Indonesian hardcore heavyweights WOLFBREATH comment on new single “A Rusted Life In Plague”, local hardcore scene and more

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Magelang, Indonesia based heavy hardcore band WOLFBREATH have recently teamed up with Indonesian Hardcore icon KMNG from the band Serigala Malam for a new metal infused hardcore “A Rusted Life In Plague”, and to celebrate, we asked the band to give us some updates on their craft in the post-Covid era, share some insights from their local scene and plot plans for the nearest future.

Strengthened by 5 young people who have the same passion and vision, Vincentius Chandra (vocals), Petrus Dian Agus (lead guitar) Ignatius Setyo Wiwoho (rhythm guitar), Fikri Maulana (cass) and Fidelis Kevin (srums), WOLFBREATH have heavy hardcore and beatdown rooted in their spine. Still fresh off their recent debut album release, the band continues develop their heavy craft with lyrics tackling politics, social, corruption, and the problems that occur in their local communities.

Their newest single “A Rusted Life in Plague” features one of the biggest icons of Indonesian Hardcore, KMNG from the band Serigala Malam. “We’re no doubt to say that we’re so proud to be collaborating with KMNG (Serigala Malam) the one who has been a role model for each of us since we listened hardcore in the first time.” – admits the band.


“We wanted to make something really new, a slightly more metallic musical character, with dark and depressive lyrical theme.” – comments the band.

“As the title itself, this single tells about the depressive situation, difficult, and dark that caused by a pandemic that destroys all aspects of life, social and economic. And at this difficult time, there are still many people who deliberately take advantage or even do corruption.”

Temple City Hardcore – a local hardcore scene in Magelang, Indonesia

“This scene grew on early 2000’s by some youth in this city that has interest and passion in hardcore music.” – admits the band.

“The reason why they took a name as Temple City Hardcore caused by there is a biggest budhist temple in the world called Borobudur Temple, and there are some smaller tamples more. Some bands that grew up from this scene are example Striker, Sabertooth that still exist until today.”


“This scene is slowly growing up years by years with a lot of shows that they made, plus in recent years many new bands have sprung up like Wolfbreath itself, and some of their homies for example Milhouse, Wallride, Warriors, Bingkai Imaji and there are some more.”

“These bands are super dope! They are quite prolific and each band has a different and varied character. This is very interesting and enough to make this scene feel fun. And of course they also have the same passion to keep this scene alive”


Asked about their take on the current “post-Covid” era, WOLFBREATH admit that off course it was quite disturbing for them, but they try to stay optimistic. “It was a pain in the ass, right from the absence of shows, our difficulties in communicating with each other in the band, up to the poorer state the scene. But then when the rules started to loosen, some shows started to come back again, ranging from small scale to quite large scale.”


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