Introducing: Brooklyn NYHC trio SCARBORO (video interview)

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Drawing on influences from NYHC heroes like H2O, AGNOSTIC FRONT, as well as veteran punk rock band like DESCENDENTS or BAD RELIGION, SCARBORO serves up bursts of raw and compact catchy songs that stay true to their roots. Dealing with stuff like “the existential dread that comes with realizing you can’t fight life’s clock and not being where you thought you wanted to be in life”, SCARBORO are a perfect additon to our collection of interviews. Watch our brand new video interview and listen to their new single “Downward Spiral” below.

SCARBORO is guitarist/vocalist Shi Heng Shi, bassist/vocalist Jack Counce, and drummer Gayla Escoda Brooks. The three-piece will release their debut LP, Here Comes the Hangover, on February 3rd through Rotterdam’s WTF Records. Recorded at Studio G Brooklyn, mixed & produced by Francisco Botero (ROSETTA) and mastered by Alex de Turk at Masterdisk (OFF!, RED FANG), the record bristling with energy, raw melodies and undeniable fervor. SCARBORO will be doing a U.S. tour in February and will be planning a European leg later next year. More details on that, as well as their first single off the record are available below.


Questions asked:

1. Hey guys! Thanks so much for your time. How are you? How’s 2017 treating you so far?

2. You’re maybe the 20th band from Brooklyn that receives an exclusive feature here on IDIOTEQ. I’m starting thinking I should change the name of this blog, haha. How cool is that to be a part of such a thriving independent music scene?

3. How old are you guys? If you could be born in another period of history of New York Hardcore, when would it be?

4. Tell us more about your backgrounds. Was there a pivotal moment when you decided to switch from attending shows to following your passion in a more direct way?

5. Is this the first band that you formed?

6. You’re about to unveil your debut LP. What was the influence behind these tracks?

7. How impact did Francisco Botero have on the sound?

8. How did you guys team up with a Rotterdam based label to put out this record?

9. Alright, so hitting the road is a natural next step to take and I’m quite surprise you’re already plotting a European run. What are your touring plans?

10. Alright, so lastly, where do you see, or would like to see SCARBORO moving towards in 2017?

11. Thanks so much for your time. Feel free to share your last thoughts and take care. Good luck on the road!


SCARBORO official website
SCARBORO Reverbnation
SCARBORO Instagram
[email protected]

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