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UN AUTOMNE DE PLUS builds a path to their screamo roots with new EP “Construire”

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Un Automne de Plus, the Paris-based post-rockish screamo band we featured last year, has made an exciting comeback after their 2016 hiatus following their US tour. The band’s new lineup and EP, “Revenir,” released in May 2022, showcased their raw exuberance and unique spirit that firmly places them on the vanguard of the iconic French screamo sound.

It came back with a power bass delivery from Camille of I Am John Baudelaire, making the band stronger than ever. The EP carries a unique creativity that keeps the band on the forefront of the French screamo sound and beyond. Though the band was an integral part of the 00s European screamo landscape, this new project and their latest installment introduced new dynamics and brought a breath of fresh air to their history.

Now, the band is back with their latest EP, “Construire,”, introducing some more new facets of the band, an old-school screamo sound with choirs and Camille’s singing more present. While “Revenir” took music from their 2016 EP and powered Un Automne de Plus, “Construire” has a different goal, to allow the band to build new music and show a new side of, how they calle themselves, The Trojan Horse.

Un Automne de Plus has exciting plans for the future. The band intends to release a new EP, “Devenir,” in 2024. The ultimate goal is to offer the EPs individually or in packages of two or three EPs. The band maintains an ethical DIY approach, which means that the digital version will remain free to listen to, while CDs will cost 3€ per piece, i.e., 1€ per title. Tapes, on the other hand, will cost 6€ per piece, as the production cost is higher.

In addition to their upcoming EP release, Un Automne de Plus will be embarking on a tour of Northern Europe in May 2023, with shows lined up in France and other countries.

Un Autonome de Plus

Construire” is a thought-provoking project that reflects on various modern-day issues.

The tracks introduce an ironic ode to the modern world ruled by a capitalist system that can be deadly for those who do not play by its rules, an accusation of the system in which our world operates, drawing a parallel with education, and other concepts that you can uncove through our special track by track comemntary below.

“Bienvenue Parmi Nous”:

The EP starts off with an introduction that connects the outro of the previous EP “Revenir” to “Construire.” We can hear a door that creaks and opens, and a melody that is more defined and better composed than the previous EP’s outro. The accompanying text makes a reference to the Un Automne de Plus project and a computer program that is not as malicious as the real Trojan horse. The intro welcomes the listener to the EP.

“Belle Epoque”:

This track is an ironic ode to the modern world, which is mostly ruled by a capitalist system that can be deadly for those who do not play by its rules. The phrase “power is the jackpot” is a reference to the system that was built well before the year 2000, during the good old days.

Un Autonome de Plus
Un Automne de Plus

“Constante Macabre”:

This track is an accusation of the system in which our world operates, drawing a parallel with education. The “constante macabre” refers to the unconscious tendency of teachers to give a certain percentage of bad grades, which leads to discouragement and exclusion of many students. This theory emphasizes the excessive weight that grades have and the systematization of bad grades, which pushes for selection by failure.

“On Y Reviendra”:

This track is an ode to the Belle Epoque, before the Covid era, where people could gather in bars without being obliged to fill out forms for self-authorization. DIY structures were also less challenged compared to today. The accompanying text makes a connection with the forms that people in France have to fill out to be able to go outside, imposed by a government that made many errors.

“Ça n’est pas le temps aujourd’hui”:

The title of this track refers to a sample from the previous EP “Revenir.” This track incorporates samples from the previous EP, music from the upcoming EP in 2024, and a sample proposing to release a new EP every year while ensuring quality. The text suggests that it is not the time to talk about this yet.

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