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“All the screamo bands in Australia I can think of” – HANOI TRAFFIC share new music, a bunch of under the radar bands

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With a stage presence that’s as energetic as it is intense, hanoi traffic have carved out a sound that’s both melancholic and chaotic. After building a devout following in 2021 and 2022, the band has reimagined their sonic identity into something more rapid, vehement, and uncompromising. Their latest offering, ‘towards an end,’ is slated to hit the airwaves on February 9, 2024. Today, we ‘re dicing into the details of this cool offering, and sharing a list of other Australian screamo bands you should know!

The Brisbane-based band, known for its incendiary local shows, is not new to the scene. They’ve been shredding stages alongside acts like Blind Girls and Super Death, bringing a visceral live experience to fans across Australia. “We wanted to bring screamo back to Brisbane because we loved the style and ethos so much,” recall the band’s guitarist, Isaac.

This passion reverberates through their sound, a raw outcry that echoes their beginnings with Crescent Court, a band that laid the groundwork for their current fervor.

hanoi traffic’s evolution has been a journey of refining their expansive sound into something more focused, a transformation that’s evident in their upcoming EP, which includes tracks that promise to be as assertive as they are profound. “It’s time for something more direct,” say Isaac.

While he wasn’t aware of much Australian screamo around the time his band formed, there were at least a couple bands holding the torch.

“I remember when Salt Money’s “Eternities” ep dropped (long before I joined the band), and playing it on loop in the car, feeling hopeful. People always talked about Blind Girls and how good they were, even though they hadn’t (at the time) been active for a year or two. Nowadays the scene’s in a much better state, I think we’re up to something crazy like 15 or 16 active screamo bands which is pretty crazy for a country with a population of 25 million.” – say Isaac.

HANOI TRAFFIC by Evie Bond (2)-min

In the landscape of Australian screamo, hanoi traffic stands as a beacon, particularly after events like TG10, which showcased the genre’s revival in Australia.

“The festival was divided into 3 days, the first of which being devoted to screamo, the second to hardcore, and the third to various bands who were friends of the label. Having an entire night dedicated to screamo in Australia is basically unheard of, let alone having 7 bands back-to-back on the same bill.”


“I think screamo’s honestly back in a huge way, because there had to be 200 people there watching each band.” – continue Isaac.


“There’s definitely a more visible wave happening in the US, with the population density and all that, but it was incredible to see such a large turnout for a relatively obscure genre in a small city like Brisbane.”

Their upcoming tour is a testament to their commitment to the scene (check out the full list of shows below).

So, here’s a nod to the bands waving the screamo flag high in Australia, with hanoi traffic and their upcoming release ‘towards an end.’

freezer – i do my part by not killing spiders

wewilllookbackatyouandloveyouforever – self titled

Blind Girls – The Weight of Everything

Salt Money – Love of My Life

Prize Pony – no releases yet

Daisy Chain – Never Meant for Heaven

Gil Cerrone – Coronach

Raccoon City – For Nobody, Nowhere

Diploid – I Am Yours. And I Am Here Again

The World at a Glance – The Longest Shadow can only Recede

Keratin – Only Eye

Verity Whisper – Split with Guppy

Dream Inertia – Ephemeral

SKIN – No releases yet

HANOI TRAFFIC by Shane Oliver
HANOI TRAFFIC by Shane Oliver


Newcastle 1/3/24
Wollongong 2/3/24
Sydney 3/3/24
Canberra 8/3/24
Melbourne 16/3/24
Melbourne 17/3/24
Brisbane 30/3/24

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