dabbles in that drug).” – comments the label.

“Though already a mesh of tempo and stylistic deviation, the Danish three-piece continue to be the antithesis of “sitting still”. In a true testament to the tradition of upbeat cathartic Punk, [Best] smiles sardonically at its own woes.” – Earnutrition.org

COUNTERPARTS performed a new song titled “Bound To The Burn” live during their set at The Palladium in Worcester, MA on December 30th.

Philly punk rock label Jump Start Records has shared their new sampler. “To celebrate the New Year as well as continuing to celebrate 25 years of making bad decisions, here’s a little something from the ol’ Jump Start way back machine…” – comments the label.

“Here’s this long, lost compilation of 24 Pennsylvania punk/emo/whatever bands from over 20 years ago. It’s not a complete picture by any means, as you’ll notice an apparent lack of bands from the Philly scene at the time, but that makes sense considering this was a snapshot of the Pennsylvania scene at large in 2001 as seen by and through me and my travels playing every and each corner of the state.”

Salt Lake City punk rock label Old Press Records have their 2021 Sampler, too!

“Happy new year! This year has brought a lot of ups and downs for all of us. At Old Press, we want to send out a big thank you for supporting our little label.” – comments the label.

“We strive to amplify the voices of smaller artists we truly believe in, and none of it would be possible with you. So thank you, we appreciate it more than you know!
Okay, now that we’re done being big ole saps, we’ve got some exciting news: OPR is going into 2022 with expansion in mind.”

“2022 already has a dozen new releases lined up, I can’t wait to share them with you! Stay tuned for more!”

Belarusian post black metal unit KRVVLA are now premiering the new single “XIII” at Machine Music. Stream it HERE.

The song is taken from “X”, the sophomore full length album by the Belarusian Dissonant Post – Black Metal band, due out on 4th February 2022 via Brucia Records. Twisted, terrifying and unsettling, the album mixes the spiteful and gelid rawness of Black Metal with painfully obscure layers of dissonant atmosphere. After self-releasing one album and four EPs over the past four years, KRVVLA’s new work sees the band shaping their caustic and oppressive sound in new and obscure directions, also thanks to the introduction of vocals for the first time – and especially thanks to the splendid job of Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice, etc.) behind the mixing desk.

“X” is a showcase of talent and inventiveness: a kaleidoscopic explosion of freezingly cold riffs, dissonant atmospheres and post-hardcore fury mixed with a blackgaze sensibility – aimed at conveying a maelstrom of despair, oppression and sadness.

Ohio powerviolent thrash punks BODY FARM have shared their new track “Ohioan Solidarity”, to be released on LIVING HELL, coming up in March on 12″ via Blind Rage Records, Dead Tank Records, and Serial Bowl Records.

Take This To Your Heart Records’ 2021 Label Sampler has landed online, as well.

“What a crazy year 2021 has been! We put out 16 releases that include LP’s, EP’s and singles!” – comments the label. “You can download and/or stream one song from each release below for free. Share with a friend and find your new favorite band. Below is also a list of each release and a link to check them out!”

2021 Releases by Take Ths To Yur Heart included:
The Sonder Bombs – “Clothbound” (LP)
Future Teens – “Deliberately Alive” (EP)
Kali Masi – “[laughs]” (LP)
PONY – “TV Baby” (LP)
Palette Knife – “Ponderosas Snake House” (LP)
Baby FuzZ – “Welcome To The Future (season 1)” (LP)
Bad Luck. – “Summer Of Pain” (LP)
Sarah And The Safe Word – “Lost Ring On Riverside” (Single)
M.A.G.S. – “Say Things That Matter” (LP)
Telethon – “Swim Out Past The Breakers” (LP)
Girl K – “Girl K Is For The People” (EP)
Palette Knife – “Jelly Boi” (Single)
Bent Knee – “Frosting” (LP)
Snarls – “What About Flowers?” (EP)
Marigold – “Alpenglow” (Single)
Sarah And The Safe Word – “Solstice” (Single)

Australian instrumental 2 piece THE SEA SHALL OT HAVE THEM are thrilled to announced their new album Debris for an international release on Friday 11 February through a new partnership with Bird’s Robe Records.

Their first release in 7 years follows their acclaimed debut Mouth and features all the deeply rhythmic and powerful cascading tones the duo is known for.

On The Ailing Facade, AEVITERNE look beyond the destruction of flesh or the punishment of the spirit, instead turning inward to focus on the abyss of consciousness itself: the curse of sentience; the futility of productivity; the breakdown of consensus reality; humanity’s twin drives to propagate and destroy itself, locked in permanent perverse competition.

Aeviterne formed in 2015 as a vehicle for guitarist and vocalist Garett Bussanick to continue exploring some of the musical ideas his previous band Flourishing pursued, particularly the fusion of death metal with rhythms and textures inspired by harsh post-punk and industrial music. Bussanick, Flourishing bassist Eric Rizk, and drummer Ian Jacyszyn (Miasmatic Necrosis) unveiled the Sireless EP in 2018. The years since that brief but powerful introductory statement were spent not in dormancy, but in painstaking composition and relentless experimentation in pursuit of the densely textured, multifaceted sound of The Ailing Facade, and also saw Aeviterne’s lineup expand to include guitarist Samuel Smith (Artificial Brain, Luminous Vault).

The result is an album that plunges listeners into hellish headspaces of dread, anxiety, and unease through dynamic songwriting and deliberate, nearly narrative sequencing rather than effects pedal abuse, made even queasier and more disorienting through subtle electronics and additional layers of percussion, culminating in the instrumental title track and epic closer “Dream in Lies.” Immolation’s harsh technicality and the psychedelic menace of Godflesh can serve as reference points, but don’t fully capture the all-devouring alchemy of The Ailing Facade.

Austin action packed post hardcore band EASY PREY are wrapping up the recording and mixing of their new full length, with a very cool guest spot being recorded in the next couple of weeks then it’s off to get mastered. Keep an eye on our socials and Hellminded Records for more info.

“We have a cool show coming up in Austin with our friends in Unsane, Glassing and BLK OPS Saturday January 8th at the Mohawk.” – comments the band. “We’re getting any backlog of orders sent out really soon, apologies for the delays, life has been pretty hectic. Hope everyone is staying safe”

We hosted a special feature about the band at this location.

Chicago hardcore band 2MINUTE MINOR have shared their new release .​.​.​. A Goon’s Best Friend REISSUE.

American beatdown hardcore pack CAPO KONG have shared three new songs off of their new EP “Extortion”.

“After dropping a killer 2 track demo back in July 2021 these Conneticut based Beatdown guys have built a solid reputation around the scene in a short time with their brutal live performances leaving people battered & bruised and their singer Matt urging on the violence with cries of “Death to False Beatdown” before ripping in with vicious lyrics to back up the crushing soundtrack that is CAPO KONG !!” – comments Australian label 1054 Records.

Having signed up with 1054 Records back in September “Blood Money” is the first single off the upcoming debut EP set for release early in 2022

“Strap yourself in & get ready for some of the most ignorant & brutal Beatdown Hardcore you will find anywhere on the planet” – concludes 1054.

METALLICA tallied 1.3 billion streams on Spotify in 2021, likely owing in part to their 30th anniversary reissue of the Black Album and all the activity surrounding that. 58 million different people in 178 countries (out of 195 total in the world) streamed the band’s music for 112.2 million hours. The average listener streamed 22.4 songs by the band.

Catch METALLICA live at:
6/15/22 – Copenhell – Copenhagen, Denmark
6/17/22 – Firenze Rocks – Florence, Italy
6/19/22 – Prague Rocks – Prague, Czech Republic
6/22/22 – Rock Werchter – Werchter, Belgium
7/1/22 – Mad Cool – Madrid, Spain
7/6/22 – NOS Alive – Lisbon, Portugal

In support of their recent album release Christfucker, Texas-based PORTRAYAL OF GUILT have announced a 34-date ‘North American Christfucker Tour’. Supporting acts include: End, Yashira, Wake, World Peace and Anatomy.

Portrayal of guilt

Sentient Ruin is proud to announce their allegiance with Chilean abhorrent black/death metal cataclysm Chaos Perversion as the label is ready the imminent release of their debut offering “Petrified Against the Emanation” 10” vinyl MLP, digital and cassette tape formats. A CD version will also be made available via Mexican label Total Death.

The self-titled track from the MLP has been unveiled by Decibel Magazine, who in presenting the track explained that “Petrified Against the Emanation” is “a swirling amalgam of black and death metal that turns the instruments into a sonic force. The music is executed with a combination of precision and savagery that creates a vile atmosphere; if most death metal lives underground, then Chaos Perversion’s music lives in the darkest recesses of a sewer or in a remote cave.“. You can checkout their feature HERE.

DEEPER GRAVES – the solo project of Jeff Wilson of Chrome Waves, Contrition, and formerly of Nachtmystium, Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams, and more – will release its second album, The Colossal Sleep through Disorder Recordings in late January 2022.

Far removed from the metal output he is known for releasing over the past two decades or more, with DEEPER GRAVES, Wilson creates lush soundscapes and slow-paced rock movements that venture further into the realms of his post-punk, shoegaze, and alternative influences, with elements tracing to foundational acts like Bauhaus and Joy Division.

The Albany-based punk rock/hardcore band AFTERTHE FALL will release their new album on SBÄM Records and Say-10 Records on Jan. 7, 2022.

From Albany, New York comes arguably one of the very first punk rock albums of 2022. With several singles under their belt, they will release a new album on January 7, 2022 via SBÄM and Say-10 Records. Their melodic skate punk takes the best of the 90’s and molds it into modern punk, fueled by a passion you can hear in every nuance of the band!

“Things will never be the same again” sing the skatepunks in their current video “Mileage”. In this video, the New Yorkers celebrate numerous festivals and shows with their fans in alternating vocal interludes, including footage of the popular Punkrock Holidays.

Former COAL CHAMBER bassist Rayna Foss has reportedly been missing for several months. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) has been searching for Foss since early September of 2021. Read more HERE.

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against NIRVANA over the cover to Nevermind after the plaintiff, Spencer Elden, missed a December 30th deadline to respond to the band’s motion to dismiss. GO HERE for more details.

About 6 years after the official release of their debut full-length effort ‘Doomwalk’, French crust/hardcore/grind practioners FERAL unveiled a first glance from their sophomore album with the official music video of the song “The Great Reset” available right now on YouTube.

Their new record called ‘Spiritual Void’ will be released on CD, LP, tape & Digital through Source Atone Records & Basement Apes Industries.

Pacific Northwest post-punk trio, DATURA, expand on the tense, synth-heavy sound their first two EPs with their new full-length, Arcano Chemical, which sees release on Sell The Heart Records on January 27, 2022. New Noise Magazine shared DATURA’s video for “Phantasma,” the first single from the record, which was produced by EMB Flame Productions.

Recorded in their hometown of Wenatchee, Washington, and mastered by Seattle-based recording engineer and musician TAD Doyle, the album highlights the band’s range of emotion and stylistic variety, which White Light // White Heat calls, “goth-tinged, compelling, energetic and melodic dark post-punk influenced by ’80s greats like The Cure, The Misfits, Echo and the Bunnymen, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Chameleons.“

After finding their show calendar eradicated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the band locked down during the winter of 2020 to craft a pensive collection of songs that tells stories of ghosts, nightmares, isolation, love and death.

Hellminded Records has issued an in-depth End-of-Year Wrap Up.

Happy holidays, fam! I’m hoping all is well with all of you and yours. These new variants are coming back with a vengeance it seems and I feel like half the people I know have Covid right now so please stay safe out there, friends!

It’s been a minute since I’ve sent out any kind of update. That’s mainly because of the opening of my gift shop called OUT OF STEP OFFBEAT BOUTIQUE & GENERAL STORE which opened this November and is a year round, 700 sq foot gift shop and lifestyle store located at the legendary Trenton Farmers Market. We currently carry items from over 100 small businesses, artists and makers which includes everything from specialty foods, regional art/prints and locally made bath & body products to coffee mugs, t-shirts and hoodies, books, stickers, enamel pins and, of course, plenty of records. We’re currently carrying over 100 titles in the shop with a heavy focus on metal, hardcore and punk along with some classic hip hop, soul and more. In our piles you’ll find everything from Black Sabbath and Youth of Today to Al Green and 2Pac. Drop in any time Wednesday thru Sunday from 10am-6pm and check us out! Our address is 960 Spruce Street, Lawrence Township, NJ 08648. You can also follow us on Instagram at @outofstepnj or visit us online at www.outofstepnj.com! You can now order any Hellminded release from our website and select the LOCAL PICK UP OPTION to save a few bucks and pick up at the shop!

As many of you know, the delays right now with vinyl plants are unprecedented. Most releases that we expected to drop by the end of 2021 have now been pushed to the Spring (or later) of 2022 and that includes the Autumn retrospective, War Babies LP, the Guardrails EP, the Dead Torches EP and more but I have some updates to share which I’ll include below!

JUST IN is the second pressing of the HONEY – FOREVER FIRE 12” which is legit one of my favorite records of the year. I realize I’m bias but I don’t even care. These are 8 tracks of pure South Philly thrash and it just doesn’t let up. The first press sold out almost as quickly as it came out but the second press just hit out doorstep on Xmas eve and they’re now available on our website! Featuring Jay Laughlin of Turning Point and Godspeed as well as members of Witching, this is a record that you require in your collection. You can CLICK HERE TO ORDER the new pressing which is limited to just 200 on clear/trans red/clear trim-colored vinyl.

Some of you may have noticed that there is no actual catalog release for HMR004. That’s because it’s been held in record plant limbo for nearly two years due to Covid-related delays, rejected test presses and more but I just picked these up from the plant today and I’m 100% amped to share that Hellminded will be releasing the first ever vinyl release from legendary Dirty Jersey hooligan ska act HUB CITY STOMPERS. A vinyl release of their 2018 CD, HATER’S DOZEN, this will be available in two color ways including Coke Bottle Clear and Oxblood Swirl. This is a bit of a departure for what Hellminded is known for but our musical tastes run the gamut and these humans are some of the finest we know. It helps that lead singer Travis kept me from getting beat up at City Gardens at least twice in the early-90’s. ;-) We’re just waiting on the jackets to come in and we’ll be offering this up for presale ASAP. Stay tuned for more info!

Coming up in 2022, we have a slew of great music dropping including a retrospective by my dear old friends AUTUMN titled THE CYCLE REVOLVES IN CEASELESS MOTION. This is scheduled to be delivered just around Valentine’s Day 2022 and I gotta tell ya, this is the record you wanna pick up for that music lover in your life! But seriously, this retrospective includes tracks from the bands’ demo, their Crisis Records CD EP as well as a few comp tracks and several alternate version of some of their best tracks. This release has been decades in the making and I legit couldn’t be any more stoked to have this as part of the Hellminded roster. From touring with these fellas in the mid-90’s and releasing their first 7”… this cycle really has revolved in ceaseless motion. Keep an eye out for more info soon! Preorders expected to drop mid-January!

The long-awaited WAR BABIES – SHAMELESS IMBALANCE LP has seen numerous delays including our first round of test presses being sent to someone in Kentucky who refused to get back to the plant about the shipment. So after waiting another month for new test presses, these suckers are approved and we’re looking at a March 2022 release date for this. This LP hits so hard I swear you’ll need to hold on to something while listening to this. A 23-song, classic, raw NYHC vibe that will sock you in the face and leave you asking for more. This LP rips and you’re legit going to be stoked. Can’t wait to share the artwork and for this to see the light of day!

Also on deck is the EP by Richmond, VA’s GUARDRAILS. Due to the pandemic and the fact that 7”s now take nearly a year (or more) to produce, we’ve moved to a single-sided 12” which will also include a killer live recorded set. The live set will drop this January on Bandcamp and is a great introduction to the band who released their first EP back in early 2020. We’ll be releasing more info soon on this so stay tuned. No lie… this EP shreds HARD. You’ll be pumped. Pinky swear.

Just submitted to the plant is the debut 12” EP by NJHC Supergroup DEAD TORCHES. Featuring East Coast HC stalwarts such as Brian Meehan of Kill Your Idols, Chris Ross (Second Arrows, Manalive, Nora), Len Carmichael (Landmine Studios, Dissent, Manalive) and more… this five-piece formed in 2020 during the early stages of the pandemic and churned out 9-tracks that find themselves in the same conversation as early COC, Crossed Out, and Nails with a dash of Remain Sedate-era Rorshach for good measure and are scheduled to drop their 9-song, single-sided vinyl debut on Hellminded Records late Spring 2022.

Lastly, we couldn’t be any more pumped to share that the Austin’s EASY PREY are just wrapping up the recording of their new LP and I can’t even express how powerful of a record this is. FFO of Unsane, Deadguy and more. From the artwork to the punishing beats and riffs this record includes… this WILL BE one of the finest records of 2022. Also stoked to share that our bud Tim Singer from NO ESCAPE can be found doing guest vocals on one track as well. If all goes as planned, I hope for a late Spring 2022 release for this and I assure you… it will be well worth the wait.

Okoy, enough rambling from me. If you’ve read this far I appreciate you you sticking with us and supporting local, independent music! We’ve got a bunch more in store for 2022 including a few more signings, new music from Crossed Keys and more but this is just the tip! Stay tuned for more info on all of these releases as they hit and THANK YOU for making 2021 the best year yet for HELLMINDED RECORDS.

Stay safe and healthy out there, friends! Happy New Year!

⁃ joe / hellminded records

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