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INCENDIARY reveals “Lie Of Liberty”

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Long Island, New York hardcore band INCENDIARY, composed of Brendan Garrone on vocals, Brian Audley and Rob Nobile on guitars, and Dan Lomeli on drums, recently shared details of their upcoming album, “Change The Way You Think About Pain,” which will be released on May 26 through Closed Casket Activities. In anticipation of the album, the band has released a new single titled “Lie of Liberty.”

In regards to the song, the band stated that the term “liberty” has been misused by a particular group of people to justify selfish and indifferent actions as part of a vague, pseudo-Libertarian ideology.

“The word ‘liberty’ has been hijacked by a certain cohort of people to excuse selfish and apathetic behavior as part of a vague, pseudo-Libertarian worldview,” the band states. “This song is a reflection of this trend that most of us have seen in our post-COVID daily life.”

Incendiary, a Long Island-based hardcore band, is known for their crushing metallic riffs and adrenaline-fueled rhythms that create a fresh yet familiar sound. The band’s upcoming album, Change The Way You Think About Pain, is their leanest and meanest to date, filled with sharply biting and insightful lyrics that sit atop blunt metalcore. The album is engineered, mixed, and mastered by Will Putney of Graphic Nature Audio.

Incendiary by George Douglas Peterson
Incendiary by George Douglas Peterson

Incendiary’s sound is a mix of classic passion and modern power, drawing inspiration from East Coast hardcore heroes like Vision Of Disorder, 108, Indecision, and Glassjaw. The band’s fourth album, which confronts the hyper-polarization of American society and the lengths we go to avoid pain, features more focused songwriting and aggressive production.

Change The Way You Think About Pain by Incendiary
Change The Way You Think About Pain by Incendiary

The album title is meant to evoke the concept of pain avoidance, which is reflected in the personal and socio-political lyrics found throughout the album. Frontman Brendan Garrone describes the album as a mix of both socio-politically driven content and darker, more personalized subjects. The band’s goal with this album was to refine the sound they’ve been working towards rather than making a huge pivot.


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