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Introducing: Cagliari’s emotional hardcore pack RIFLESSO (record premiere)

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After a couple of local gigs around Sardinia, Cagliari based melodic hardcore punk band RIFLESSO, are ready to reveal their debut record via Blacktooth Music, and we’re thrilled to gie you its first listen below! With the official release slated for tomorrow, all funds from pre-orders will be put towards to the”NaufraGatti” animal shelter as a donation in the name of Carlo Articolo (singer in Scornthroats, owner of Strikedown Records), who sadly passed away on August 23rd 2018. Speaking to IDIOTEQ, the band commented on each and every track and its background.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Sardinia by Marco Usai, RIFLESSO‘s debut offering embraces all the energy of passionate, emotional hardcore that you can almost feel its spirit and intensity  mixed into the cumulative arrangements. The structure of the record shows the band’s masterful grasp of composition, crafting an impressive ode to angst, sadness, but also love.

RIFLESSO are: Michele/voice – Riccardo/guitar – Mirco/bass – Michele/drums – Luca/guitar. Members have played in bands like A War Inside, Curse This Ocean, Everyday Saturday Punches, Almassacro, and Last Breath.

NAUFRAGO: This is the first song we wrote. The lyrics uses a shipwreck as a metaphor of a drifting life. It talks about those moments where you have no strength left for the troubles and difficulties, so you just let yourself go. In times like these you understand who and what makes you feel better, but in the same time you feel like everything slips away. – Riccardo

EX VOTO: There’s not much to discuss on this song, the title explains everything. Ex Voto is about a promise I made to the one I love. – Riccardo

XIII: Thirteen is about wrong choices, those “forever” that turn in “never again”. It describes how much it could be hard to overcome the darkest hours, the scars you will get, and how it is necessary not to let go the hand that pulls us from the depths. – Riccardo

BRUCIANTE SCONFITTA: It speaks of the end, the umpteenth time, of the insecurity of going through a bitter goodbye and of the daily torture of facing defeat. – Luca

MOMENTUM: This song is dedicated to the ones who fight day by day, never surrending and exceeding their own limits. – Luca

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