HYPER GAL by Andy Armstrong
HYPER GAL by Andy Armstrong
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Introducing HYPER GAL: exploring boundaries in an experimental journey from Osaka, Japan

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From the vibrant cultural center and historical heart of Osaka, Japan, emerges HYPER GAL, a captivating duo consisting of the versatile visual artist Koharu Ishida as the vocalist and the experimental noise artist Kurumi Kadoya on drums. This minimalist duo achieves maximum impact by stripping music down to its essence, crafting shimmering, no wave pop from blastbeat drums, glittery keyboard loops, and ethereal bubblegum vocals, all infused with a touch of velvet and firecrackers.

HYPER GAL’s groundbreaking sound is characterized by a fearless exploration of sonic boundaries and a profound commitment to pushing the envelope of musical experimentation. The duo’s ethos is defined by their unapologetic embrace of noise, unconventional rhythms, and a unique brand of pop sensibility that transcends traditional genres.

With their signing to SKiN GRAFT Records, HYPER GAL embarks on a new chapter in their musical journey. The band’s deep admiration for SKiN GRAFT’s roster of artists, including luminaries like AIDS Wolf, Melt-Banana, and Arab On Radar, fuels their excitement for what lies ahead. HYPER GAL’s upcoming releases on SKiN GRAFT present a golden opportunity to introduce their revolutionary second album, ‘Pure,’ to a wider audience beyond Japan.

‘Pure,’ the band’s second album, is a testament to their commitment to artistic purity and unfiltered expression. The album was recorded live at ‘HARD RAIN,’ a venue in Osaka, creating an intimate and raw atmosphere that captures the essence of their music. The unconventional recording process eschews the pristine sound quality of a traditional studio, embracing the imperfections and energy of a live performance. The album’s title reflects the band’s unwavering dedication to their original creative impulses.

Every aspect of ‘Pure’ reflects the spirit of HYPER GAL.

From the fuzzy and noisy drums to the entrancing track loops, the album presents a sonic landscape that defies convention.

Koharu Ishida’s vocals serve as a conduit for raw emotions, ranging from rebellion to introspection, all expressed through a rich tapestry of feelings.


The album’s artwork, crafted by the talented artist Masato Nakano, mirrors the album’s spiritual essence. Nakano’s work exudes a childlike instability intertwined with a profound sense of sacredness, perfectly encapsulating the album’s concept.

Let’s delve into the tracks of ‘Pure,’ each a unique exploration of sound and emotion:

1. “Charm“: The album kicks off with a condensed representation of HYPER GAL’s musicality. The track’s repetitive and saturated sound symbolizes the essence of the band, while the lyrics oscillate between aggressiveness toward the audience and introspective self-critique. The repetition of the phrase “I know everything, And I know about you” blurs the line between addressing others and self-reflection, creating a thought-provoking dynamic.

2. “Tropical“: This pop-infused track combines brightness with violence, mirroring the duality present in the lyrics. It navigates the desires and reasoning of the self, reflecting on themes of desire and restraint.

3. “Papapa“: Innovative in structure, this track defies stereotypes. It juxtaposes ground-shaking sounds with keyboard additions, conveying a sense of released frustration. The lyrics question conformity and decisions made by the majority, challenging the status quo.

4. “Domestic Utopia“: This track utilizes hi-hat sounds to create tension and a sense of fuzziness. The unconventional recording technique, with swapped top and bottom hi-hats, contributes to the music’s urgency, setting the stage for electrifying live performances.



5. “Wedding Ring“: A departure from their typical sound, this emotional and nostalgic track offers a reinterpretation of 80s J-POP. Its melodious composition and fade-out ending showcase HYPER GAL’s versatility.

6. “Tenshi“: An uplifting tune that explores the concept of unity, emphasizing the unique connection shared by the band members.

7. “Bleach“: This track offers a departure from conventional music structures, concluding abruptly. It celebrates the freedom of music and the joy of its consumption, emphasizing the intrinsic value of musical enjoyment.

8. “Transparent New Living“: The core piece of the album, this track combines transparency and quiet madness. The accompanying music video blurs the boundaries between the real and the surreal, inviting viewers to contemplate invisible phenomena and personal experiences.

HYPER GAL’s ‘Pure’ is an odyssey that defies categorization. With their raw and unapologetic approach to sound, the duo invites listeners to embark on a journey through wicked landscapes that challenge convention and explore the depths of emotion.

Pre-order ‘Pure’ on SKiN GRAFT’s Bandcamp page and stay tuned for the release of their third album. Explore HYPER GAL’s music and follow their artistic journey on Instagram.

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