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Introducing EYES, new metallic hardcore behemoth from Copenhagen

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Copenhagen, Denmark based metallic hardcore unit called EYES make a strong impression with their record, drawing from the greats of dark, chaotic hardcore, tightening and adding more to the ferocious style, and establishing themselves as different from a plethora of extreme hardcore bands with a blast.

EYES are comprised of all ex-HEXIS members (Kenn Bendtsen on bass, Victor Kaas on vocals, Simon Djurhuus on drums), and Rasmus Furbo of sci-fi post metallers LLNN. Their debut record, which we have the pleasure of premiering below, is written from their vocalist Victor Kaas’ perspective, who explains its meaning and ominous and dark undertone:

“I was in a dark place when the album was written. I felt directionless, worthless, my relationship was slowly falling apart and my only saving grace was my bands and touring and even then I was about to quit one of them.

A bulk of the lyrics were written while I was on a two month tour in Southeast Asia with Hexis last January, and while it was probably one of the most giving experiences of life, it was also one of the most exhausting.

With extreme exhaustion, too much alcohol and drug consumption, comes dark thoughts. On some of the few off dates I would spend all day inside some bungalow in Indonesia writing lyrics with my sheet bag over my head.

Loneliness, helplessness, the feeling of being taken for granted as a person are all thematic on the record.

EYES‘ self-titled is self-released digital only for now, but is coming soon on 12″ vinyl through some labels, to be announced soon.  Victor’s label Enochian RCRDS will release a limited tape run of the record. The amazing artwork has been created by J. A. Holmberg HONL317.

“The lyrical universe is in stark contrast to the sound of the record. It’s fast, it’s heavy and aggressive as fuck. No sadness to be found here.

When I joined EYES, Rasmus, Simon and Kenn had already been writing songs for over a year and before that, they had been together in Hexis in the XI/Abalam era.

It has some of the same elements that Hexis had on those albums, but more focused in hardcore punk vibes and catchy riffing, instead of unrelenting brutality.” / Victor Kaas

EYES cover

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