VIVA BELGRADO by Rbnisonfire
VIVA BELGRADO by Rbnisonfire
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IN SHORTS 📢 huge wrap-up of punk, hardcore, metal & more releases of the week of January 15th

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Welcome to our curated selection of this week’s most noteworthy releases in hardcore, punk, metal, screamo, emo, and a touch of alternative rock. We’ve delved deep into both underground scenes and the fringes of mainstream to bring you these tasty discoveries. Dive in below!

Eclectic alt post hardcore rockers VIVA BELGRADO share new album!

The post-hardcore/screamo band Viva Belgrado has released an incredible new album, “Cancionero de los Cielos,” showcasing their evolution into a blend of alternative, experimental rock with a sensitive and intimate mix of styles that is uniquely theirs.

With special vocal features and a variety of instrumental arrangements, this release marks a significant transformation for the band, offering a fresh and personal sound that stands out in their discography.

Oh, we’ll surely dive into the details of this masterpiece in a special feature here on IDIOTEQ soon!

Post hardcore band ESAZLESA makes a powerful return with their new single “DNY (Days)” after a six-year hiatus.

Recorded in autumn 2023 at Golden Hive studio in Prague, the track signals the band’s renewed energy and creative resurgence.

Accompanied by a video from Janek Ruzicka, who has previously collaborated with the band, “DNY (Days)” sets the stage for ESAZLESA’s upcoming album scheduled for release in September 2024 under the Indies Scope label.

URAGANO’s decade-long musical journey culminates in the release of “LP1,” their ambitious first LP.

This pioneering screamo outfit from Sanremo defies genre boundaries, delivering a cinematic experience that weaves daily narratives and cryptic metaphors, tackling themes of alienation and discomfort.

See full premiere and our track by track feature HERE.

Pop punk with a punch, WEL (WHY EVERYONE LEFT) teams up with screamo band ØJNE for their latest single.

The Modena, Italy-based group brings a high-energy post-hardcore twist to their infectious pop punk sound in “Con Nessuno,” a collaboration that’s a definite earworm. Tune in to their energetic fusion and experience the unique blend that WEL and ØJNE have cooked up!

Bay Area hardcore band BITE THE HAND share “Day Of Pain” complete with a hard-hitting video.

The single serves as a taster for their upcoming EP ‘Brutal By Design’, slated for release on March 8th via Big Bite Records.

Known for their sociopolitically charged lyrics and thrashy sound, Bite The Hand’s new EP promises to deliver a blend of classic California hardcore energy with a fresh, fierce edge. Mixed and mastered by industry pros Andy Nelson and Brad Boatright, the EP is expected to echo the intensity of their renowned live performances.

“A HOMELAND DENIED: A Compilation for Palestinian Liberation” has just been released on Bandcamp by the Hardcore 4 Gaza Initiative.

This extensive compilation brings together over 115 bands from around the globe, featuring a mix of new songs, live recordings, and remixes.

It’s a unified effort to support Palestinian children in Gaza, with all proceeds going to MECA for Peace for humanitarian aid. The compilation is a statement from the hardcore music community, embodying their deep convictions and support for the people of Gaza.

MAD CADDIES unleash their latest ska anthem “Baby,” a polka-infused single from their new album ‘Arrows Room 117.’

Renowned for their ska and reggae punk fusion, the Caddies continue their global musical journey with this release, their first since 2018’s “Punk Rocksteady.”

The new track, featuring a catchy horn line and groovy beats, is out now through a collaboration between Europe’s SBÄM Records and Orange County’s 55 Rose Records. Sean Sellers describes “Baby” as a track with an unforgettable horn line, a rhythm that makes you move, and a chorus that’s sure to stick.

MODERN LIFE IS WAR consludes “Tribulation Worksongs” with compilaton release.

Recorded at Flat Black Studios and mixed at God City Studios, this compilation embodies a craft-focused ethos. Vocalist Jeff Eaton’s touch is evident, with each song’s lyrics typed out on a vintage typewriter and cover artwork uniquely hand-stamped by artist Jacob Bannon. The vinyl labels bear the personal touch of Deathwish’s team, concluding the series with this distinctive compilation release.

ESCALATE has just unleashed “If A Tree Falls,” a new single that hits hard with its antifascist, vegan, straight edge stance.

This track delivers a brutal, metallic onslaught with a suspense that grips you from start to finish. It’s a sonic blast that lives up to the band’s reputation for ear-shattering intensity.

Guitarist Jason Vento of New York proto-hardcore band WARZONE experienced a house fire on January 6, 2024, in Queens, NY.

He heroically saved his family, including a newborn, from the fire but suffered severe burns, smoke inhalation, and carbon monoxide poisoning, leading to hospitalization.

Their home, possessions, and pets were lost in the fire. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to support Jason and his family, who now reside in a temporary shelter and face significant financial burdens, including medical bills and the need to start anew. Any contribution, no matter the size, will help them rebuild their lives.

BURNING LIMBS drops a new heavy hitter with “Recoil,” showcasing their mastery of the Midwest hardcore scene.

Straight out of New York, this track is a breakdown powerhouse, with straight edge vibes, slamming riffs, and deep bass tones.

Zegema Beach Records share debut LP ‘LP’ by screamo band OUR FUTURE IS AN ABSOLUTE SHADOW

Zegema Beach Records has just unveiled the debut LP titled ‘LP’ by OUR FUTURE IS AN ABSOLUTE SHADOW, one week after our recent new video premiere.

With influences ranging from Cady to Terry Green, this boundary-pushing record features 15 tracks that showcase a dynamic mix of screamo, dreamy post-hardcore, and field recordings. The album, a culmination of over three years of work, also includes guest vocals from members of Burial Etiquette and Vi Som Alskade.

Las Vegas, Nevada based metal / hardcore band KHASM share new single.

Prepare for an auditory assault as Las Vegas-based metal/hardcore fusion masters KHASM unleash their latest sonic onslaught, “Theater of War.” This track is a relentless tempest of aggression, with lyrics that cut through like a sharpened blade. The band has honed their sound over the past year, and if you’ve been fortunate enough to catch them live, you might have had a taste of the fury they’re capable of.

IDLES has dropped another new single titled “Gift Horse.”

This release comes as a preview of their upcoming fifth album, “TANGK,” set to be released on February 16 via Partisan.

“Gift Horse” follows the earlier releases of “Dancer” and “Grace.” Frontman Joe Talbot expressed his enthusiasm, urging listeners to embrace the music and movement, saying, “Be bold and ride us like the disco donkeys we are.” The album “TANGK” is described as an album of gratitude and power, with all tracks being love songs. Fans can look forward to its release in just one month’s time.

Oslo indie emo band FLIGHT MODE share “Surprised At All”.

The new song features Elling from Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson on cello.

Known for infusing emo with an indie rock twist, FLIGHT MODE continues to channel deep personal narratives into their music. Frontman Sjur Lyseid turns his life into an open book with Flight Mode’s discography, with each EP marking a chapter of his journey.

“Surprised At All” extends this tradition, delivering poetic lyricism and emotional melodies reminiscent of emo’s golden era, now enriched with a mature, indie sensibility.

TOPOGRAPHIES share “Chain of Days,” a new track with a synth-driven soundscape rooted in post-punk.

This latest release weaves the haunting atmospherics of the ’90s shoegaze with modern post-punk vigor.

Their much-anticipated second LP, ‘Interior Spring’, is set to release on February 2, 2024, through Dark Entries. The album digs deep into themes of personal demons and healing, symbolizing a journey through struggle, time, and rebirth. With echoes of Gray’s father, Laurence Tolhurst of The Cure, their sound also pays homage to groups like Asylum Party and The Chameleons.

Horror stories from Hardcore kids

Earth Island Books is inviting authors with a background in the Hardcore/Punk scene to submit genre-specific horror short stories for their upcoming anthology “Hardcore Horror,” set to be published in October 2024.

Submissions are open until April 30th, 2024, and selected authors will receive author copies and equal royalty shares after publication costs. See the details HERE.

Hombre Montaña label presents “Ceniza,” a potent EP by mind-blowing post hardcore band OSCURO CULTO hailing from Nigrán, Spain.

This two-piece act delivers a fusion of metallic hardcore, blackened influences, and screamo that defies boundaries, incorporating elements of many different styles.

“Ceniza” is a gripping sonic journey, with tracks like “Sumisión” and “Súplica” showcasing their intense sound. “Ceniza” by Oscuro Culto is set to be released on vinyl through a collaboration of record labels including Dingleberry Records (GER), Fresh Outbreak Records (IT), Pifiarecords, Hombre Montaña, Noizeland Records, and Navalladiscos.

Noise rock act BEAST KILLER share new single.

Beast Killer, the two-piece noise rock post-hardcore band, is gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, “Dystopian Now/Dystopian Me.”

They’ve just unveiled the first single from the album, titled “The Curse.” This eerie noise rock track, a fusion of Drive Like Jehu’s classic sound with a contemporary mix of Idles and Every Time I Die post-hardcore elements, clocks in at under 2 minutes.

“The Curse” is the first of three singles leading up to the full album release scheduled for April 5th. In this song, Beast Killer explores the concept of a karma-like effect for those surrounded by leeches and habitual energy vampires, highlighting the empowering notion that eventually, what goes around comes>

Austrian metallized progressive hardcore band INDOCTRINATE blasts onto the scene with their new track “Pigfucker”

Pigfucker,” clocking in at just over four minutes, is a charged commentary, with lyrics that promise a defiant takedown of privileged barriers. Released on January 14, 2024, it’s a fresh teaser of their new album, coming up soon via Grazil records, Aktiver Ausstand in Plastik, Saitan DIY records, Hecatombe records, Prejudice me, Nothing to Harvest records, Pyrrhic Defeat, Wembley productions and Togue Sol.








EARTHMOVER, the metalcore titans from Garden City, Michigan, have resurfaced with new digital stream of classic album “Death Carved In Every Word.”

Active initially from 1994 to 1998, the band’s latest drop comes packed with eleven tracks that channel their raw, defining sound. The album is available for streaming and download, courtesy of Belgium’s hardcore label, Stick To The Core.

French hardcore band WORST DOUBT is set to release their brutal EP, “Immortal Pain,” on March 1st via DAZE and BDHW (Europe).

With influences from bands like Merauder, Suffocation, and King Nine, Worst Doubt has been creating metallic hardcore for a decade.

Following their demo and the 2021 full-length “Extinction,” the EP continues to explore a raw sound with help from Maxime Smadka and Cody Davidson for mixing and mastering. The EP’s opening track, “Ruination,” kicks off with intense drums, aggressive vocals, and a heavy breakdown, setting the tone for what’s to come. Check it out below.

GHOUL unleash “Shotgun Gulch” from upcoming EP.

Creepsylvanian splatterthrashers, GHOUL, debut their new track “Shotgun Gulch,” featured on the upcoming Noxious Concoctions EP, set to release on February 2nd via Tankcrimes.

This EP marks their first studio release since 2016’s Dungeon Bastards. According to GHOUL’s vocalist/guitarist Digestor, “When the world is coming apart at the seams, sometimes you gotta strap on your spurs, saddle up, and mosey on down to ‘Shotgun Gulch'”

Grungy rockers TWIN MILL unveil their latest EP “Different Skies.”

This record slices through the music landscape with its fusion of hardcore punk, grunge, and emo, all delivered with the raw, unfiltered energy that TWIN MILL is quickly becoming known for.

“Different Skies,” released on January 19, 2024, by Supervillain and Best Life Records, marks an impressive milestone for TWIN MILL. To celebrate, TWIN MILL is throwing a release show on January 27, 2024, at in Heilbronn, Germany.

Heavy hardcore hitters from California, CLIQUE, dropped ‘Communique’ EP.

We didn’t cover it then, but it’s worth checking out now. The album, produced and recorded by Photographic Memory, showcases the band’s relentless energy across five shattering tracks.

CLIQUE’s new release is already stirring the scene with its raw sound and unapologetic political themes.

Hardcore band SLUG has cranked out a fresh cut from their LP “Ohio”.

The track is a fresh single off their no-frills, debut LP “Ohio.” These Cleveland hardcore rockers are serving up ten tracks that cut to the chase, no messing around. Mark your calendars — “Ohio” drops 2/16/24 from Delayed Gratification Records.

More new tracks:

LÖRI, the emotional post-hardcore/screamo outfit from Lima/Berlin, has dropped their self-titled album in full.

Formed in 2013, the band has faced lineup changes and the industry’s shifts but stayed true to their punk and hardcore roots. With members Hugo and Sajid steering the ship, they’ve collaborated with Azael from Joliette and Nate from Soastasphrenas to create this latest work.

The Berlin scene’s influence is palpable, with new additions Bianca and Donovan adding fresh energy to the mix.

Released on January 15, 2024, “LÖRI” is a 35-minute sonic exploration, starting with the single “V,” which blends intense hardcore bursts, dark post hardcore atmospherics with serene post-rock passages, reflecting a narrative of dream-induced reality.

NORTHEAST REGIONAL’s latest EP ‘Fitness’ packs a punch with its high-energy power-punk sound.

Out now on Tor Johnson Records in Providence, Rhode Island, this three-song collection from the Richmond and Washington DC-based band follows their 2023 debut with an even tighter and louder style. Merging influences from The Hives to Danzig, ‘Fitness’ is perfect punch in your ear this weekend.

Dark post punks BEIGE BANQUET have dropped two new tracks.

The London-based quintet is gearing up to release ‘Ornamental Hermit’ on March 13, 2024, marking their sophomore effort and first as a united front. Known for their stark and vigorous sound, the band converges mechanical rhythms with an industrial edge, stepping away from their lo-fi origins into a polished studio setting.

Working with engineer Matt Green and mixer-master David Forcier, the band has evolved compositionally, embracing a dense, texturally rich soundscape that channels the brute force of their live performances.

SILLY GOOSE just dropped their latest single “King Of The Hill,” melding rap rock with a fresh nu-metal edge.

This isn’t your throwback playlist’s rap rock; it’s a modern hybrid, infusing metalcore and hardcore elements with that head-bobbing rap flow.

Tune into Silly Goose’s latest track for a crossover experience that revives the genre with a 2024 twist. “King Of The Hill” promises to sit atop your high-energy playlists.

NYC’s CHASER unleashes futuristic precision in “Planned Obsolescence”

Decoherence Records has just dropped “Planned Obsolescence” by Chaser, a band known for their creative fusion of no wave, brutal prog, and art rock influences. This all-star group, featuring a member of Child Abuse and a former Cellular Chaos member, showcases their chops in this release.

Chaser’s music is a cold, discordant metallic fist ramming through the musical landscape, offering a refreshingly singular take on noise rock, no wave, math rock, and post-punk. Dominika Michalowska’s vocals add an element of sinister intrigue, while the band’s precision and warped logic create an atmosphere of urban anxiety, discipline, and catharsis. “Planned Obsolescence” is a concise and hard-edged journey, with each element interlocking with economy and purpose, leaving behind scorched earth.

SHOOTING DAGGERS just hit us with “Smug,” their latest single slicing through the noise ahead of their debut album “Love & Rage.”

This trio’s not just spitting tunes; they’re shredding the music scene’s pecking order, reminding us all to stick to our roots. Sal, Bea, and Raquel are spotlighting their South East London turf, turning their fav spots into backdrops for the “Smug” music video. It’s all about that community feel, the very place they sparked up their fire. “Love & Rage” is set to blast on February 16, brought to you by New Heavy Sounds.

With this record, Shooting Daggers ain’t just making noise; they’re rallying for justice, unity, and flipping rage into a force for good. It’s a call for women and queer folks to unite, skate, and love hard. They’re done chasing anyone’s nod of approval. It’s all about powering up together, and “Smug” is just the beginning. Watch out for the drop.

Italian psychedelic fuzz trio DEADPEACH is set to release their new album, “The Cosmic Haze and the Human Race,” on February 6, 2024.

The band’s latest single, “Madras,” offers a taste of their heavy guitar magic and hypnotic sound.

With influences from stoner, heavy, and European psychedelia, Deadpeach aims to create an exhilarating musical journey that transcends traditional boundaries. The album promises to take listeners through unique sounds and atmospheres, providing an engaging and stimulating experience. Deadpeach’s music has been compared to bands like Dead Meadow and Blue Cheer, and their upcoming release is highly anticipated by fans of psychedelic rock.

Jeff Rosenstock share new lengthy soundtrack to “Craig of the Creek”

Jeff Rosenstock, known for his anthemic power pop with punk roots, has just unveiled a new dimension to his creative portfolio.

As the musical architect behind Cartoon Network’s “Craig of the Creek,” Rosenstock brings his signature sound to the show’s universe with the release of “Craig Before the Creek (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).”

The soundtrack spans a playful and energetic 39 tracks, sure to resonate with fans of the series and music enthusiasts alike. With “Craig Before the Creek,” Rosenstock continues to champion his DIY ethos, weaving the rebellious spirit of punk into the fabric of mainstream animation.

HACKER, Melbourne’s hardcore cyber-vandal hardcore pack, is back with a new EP.

“Psy Wi-Fi,” the group’s latest release, continues their signature style of direct and powerful hardcore riffs.

The four-track EP, out now on Beach Impediment Records, which includes songs like “How Do You Kill It?” and “Scammer,” showcases a blend of metal in the guitars, charging hardcore riffs, and an intense rhythm section. Noted for their expressive vocals, the band builds on their 2021 “Pick A Path” 12” with more expansive songwriting and fiercer breakdowns.

Powerviolence act MØLD share new album on N.I.C. Records

MØLD has unveiled their latest release, a self-titled 7” record. Featuring new members from Zatrata, Urbicyd, Stragesti, Nonsanto, and more, this release is available for streaming in full.

TOUCHE AMORE’s album “Is Survived By: Revived” is now available across streaming platforms, with ATMOS mix included on select services.

This release marks a significant remastering effort, led by Brad Wood and Emily Lazar, the same team behind “Stage Four.”

Frontman Jeremy Bolm has been open about his dissatisfaction with the original sound of “Is Survived By,” citing overthinking and underpreparedness during its creation. The 10-year anniversary provided an opportunity to rework the album, aiming for a sound more akin to “Stage Four.” Bolm’s direction to Wood was clear – to achieve a balanced, clearer sound that aligns more closely with their later work. All vinyl colorways of the album are now shipping as well.

Post rock band THISTLE SIFTER share new epic single, new album coming up.

THISTLE SIFTER, the atmospheric architects of instrumental post-rock, deliver “In Abundance,” a new single from their latest album, ‘Circles.’ Previously featured in our pages, they continue to weave ambient soundscapes that reflect a profound spiritual journey. English musician Pete Barnes, the soul behind Thistle Sifter, channels the transformative power of mindfulness and meditation into his music, creating a soundscape that echoes acceptance and a renewed zest for life.

The music video, directed by Dutch artist Thomas van Gaalen, is a visual narrative of liberation and pursuit. It’s a voyage towards a mysterious door of light, a passage depicted with trembling and stark imagery. Van Gaalen’s video collage, a mix of archival footage and new art, transitions from the nightmarish to the hopeful, encapsulating the essence of Barnes’ journey.

Spanish post-hardcore band THE DISTANCE is making waves with their latest single and official video, “I Thought You’d Take My Hand.”

This track is the second single from their upcoming album, “The Wound,” set to release on January 30th, 2024, under Sliptrick Records. “I Thought You’d Take My Hand” is a perfect blend of melody and raw intensity. The emotional lyrics take listeners on a journey of loss and the search for solace in relationships that have faded away. The music video, self-edited by the band, complements the raw emotions of the song.

OVERTHEWEATHER, the Pittsburgh PA ensemble known for their screamy post-hardcore resonance that stirs together a chex mix of punk, emo, alternative, and the distinct yinzercore, has just released their latest single.

Strap in for a sonic rollercoaster that Overtheweather promises with this new cut—it’s a ride through the tumultuous ups and downs of human emotion, Pittsburgh style.

Dischord Records has just unveiled “3 Songs” by Sensor Ghost, a thrilling 7″ split release record recorded with Don Zientara and Ian MacKaye at Inner Ear Studio.

The first new song from this release, titled “Psychic Robots,” is now available for streaming. Sensor Ghost, an art-punk trio hailing from Washington, D.C., comprises Mike Andre on bass and vocals, Amanda Huron on guitar, and Sam Lavine on drums.

Their diverse musical backgrounds include involvement in bands like Puff Pieces, Antelope, Weed Tree, Light Beams, and Cornel West Theory. The full 3-song 7″ split will be released on February 2, 2024, and is currently available for pre-order on digital and limited edition 7″ vinyl formats.

SPIRAL HEADS, with members Simon Doom of MGMT, Jim Carroll of American Nightmare, and Q of Doomriders, are tuning up to drop their new album ‘Til I’m Dead’.

This gritty power trio has been cooking up some irresistibly catchy hooks, serving them with a raw punk edge that nods to legends like The Damned, Buzzcocks, and a hint of early Nirvana vibes.

The album’s lead singles are already out there, laying down the groundwork with tracks that are streaming now, ready to snag your ears and not let go. And with punk rock royalty Walter Schreifels at the production helm, this record’s got some serious muscle behind it. Whether it’s the scuzzy guitar riffs or the pounding drums, Spiral Heads are all about that hook-laden, head-bobbing noise.

Iodine Recordings has just released “Unsufferable” by UNSUFFERABLE.

Formed in early 2023, Unsufferable is a band featuring Robert Fish (known for his work with 108, Ressurection, The Judas Factor, etc.), Dave Buschemeyer (associated with Omen Astra, New Day Rising, Spread the Disease, etc.), and Ryan McInturff (previously part of The Fault of Man, Bloodjinn, etc.).

Their music is characterized as loud, heavy, and unrelenting, serving as a soundtrack for the clash between one’s aspirations for a free and loving world and the harsh reality of a world seemingly bent on self-destruction and devoid of humanity and compassion.

In the spring of 2023, Unsufferable recorded a 2-song self-titled EP. The first song, “Enemy of the State,” boldly challenges those who seek to control what a woman can or cannot do with her body. The second song, “Revisionist,” emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and learning from our violent history as a society.

Unsufferable has joined forces with Iodine Recordings to release their self-titled EP, with plans to record an LP in the coming months, set for release in 2025.


Canadian indie band GULFER is set to release their new LP titled “Third Wind” on February 28, 2024.

The album features two new songs, “Clean” and “Too Slow,” which are already available for streaming. “Third Wind” represents a significant evolution for Gulfer, with guitarist/vocalist Joseph Therriault taking the lead in songwriting. While the band maintains their signature wistful vocals and nimble guitars, the album explores deeper textures and simpler songwriting influenced by 90s alternative and shoegaze.

Melodic metalcore band LANDMVRKS share “Creature,” via Arising Empire.

The release delivers a captivating visual experience with a music video created by Pavel Trebukhin in collaboration with Le Turk. Renowned for his work with bands such as Imminence and Trivium, Trebukhin brings a distinct Stranger Things vibe to the video, blending an air of eerie mystery with the band’s explosive energy.

KOLLAPSE, a three-piece band signed to Fysisk Format Records, is set to release their new album “AR” on March 8, 2024.

This album explores the darkest corners of the human psyche, delving into themes of ugliness, shame, and disappointment. Kollapse intentionally created abrasive and angular songs to immerse the listener in sweaty anxiety and sonic grime. Drawing inspiration from bands like KEN MODE, SUMAC, SWANS, UNSANE, and BLACK SHEEP WALL, while maintaining a Scandinavian identity, “AR” promises to be a challenging and raw experience that confronts the listener with the harsh and caustic aspects of life.

Check out their new single HERE.

From the streets of Tacoma, WA, punk rockers NOI!SE share new single “Liam.”

A deeply personal track penned by frontman Matt Henson during his overseas military service, the song is a poignant message to his son, born from the fear of not making it home.

Atlanta’s noise rock force WHORES. is back with their electrifying new LP ‘WAR.’, set for release on April 12, 2024.

Ahead of the full album, two tracks are already streaming, offering a taste of the raw power and intensity that define their sound. Known for their brazen rhythms and serpentine riffs, the band continues to captivate with their blend of American muscle and savage energy. Recorded by Ryan Boesch, ‘WAR.’ is a testament to WHORES.’s prowess as a live band, and fans can look forward to catching them on tour in 2024.

The LP is available for pre-order from The Ghost Is Clear Records.

NECK DEEP drops their self-titled power-packed album, available through Hopeless Records.

Vocalist Ben Barlow emphasizes that the album remains true to Neck Deep’s essence, expressing their genuine sonic identity.

Lauded by a plethora of media, including NPR and Rolling Stone, the album marks a significant milestone for the band. Fans can stream or purchase the album via the provided link and brace for a year bustling with live tours.

Melodic hardcore punk rockers BAD PLANNING share new EP!

BAD PLANNING has just dropped new singles, showcasing their signature blend of melodic hardcore, skate punk, and pop-punk.

Straight from the heart of the Midwest, this self-managed band has been making waves since their high school days. With a nod to Chicago’s punk scene heroes like Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, and The Lawrence Arms, they’ve carved out a sound that’s all their own.

Following their heavier 2019 release “Splitting Hairs,” the group’s latest work under Jump Start Records continues to cement their reputation.

Rochester, NY’s CARPOOL is gearing up for the release of their album “My Life In Subtitles” on March 22nd, 2024, via SideOneDummy Records.

The band, known for their mathy, anthemic emo/punk sound, has just dropped their second single, “Open Container Blues,” featuring CLIFFDIVER’s Bri Wright.

The track combines math-rock guitars with high-octane punk and catchy emo songwriting, creating an infectious and timeless banger. The accompanying music video features footage from Carpool’s 2023 tour with CLIFFDIVER and Michael Cera Palin, hinting at their upcoming spring 2024 tour.

J. Robbins is set to release his second full-length solo album, “Basilisk,” on LP and digital formats via Dischord Records on February 2.

To support the album, he’ll embark on an east coast and midwest tour with a full band in February, making stops in Brooklyn, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and DC. Ahead of the album’s release, you can listen to a preview of a new song titled “Last War.” The song is inspired by the book “Before the Deluge – Berlin in the 1920s” by Otto Friedrich and reflects on the USA in the 2020s, a time of uncertainty and feeling like a passenger in a car on autopilot.

MÆRE unveils a profound darkness with their streaming debut, ‘…And The Universe Keeps Silent.’

The German outfit crafts an immersive experience that’s as personal as it is haunting, leaving a lasting imprint on the psyche. Through mammoth riffs and a trance-inducing repetition, the band orchestrates an engulfing silence that speaks volumes. This debut album, set for release on April 15, 2024, promises to be a staple for fans of the heavy, the gloomy, and the profound, resonating with followers of Gorguts and Incantation alike.

STRUNG OUT is cranking up the volume with news of their upcoming album “Dead Rebellion,” set to shake things up on April 5 courtesy of Fat Wreck Chords.

They’ve also thrown down a fresh video for their latest track “Cages,” a visual treat whipped up by J Sek. These punk rockers are hitting the road with Less Than Jake for a North American tour come March.

Richmond’s hardcore punk scene just got a fresh adrenaline shot with IVY CREEP’s latest demo, unleashed by 11 PM Records.

This band, a veritable Richmond supergroup, boasts a lineup from local legends like Deviant to Haircut, dishing out riffs and rage that’s as authentic as it gets. IVY CREEP isn’t just a band; they’re a hardcore mosaic, stitching together the city’s sonic legacy with every track. Zephyr’s transition from bass maestro to vocal powerhouse is a hardcore revelation, and Daniel’s songwriting chops fuse the best of Animal Planet’s structure with Haircut’s edge.

Grab your piece of Richmond hardcore history before it’s just a memory.

Boston’s THE PROMISED END, a politically charged melodic hardcore band featuring members of Landmines, Tied To A Bear, The Effort, Choke Up, and SkyTigers, has released their new single “Everything Is War.”

This single is part of their upcoming debut album “For The Buried And The Broken,” which is set to be released on February 2, 2024, via Sound Investment Records (North America) and Gunner Records (Europe). The band’s music is characterized by its aggressive yet melodic sound, drawing inspiration from 80s Thrash, Early American Hardcore, and Youth Crew.

Their lyrics touch on themes of personal grief, political frustration, and the search for community in a time of isolation.

The hardcore videographers hate5six and Feet First Productions have been busy this week, dropping a slew of new full set videos for the hardcore community.

From the intense energy of [hate5six] with bands like Without Peace and Blue Collar Stompers, to the charged performances captured by Feet First Productions featuring acts like Volcano and No Warning, fans have a treasure trove of recent live shows to experience. Highlights include high-octane sets from Militarie Gun, Dying Fetus, and Hold My Own’s record release show. With a variety of bands and cities, from Chicago to Tampa, the content showcases the vibrant hardcore scene in full swing. Watch HERE and HERE.

GOOD SLEEPY, a DIY project hailing from Worcester County, Massachusetts, has dropped a new single titled “Off Center.”

This sad alt-rock offering becomes suddenly more dynamic, turning into a punk rock indie emo song with a super cool vibe.

The band originally started as a duo consisting of Seth Girard and Thomas Sullivan in 2018, and they released their first demo, “Rest Easy,” as their initial attempt to become a band.

To further develop their sound, Ryan Duggan joined Good Sleepy as a lead guitarist in 2019. Their sonic interests and shared anxieties led them to create a dramatic and heavy-hitting sound, complemented by dream-like riffs to set the mood. In 2020, they signed with No Sleep Records and released their first full-length studio album, “everysinglelittlebit,” in the spring of 2021.

“Off Center” is their first DIY release since 2020, and it was recorded and produced in a small basement “studio” in Worcester County during the fall of ’23 by @jensky_ and @swlelin. Good Sleepy is actively working on a new album and continues to perform live in the Northeast while occasionally touring nationally.

LLNN and SUGAR HORSE have unveiled a limited edition split EP featuring their distinct sonic explorations.

LLNN’s track, ‘The Horror,’ reflects the group’s signature cold wave rage, delivering a sound that’s both suffocating and exquisitely intense. This collaboration with SUGAR HORSE paves a thrilling path through synth-infused cinematics and post-hardcore grit.

SUGAR HORSE’s ‘Sleep Paralysis Demon’ brings a nightmarish blend of sludge, post-punk, and pop, all wrapped in their trademark dark humor. As both bands gear up for their European co-headline tour, fans can experience their cutting-edge creativity live. See the upcoming dates HERE.

Tel Aviv’s own punk rockers FREE SERGIO just dropped their second album “The Nail in the Coffee,” on High End Denim Records.

Since 2008, they’ve been serving up punchy, high-octane tracks. The new album packs 16 tracks that are brief but brimming with energy, ensuring they end before you’re ready to let go. Fans of No Use For A Name, Useless ID, and The Flatliners will find familiar ground with these catchy, rapid-fire anthems that are pure punk rock adrenaline.

The Podioslave Podcast celebrates the new year with an episode featuring Tucker Rule, renowned drummer of THURSDAY and L.S. Dunes.

In this episode, Tucker reflects on over two decades of Thursday’s iconic album ‘War All The Time.’ Fans and music enthusiasts can tune in to enjoy the insightful conversation, reminiscing about the enduring impact of the album. Listen to the episode for an exclusive look behind the scenes of this legendary work.

Hardcore powerhouse SWELL release a high-voltage music video for their latest EP ‘Primal Rage’ on Positive and Focused Records.

Shot during their EP release show at Little Devil, Tilburg, the video captures the band’s groovy hardcore sound and raw energy. Silent Call Collective, a dedicated DIY initiative, filmed the performance, supporting the vibrant Dutch music scene.

MASTIFF has unleashed “Serrated,” a blistering new track from their forthcoming album “Deprecipice.”

Known for their unrelenting intensity, the Kingston-upon-Hull heavyweights continue their sonic assault with a fresh yet raw edge that defies the sterilization of studio overproduction. As they pivot towards a more hardcore-infused sound, their latest work promises an even more visceral experience than their previous efforts.

With “Deprecipice,” the band explores a more hardcore sound, delivering defined, riff-heavy tracks. Despite the prevailing optimism of the post-lockdown era, the album reflects the personal struggles of vocalist Jim Hodge and guitarist/vocalist James Lee Ross.

The first single, “Serrated,” features Harry Nott from Burner on vocals and Dan James from Hull band XIII on a Slayer-inspired solo, offering a relentless and darkly apocalyptic track.

Philadelphia-based Cybergrind artist ZOMBIESHARK! unleash their groundbreaking new single, “Does Barcode Man Believe In God?”.

Vocalist Cory Swope offers insights into the song, describing it as a reflection on helplessness in the face of those who have wronged you. The track explores the feeling of being at the mercy of your enemies and the notion that a higher power may be mocking you.

ZOMBIESHARK!’s unique sound appeals to fans of bands like Mouthbreather, Horse the Band, See You Next Tuesday, Psyopus, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Seeyouspacecowboy, Blind Equation, and Wristmeetrazor.

AMERICAN THRILLS just rolled out “Impossible,” a new single packing a punch with guest vocals from Matt of Northcote.

This track is a teaser of what’s to come on their second LP due to hit the scene later this year. The Connecticut punk rockers are also gearing up to hit the road for the 24th Anniversary Shows of “If It’s Cool With You, It’s Cool With Me,” joining forces with Hot Rod Circuit and Punchline. Catch their nostalgic, hard-hitting American punk style live and loud this month.

PLANET B’s eclectic sound breaks new ground with “Clogged Sync,” a track that defies genres with its mix of glitchy jazz, noise rock, and hip-hop.

Members Justin Pearson, Luke Henshaw, Kevin Avery, and Scott Osment deliver a gritty, guerrilla storytelling experience, infused with 70s and 80s horror soundtrack vibes.

The band, known for Pearson’s sharp narratives and distinct soundscapes far removed from his work with The Locust, Dead Cross, and Retox, introduces a fresh, surrealistic audio adventure. “Clogged Sync” also pays homage to the late multi-talented artist Eric Livingston, known for his visual artistry with Dead Cross and Satanic Planet.

Wisconsin’s own KINIT HER Her continues to navigate the nebulous realms of dark neofolk with “Ending Without” EP.

Since their formation in 2005, they’ve crafted a distinctive blend of symbolist post-folk music that’s both lush and peculiar, layering dense and peculiar melodies that serve as a fitting soundtrack to the cosmic horror and arcane mythos of Lovecraftian fiction.

BEYOND BELIEF cranks up the intensity with their latest release, “148 Slamdown, Vol. 2.”

This album is a relentless onslaught of brutal metal and hardcore, complete with the growling and squealing vocals that fans of the genre crave. Seven tracks of pure aggression clocking in at just under 12 minutes, it’s a short, sharp shock to the system from the slam scene.

ENTER SHIKARI teams up with Jason Aalon Butler of FEVER 333 for new single “Losing My Grip.”

The bands are set to amplify this synergy on tour, with FEVER 333 slated to join Enter Shikari for their upcoming UK and EU shows next month.

Myrtle Beach’s indie emo band TOURNEFORTE invites you to delve into the depths of timeless emo greatness with their list here on IDIOTEQ.

As they prepare to release their debut full-length album, “Notes From a Lost Dog,” on February 16th through Acrobat Unstable Records, TOURNEFORTE introduces their latest single, “Wilmer.” This track, along with a quartet of other singles (1, 2, 4, and 7 on the album), showcases TOURNEFORTE’s songwriting prowess while paying homage to their Southern roots, characterized by soulful steel guitar and a touch of country twang.

Melodic hardcore band H2O is making a triumphant return to Europe with tour dates scheduled for May, June, and August, with more dates yet to be announced.

This tour marks an incredible 30 years in the band’s history.


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German post-punk trio DEAD YEARS, hailing from Bielefeld, is making waves with their new single “Just Then” from their upcoming LP.

Set for release on February 2nd, the LP will be available through Dirt Cult Records in North America and My Ruin Records in Europe. The band, consisting of members Juiia, Hannes, and Jonas, who previously played in bands like Gloom Sleeper and Pointed, brings a unique blend of dark punk and gruff aggression to the table.

Their sound, reminiscent of The Wipers and Masshysteri fused with elements of Hot Water Music and Fifth Hour Hero, is marked by playful riffs, intense vocals, and powerful drums.

Their upcoming release, ‘Night Thoughts’, not only captivates with its entrancing vibe but also delves deep into themes of self-doubt and social anxieties, reflecting the struggle of finding one’s place in a disorienting world.

CHELSEA WOLFE’s haunting chords are back with “Everything Turns Blue,” a single that digs deep into the aftermath of leaving a toxic relationship.

It’s a fresh slice from her upcoming album “She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She,” slated to haunt our playlists come February 9.

Wolfe gets real about the rollercoaster of rediscovering yourself post-breakup — talking a decade or more of shared life and then going solo. Expect a track dripping with introspection and Wolfe’s signature goth doom vibe, where each note is a step through the healing process. With a vibe that’s both dreamy and grounding, “Everything Turns Blue” is Wolfe laying it all bare, a shadowy blend of beats and melody that echoes long after the last chord fades.

DOM ZŁY has just unleashed “Nie pamiętam siebie,” the latest track to rip through the silence from their forthcoming album “Ku Pogrzebaniu Serc.”

The blackened metallers’ new single hit the scene with a raw studio recording vibe and a video to match, thanks to Marcin Klimczak’s deft recording and montage skills.

With the album dropping February 1 via Arcadian Industry, fans are getting a taste of the eight-track, sub-46-minute sonic storm that’s been brewing over the past two tumultuous years. Marcin Klimczak of Mustache Ministry Studio has dialed in the recording and mixing, while Tim De Gieter has laid down the mastering finesse. Patrycja Podzdrowiena’s cover art wraps this package, which you can snag on pre-order now.

The band’s statement cuts deep: they’ve poured every shred of emotion from the last couple of years into this album. It’s a connection, a shared sensitivity, a collective heart ready to be buried.

IMPOSSIBLE DOG from Boston just upped the ante with their latest EP.

Fresh off the heels of their single “Sometimes I Want to Chokeslam My Phone on the Floor,” this new collection is a genre-bending journey that defies simple labels. It’s a rock listen that’s as eclectic as it is electric. Strap in for a ride with IMPOSSIBLE DOG, where unpredictability is the only certainty.

Melodic hardcore band LOVELINE share new single.

LOVELINE has just dropped a gripping track from their forthcoming debut album “Unrest,” due April 12th, 2024. The provocatively titled single “I’m Sure The Hooks Are Great But Sexual Abuse Isn’t” offers a good slice of their upcoming, action packed record.

ATHLETICS is stirring the alt post-rock scene with a re-release of their 2016 single “When to Run” under Deep Elm Records.

This triumphant return signals the band’s commitment to 2024, reuniting its members and rekindling the spirit that initially propelled them into the spotlight. The single’s re-release on Deep Elm Records marks a pivotal moment in the band’s journey, offering fans a taste of what’s to come. With a signature blend of post-rock and post-hardcore, Athletics is something you should check out!

Norwegian noise rock trailblazers BARREN WOMB have unveiled their latest single, “Bug Out Bag”.

The track comes from their upcoming fifth album, “Chemical Tardigrade,” due for release on February 16th, 2024, via Fucking North Pole Records/Blues For The Red Sun.

This track delves into a real-life story where a jailbird attempted to burn down a local park with a bonfire of books, resulting in a gripping and authentic narrative. Barren Womb’s distinct sound and storytelling prowess are on full display, making “Bug Out Bag” a must-listen. You can check it out HERE.

KINGSEEKER, the powerhouse metal/hardcore band from Norway, drops their second album today.

Known for a sound that’s both aggressive and catchy, KINGSEEKER has been turning heads with their impactful singles and dynamic live performances. Building on their debut album “Daily Reminders,” which garnered positive buzz from Norwegian and international music critics, they continue to solidify their reputation in the melodic hardcore scene. Check out our previous features HERE.

Hermosa Beach, CA’s punk rock band ONE SQUARE MILE, has signed a record deal with Southern California’s Sound Speed Records (Chaser, The Dead Krazukies, and Flag On Fire).

Produced by Cameron Webb (renowned for his work with Pennywise, Alkaline Trio, and Motörhead) at Maple Sound Studios, their latest EP, ‘Source Of Suffering,’ is set to make its vinyl debut.

The EP has garnered attention for its raw and unfiltered storytelling, delving into the complexities of human experiences. IDIOTEQ praised it as a collection of narratives, while Black Market Playlists hailed it as “furious wild punk rock in the best tradition.” The Punk Site emphasized the band’s serious punk sound, rooted in metal, and vocalist Vanessa Kaylor’s fierce energy.

Fans of ONE SQUARE MILE can anticipate pre-orders for the vinyl release of ‘Source Of Suffering’ coming soon, courtesy of Sound Speed Records. Additionally, the band is gearing up for an Australian tour in April.

The alternative emo-rock landscape has a stirring new entry: “Unwell” by BE SAFE.

This digital album, enveloped in a cocoon of melancholic melodies and intimate storytelling, is now available for streaming and download. Its lead track, “Replaceable Man,” gives just a glimpse into the record’s raw, emotional depth. Released on clear cassette, the album presents a paradoxical sense of warmth in its contemplative sadness, akin to a comforting embrace amidst life’s turbulence.

Be Safe, featuring members of Perfect Future, delivers this record with the finesse of seasoned artists fully at ease with their poignant craft.

“Unwell” is out now under the caring umbrella of Count Your Lucky Stars, a label known for its heartfelt devotion to the music it curates.

Emo pioneers SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE are stirring the pot of excitement with hints of new developments.

Following their 2022 reunion tour—their first in over a decade—the Seattle-based group, renowned for shaping the emo genre, is now intriguing fans with a cryptic Instagram post. The teaser features a time-lapse of a tugboat illustration paired with the Latin phrase “novum vetus,” hinting at a blend of the classic and the contemporary, accompanied by a snippet of audio that includes frontman Jeremy Enigk’s distinct vocals.

This tease comes after a long hiatus from album releases, with their last full-length, “The Rising Tide,” dating back to 2000. Despite a reunion in the late 2000s and a single release in 2014, their efforts to produce a full album had been previously shelved. Past drama involving drummer William Goldsmith and Dave Grohl over the release of an unreleased album has been part of the band’s complex history, but current signals suggest that Sunny Day Real Estate may be on the verge of breaking their two-decade-long silence with new material.

Emotive punk rockers OPEN PALMS diving into the realm of pop-punk with “You Scared Mate?”.

This catchy tune explores the complexities of nostalgia and the challenges of moving forward in relationships.

KAONASHI, known for their chaotic and experimental metalcore, is gearing up to release their EP, “The 3 Faces Of Beauty: A Violent Misinterpretation of Morgan Montgomery,” on January 26th, 2024, through Equal Vision Records.

This EP is the first of a trilogy that delves into the lives of the characters from Lemon House High, a concept introduced by the band in their previous works. Through this release, Kaonashi explores themes of bullying, self-acceptance, societal pressure, race, homophobia, and dysfunctional family dynamics, with lyrics from the perspective of Morgan Montgomery. The band aims to evoke emotions and offer a different perspective on young Black people while delivering a sound that seamlessly transitions between loud and quiet moments, irregular scales, and ethereal highs, all driven by Peter Rono’s unique vocal style.

Samstrong Records welcomes two new hardcore bands: TRYING TO RISE and ANXIETY.

Samstrong Records has expanded its roster with the addition of two dynamic hardcore bands: Trying To Rise and Anxiety. The veteran Tegal City Hardcore group, Trying To Rise, and the new blood Hardcore outfit, Anxiety, hailing from Pekalongan, have joined the label.

Polish hardcore punks SUROWICA teasing their new record titled “Nie wydarzy się” on DIY Koło Records.

The album is set to be released on February 16, 2024, and the first new song from this record, titled “Nieprzebyty,” is currently streaming on Bandcamp.

Pittsburgh’s own EDHOCHULI just dropped their latest single “Questionably Paleo, Incontrovertibly Neanderthal”.

This seven-minute track is a wild ride, blending the raw energy of hardcore and screamo, dense atmospherics of post metal with the rebellious spirit of rock’n’roll. For those craving more, the full experience will be available for purchase on a 12” come February 12th.

It’s not just a single but also track #1 of the LP, setting the pace for a 40-minute, 5-song odyssey that showcases the band’s best and favorite work to date.

Notably, EDHOCHULI now features 2 drummers, both of whom are represented in this single. Fans can look forward to experiencing the full complement of their lineup when the band hits the road in March/April and beyond. For those craving more, the complete LP will be available for purchase on a 12” starting February 12th. Thank you for your follows, and don’t miss the chance to catch them live at a show!

Church Road Records is releasing TIMELOST’s new single ‘Diet Strangers’.

Timelost, from Philadelphia, blends influences from bands like Wavves, Weezer, and Dinosaur Jr into their raw and unapologetic energy.

They’re also set to release their second full-length album, “Drained,” on February 23, 2024, featuring a mix of garage rock and 90s alternative rock nostalgia.

The album, recorded and mixed by Scoops Dardaris and mastered by Matt Poirier, promises infectious hooks and introspective lyrics, reflecting the band’s growth and exploration of new musical territories.

PURRS heralds the echoes of a Thatcher-era England with the release of two new tracks from their upcoming album “Goodbye Black Dog,” via A Tant Rêver Du Roi Records.

The band channels a post-punk revival, embodying the cyclical doubts of a generation that continues to challenge its future. With a reality that sometimes verges on the unbearable, PURRS finds solace in addressing these collective and personal anxieties. By not shying away from the turmoil of their experiences, they craft a sound that’s as much about resilience as it is about confrontation, offering a glimpse into an unsettled world with a sliver of hope.

“To Be Enjoyed” delves into the intricate theme of mental health, underscoring the fundamental wish for betterment and progression in one’s mental state. Through its chords and lyrics, the piece aims to impart the notion that there are myriad ways to tend to one’s psychological well-being, emphasizing the importance of discovering a personal path to healing. Born from their own brushes with the shadows of depression, the song stands as the band’s outreach not only to those grappling with the condition but also to the supportive network walking alongside them towards recovery.

THE SHADOW’S GONE OUT, the instrumental rock band hailing from Tours, France, has just dropped their latest single, “Whispering Ghost”.

Following their debut EP “Final Alarm” released in September 2022, which drew inspiration from rock, metal, and synth wave sounds, “Whispering Ghost” leans more towards trip-hop influences, offering a groove-laden atmosphere while retaining the band’s signature dark and powerful rock elements.

CMOΓ / Ergophobia’s “Paranöid Visions” erupts onto the raw hardcore scene, a coalescence of d-beat and raw punk from the depths of Skopje’s underground.

Nothing to Harvest Records presents this gritty international collaboration that’s a must-listen for disciples of the genre. The digital album is ready for streaming, with a black 10″ vinyl shipping around February 10, 2024. CMOΓ brings members from North Macedonia and Belgium together for a sonic blast that’s unapologetically raw and undeniably potent.

SAY IT ANYWAY, pop punk crew hailing from the blend of South Wales and Bristol vibes, just dropped “Better Place.”

This fresh single comes as a tribute to their mate Kris, a legend in their ranks known for his mad talent and creativity. The band’s been on a wild ride these past couple of years, jamming out and making memories. With “Better Place,” they’re sending off Kris with a bang, hoping he snags all the good stuff life’s got lined up.

Grindcore sensation SUFFERING QUOTA unleashed a blistering live set captured by Silent Call, a DIY collective, during a sold-out show at Utrecht’s iconic venue dB’s.

Known for their intense fusion of grind, hardcore, and punk, the Groningen-based quartet delivered an explosive performance in under 20 minutes. The raw and unfiltered footage is now available on Silent Call’s channel, showcasing the band’s ferocious energy on stage.

Silent Call, a passionate and non-profit collective dedicated to supporting the Dutch raw and loud music scene, documented the performance as part of their mission to promote underground music. The footage provides an authentic glimpse into SUFFERING QUOTA’s relentless sound and the vibrant subculture nurtured by dB’s, an essential hub for alternative music in Utrecht.

DOWN writing new music.

The stoner supergroup DOWN, featuring members like Phil Anselmo (Pantera) and Kirk Windstein (Crowbar), is working on new music at Phil Anselmo’s Nodferatu’s Lair studio, marking their first release since the 2014 EP Down IV – Part 2.

NYC’s PUNCHLOVE is on the rise with the announcement of their debut LP ‘Channels’, dropping March 1st via Kanine Records.

Accompanied by the new single “Screwdriver” and its mesmerizing video, they’re set to make waves in the modern shoegaze scene. Formed by Jillian Olesen and Ethan Williams, and expanded into a full-fledged band with Joey Machina, Ian Lange-McPherson, and visual artist viz_wel, Punchlove’s evolution from a bedroom project to a noteworthy live act is a journey marked by introspective lyrics and a sound that merges shoegaze’s haze with indie rock’s melodic lift.

RESIN TOMB release their full-length debut, a striking fusion of death metal, grindcore, and sludge.

Australian band Resin Tomb has masterfully crafted their debut full-length, a cohesive blend of dissonant death metal, gritty grind, and thick blackened sludge, showcasing their ability to explore various musical directions while maintaining a taut and explosive sound that keeps listeners on the edge throughout the album, making it one of the standout releases in this style.

Norwegian rock vets SEIGMEN release “Kollaps,” a new single from their upcoming album “Resonans,” due this April.

The single, launched on January 17th, weaves universal themes of love and despair, a testament to the band’s timeless lyricism. “Kollaps” uniquely features text nods to German industrial music and incorporates distinctive sounds like an angle grinder and vintage synthesizers, linking the band’s rich past to its innovative present.

Grindwar Records and Nuclear Laugh Records share new ear-shattering songs from noise grindviolence / mincegrind band XMONKEYFUCKX.

Their new release, “MOBILE WITH THE SHIT,” hails from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US.

Alt nu metal mavens P.O.D. have dropped a new single, “I Won’t Bow Down,” ahead of their anticipated eleventh studio album, “Veritas.”

The single continues the band’s momentum following the release of “Afraid to Die,” featuring Jinger’s Tatiana Shmayluk, and “Drop” with Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God.

“Veritas” is slated to hit the airwaves on May 3, 2024, marking P.O.D.’s first album release in six years. The album promises a blend of integrity and intensity, as guitarist Marcos Curiel described it as a journey into the “human core of our existence,” filled with themes of love, fear, and camaraderie.

Milan’s Beatdown/Deathcore band GRAVERY has emerged with new single “Hate is now the Answer.”

Formed in mid-2023, the band wasted no time in creating uncompromising tracks that delve into uncomfortable topics, particularly the destructive potential of the human mind.

Gravery’s sound is raw, direct, and disturbing, serving as the perfect backdrop for their themes. The result is a collection of six songs that hit the listener straight in the gut, leaving no room for interpretation.

Ska infused punk rockers RUNDOWN KREEPS share “Big Bear”.

Rundown Kreeps, the LA punk trio, has released a lively ska-infused single titled “Big Bear” from their latest LP ‘RDK.’

This album was recorded by Jonathan Mireles (known for his work with Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly’s “Tickets To My Downfall”) and features special guest mastering by Roger Lima (of Less Than Jake). The band has recently performed at Punk In The Park Festival alongside renowned acts like Pennywise, Descendents, Goldfinger, and The Suicide Machines.

KARA DELIK from Berlin have unleashed a new live video and are revving up for a European tour this February and March.

The band, known for their hypnotic blend of Anatolian rock, post-punk, and new-wave, is fresh off the stage from LARK Berlin, capping off a year of over 30 shows across 6 countries. See their upcoming shows HERE.

The post-metal scene is about to be set ablaze with O ZORN!’s latest creation, ‘Vermillion Haze’, scheduled for release on March 15th through Hard Drugs/Seeing Red Records.

Unveiling the grim underbelly of Los Angeles’ glittering facade, the Long Beach quartet channels the city’s post-pandemic turmoil into their music.

Led by the dynamic Bill Kielty, whose presence recalls the likes of Rob Zombie and James Hetfield, and backed by the formidable talents of Justin Suitor on guitar, Justin Morales on bass, and Derek Eglit on drums, O ZORN! delivers a heavy, groove-laden sound that resonates with the raw spirit of metal.

Italian metallic hardcore pack BROWBEAT is gearing up to unleash their new album “Unbreakable” on March 22nd, 2024, via Time To Kill Records, following their “The Showdown” EP from last year.

As a sneak peek, the band has revealed the intense video for their first single “The Real Face,” delving into themes of corruption and the exposure of hidden agendas. The tracklist for “Unbreakable” promises a heavy onslaught, including a cover of Madball’s “Hold It Down,” while BROWBEAT’s history, dating back to their formation in 1998, reflects their dedication to creating intense and powerful music within the hardcore and metal scene. Fans can pre-order the album HERE.

SWARM6IX, known for their unique blend of heavy trap and metal music, has released a new single titled “LIP$TICK” and signed with Out Of Line Records.

The band creates a safe space for those who may appear anti-social or introverted, emphasizing freedom of expression within art. Their sound draws influences from artists like Ghostemane, Emmure, and modern nu-metal, resulting in a captivating and familiar yet fresh style.

With previous singles like “Fuego,” “d0pamine,” “$OCIAL $UICIDE,” “CANCER,” and “Deaths G(rip)” receiving airplay on BBC Radio 1 and coverage from outlets like Loudwire and Metal Hammer, SWARM6IX is gaining recognition in the music scene. “LIP$TICK” is the latest addition to their discography and explores the theme of uncovering hidden imperfections and lies in people’s personas. The band has exciting plans, including a tour with Overthrone and a performance at Takedown Festival 2024.

Quietus presents a fresh punk and hardcore review for January 2024.

Noel Gardner takes us through 10 remarkable releases, encompassing elements of rage, melody, polemic, weirdness, sass, and swing.

While the new year brings its promise, the column delves into some late 2023 gems that demand attention. Check it out for a taste of the latest in punk and hardcore HERE.

Pomona’s screamo act OTHIEL discuss debut LP ‘We Will Be Our Home’.

Pomona, California’s underground screamo scene is buzzing with energy, and OTHIEL is at the forefront.

The band recently released their debut 12”LP, ‘We Will Be Our Home,’ featuring nine tracks that seamlessly blend beautiful melodies with intense screams. Drawing inspiration from bands like Crowning, Eyelet, and Gillian Carter, OTHIEL shares insights into their journey, Pomona’s screamo scene, and their creative process in a candid interview here on IDIOTEQ.

INVENT ANIMATE just hit us with “Sleepless Deathbed,” a heavy hitter fresh off their Heavener album wave.

The track’s a deep dive into a nightmarish trance where you’re trapped in an endless loop of your worst moments – talk about intense.

Sleepless Deathbed” is a journey through a storm of memories, each drop another bad vibe you can’t shake. It’s like falling through your own history, landing on a bed where sleep’s not welcome. The band’s got this down to an art, crafting tunes that are as heavy as they are heady, all while nailing that vibe of pure, uncut panic.

New Jersey’s indie-rock fabric is about to get richer with GRADUATION SPEECH’s fresh single “No Confidence,” setting the tone for their forthcoming EP.

Members drawn from Aspiga and Crucial Dudes have come together under Protagonist Music to bring us ‘Arcane Feelings’, a six-track EP due out March 1st. The single marks a shift from Kevin Day’s solo roots to a full-fledged rock ensemble, capturing the live energy they’ve been relishing since 2022.

Heartfelt rockers OLD HEAVY HANDS release their new album, “Small Fires.”

The North Carolina natives bring a finely tuned southern rock edge to their latest work.

With their single “Between You & Me,” the band pays homage to legacy and loss, infusing their heartfelt rock with a poignant narrative. Frontman Nathan James Hall, also a tattoo artist, brings authenticity to the lyrics, drawing from personal struggles like his cancer battle.

The album reflects on resilience with tracks like ‘The Flood’, promising a rock-solid listening experience with its blend of rough vocals and melodious guitars. “Small Fires” is out now for those ready to embrace the rough and tumble spirit of Old Heavy Hands’ story-driven rock.


Knoxville’s brutal death metal stalwarts BRODEQUIN are back to shake the foundations with their long-awaited full-length, ‘Harbinger of Woe’, set to drop on March 22, 2024, via Hard Drugs/Seeing Red Records.

Their latest single “Of Pillars and Trees” is streaming now, giving a taste of their signature bone-crushing sound that’s been honed since 1998. With a history as intense as their music, inspired by medieval darkness, the band’s fourth album is poised to reaffirm their reign in the death metal realm. Get ready for BRODEQUIN’s triumphant return to the throne of brutality.

ULTERROR, a blackened death metal band hailing from Kajaani, Finland, is teasing their upcoming album “Transcendent Origins” with a powerful new single titled “Greater Sublimations of Cosmic Panic.”

The album is set to release on March 29, 2024. “Transcendent Origins” promises to deliver a dark and intense musical experience that showcases Ulterror’s mastery of the realms of blackened death metal.

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Helsinki’s BEYOND THE HATE, the melodic death metal band, are gearing up for the release of their debut album “Darkest Times” on March 8th, 2024, courtesy of Inverse Records Finland.

Offering a taste of what’s to come, tracks 2, 3, and 4 are already available for streaming.

Hardcore legends SHELTER are hitting the stage once more!

They’ve lined up gigs from Connecticut to New York, with a special appearance by CIV. The tour kicks off on April 4th at the Space Ballroom in Hamden, CT, and wraps up with a bang at the Bowery Ballroom in New York, NY, on April 7th.

PERIPHERY is set to hit the road for an extensive European tour, their first in over four years.

Starting this Saturday, they’re joined by CROOKED ROYALS as the supporting act. Fans are eagerly anticipating live renditions of tracks from their latest release, ‘Periphery V’. Guitarist Jake Bowen shares the band’s excitement to revisit favorite European spots and connect with fans through their new music.

Here’s the complete lineup of dates and venues HERE.

Schecter Guitar has unveiled an exciting partnership with Justin Beck, the creative force behind New York’s post-hardcore outfit, GLASSJAW.

Together, they have introduced the Ani signature model guitar and bass.

The Ani Guitar boasts a Swamp Ash body and Hard Rock Maple neck with a stunning natural gloss finish. Additionally, it features Schecter Diamond Vintage Tremolo and Schecter USA Apocalypse pickups for exceptional sound.

For more details, full specifications, and to make a purchase, visit the provided link HERE.

Experimental rockers THOT has inked a deal with Pelagic Records for their next album, DELTA, set to drop on May 10th.

Grégoire, the band’s mastermind, praises the label for its community of innovative minds and the unique aesthetic of its vinyl releases. Acknowledging bands like BEAR and B R I Q U E V I L L E as part of the label’s inspiring roster, THOT is stoked to contribute to this vibrant collective. The band is amped to embark on this new voyage with DELTA.

Hidden Bay Records has just released “Bear’s Brain,” the new album by PETIT BUREAU.

Petit Bureau is a Toulouse-based duo consisting of Stéphanie Marchesi (bass guitar/synths/vocals) and Laetitia Dutech (drums/vocals).

The album features nine new tracks, recorded in the Lot countryside and mixed by Greg Saunier from Deerhoof. Their music explores a blend of minimalist pop and heavier territories, with a wide range of sounds and structures, including poetic rhymes, fuzzy ostinato, and repetitive riffs. The lyrics delve into topics such as personal fears and societal issues. This album showcases the harmonious vocal interplay between Stéphanie and Laetitia, making it an exciting release from the contemporary Toulouse music scene.

INGESTED, the monarchs of British death metal, are priming fans with a new release from their upcoming album.

“The Tide of Death and Fractured Dreams” is available for pre-order, and you can already indulge in the lead track “Paragon of Purity” streaming now. Brace for impact as the full force of the album hits on April 5, 2024. Get a glimpse of the intensity to come with guest artists like Josh Middleton of Sylosis and Mark Hunter of Chimaira adding their own savage flair to the mix.

BOTCH, the mathcore legends, are gearing up to storm Europe with their chaotic hardcore sounds.

Kicking off on March 8th in Prague, the tour will see them shredding across multiple cities with the sonic powerhouse GREAT FALLS in tow.

Adding to the mix for a couple of UK shows, BAD BREEDING will jump on the bill, ensuring the London and Bristol crowds get an extra dose of hardcore fury. Tickets are already up for grabs.

The new album “From the Gut of Gaia” by metalcore beast UNDERNEATH is officially out today!

Emerging from Pittsburgh, this mosh-inducing band follows up on their 2022 record “Nothing Here is Held Sacred” with an absolutely nasty release that promises to stomp you flat. What makes this album even more exciting is the guest performances from V (Kicked in the Head by a Horse), Mel Kenneley (Princess), and Jake Yencik (Hazing Over).

EARTH CRISIS is set to reissue their pivotal EP “Firestorm” on vinyl, with a drop date of January 26, 2024.

This isn’t just any repress; it’s the definitive edition, crafted under the band’s watchful eye. The 12″ EP is cut at 45 RPM and boasts a B-side etching of their iconic wrenches logo, plus a 24-page booklet packed with historical snapshots that chart the Syracuse metalcore titans’ journey. Renowned for their staunch vegan straight edge stance and politically charged messages, this release is a piece of hardcore history not to be missed.

DEAF CLUB is embarking on a relentless European tour in 2024, sweeping through the continent with their hardcore punk cacophony.

Starting April 5th in Colmar, France, and winding through key cities like Brussels, Brighton, and Berlin, the tour caps off in Bochum, Germany, on April 27th. Joined by the enigmatic FUCK MONEY, this tour is set to be an auditory assault of the finest order.

Before that, catch DEAF CLUB’s auditory havoc across the Midwest US and Canada in February, with stops in Cudahy, Chicago, and beyond.

This band delivers a blastbeat-driven sound that’s as much an aural onslaught as it is a highbrow critique of societal ills. With Justin Pearson and crew at the helm, it’s an invitation to confront chaos head-on — because if we can’t hear the madness, is it really there?

OXBOW are hitting European roads, too!

OXBOW announces a fresh sweep of tour dates across Europe come June 2024, bringing their unique sound to venues in Zurich, Milan, Berlin, and more.

Joining forces with Mr. Bungle and Spotlights for select dates, the band is ready to deliver their intense live performances to fans old and new.

See the dates HERE.


BELL WITCH is set to embark on an extensive European tour this spring, taking their haunting drone and doom metal sounds across a frostbitten North, through the mythic South, from the Emerald Isle to the Balkans. Starting on March 28 in Dresden, DE, the Seattle-based duo will play many cities for the first time, alongside a host of friends and fellow bands like FVNERALS, Knoll, Esoteric, Thantifaxath, and The Keening.

See the dates HERE.

Thrash/death metal mavens ESODIC just dropped a raw, in-your-face video for their latest single “Consequence,” which throws a hard punch with its take on post-war realities.

The track, a gritty exploration of Western intervention and its fallout, teases their upcoming EP ‘De Facto De Jure,’ promising a blend of aggressive riffs and socio-political savviness set for release on April 17th, 2024.

French alt rock band ASTRAL BAKERS teasing debut album “The Whole Story”

French outfit Astral Bakers, a new band featuring Ambroise Willaume (formerly of Revolver), Theodora, Nico Lockhart, and Zoé Hochberg, is set to release their debut album, “The Whole Story,” on February 9th via Sage Music. Their latest single, “Beautiful Everything,” offers an upbeat and accessible sound influenced by Sonic Youth, Elliott Smith, and Big Thief. The song was recorded live in the studio, capturing a balance between dreamy and lively vibes.

Astral Bakers will perform at the Eurosonic Festival on January 19th and have a Paris album release show scheduled for March 7th at la Maroquinerie.

HYPER GAL gets a new feature on IDIOTEQ.

Emerging from Osaka, Japan, HYPER GAL, a dynamic duo featuring vocalist Koharu Ishida and experimental noise artist Kurumi Kadoya on drums, is redefining music with their minimalist approach. Stripping music down to its core elements, they craft shimmering no wave pop with blastbeat drums, glittery keyboard loops, and ethereal bubblegum vocals, all infused with a touch of velvet and firecrackers.

Australian screamo special.

Australian screamo band hanoi traffic is making waves with their intense stage presence and a sound that balances melancholy and chaos.

While Australian screamo wasn’t as prevalent when hanoi traffic formed, they recall bands like Salt Money and Blind Girls as early influences. However, they’ve witnessed a resurgence in the scene, with approximately 15 to 16 active screamo bands in a country with a population of 25 million.

We explore this in a special feature on the band and Australian screamo scene HERE.

HOUSE PARTIES drops their new EP “Side Effects”, infused with the raw punch of pop punk.

The trio, featuring Chaney Elaine on vocals, Spencer Trinidad shredding the guitar, and Wesley K. Jones on the drums, has laid down tracks produced by Seth Henderson and Derek DiScanio from State Champs,

Scottish band GUTTERBLOOD made a powerful statement on New Year’s Day 2024 with the release of their latest EP, ‘Hard Gandhi,’

In an exclusive interview, the band shares insights into their creative process, the challenges of being a DIY outfit, the significance of Scottish accents in their music, and their aspirations for the future. They also delve into the themes of addiction and mental health, offering valuable advice for those facing similar struggles.

ABHORIA drops their second album, ‘Depths’, today with Prosthetic Records, complete with a fresh lyric video for ‘Winter’s Embrace’.

The US dystopian black metal act delves deeper into their sound with nine new tracks, detailed by guitarist Trevor Portz in a recent track-by-track analysis on Invisible Oranges.

The new album showcases a fusion of black metal with hints of death, thrash, and doom. Trevor Portz shares the band’s enthusiasm: “Depths reflects the initial vision I had for ABHORIA. It’s more focused… this album is the black metal album I’ve been trying to write for years.”

A new episode of “The New York Hardcore Chronicles Live” is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7th, 2024, from 3pm to 5pm (EST).

Episode 305 will feature Ian MacKaye with special guest Glen E. Friedman, a photographer.

BE WELL and CALLING HOURS (Revelation Records) hit European roads.

Melodic hardcore outfit BE WELL is set to take Europe by storm this summer alongside CALLING HOURS! In other exciting news, BE WELL is putting the final touches on their recording sessions, with a 7” dropping in May and a fresh full-length album due early next year on Equal Vision Records.

Dive into GREEN DAY’s impressive legacy with Billboard’s latest video, “Billboard Explains: Green Day’s Chart Success.”

This retrospective showcases the band’s top milestones on the charts, celebrating their enduring influence in the music industry, just before their 14th studio album ‘Saviors’ hits the shelves.

In other news, Green Day has made an exciting announcement for their fans: during the 2024 ‘Saviors’ world tour, they’ll be performing their iconic albums ‘Dookie’ and ‘American Idiot’ in their entirety.

This special performance is in honor of the albums’ 30th and 20th anniversaries, respectively. Fans can look forward to experiencing these seminal records live alongside a mix of Green Day’s other beloved tracks, both classic and new.

In other GREEN DAY news, the punk rock vanguards, have officially dropped the full tream of their 14th studio juggernaut, ‘Saviors.’

This latest installment is a sonic manifesto, packing a political punch not seen from the trio in years.

‘Saviors’ continues Green Day’s tradition of rock anthems with a contemporary edge, under the seasoned production of Rob Cavallo. The album is a mix of Armstrong’s yearning for raw punk (“1981” and “Coma City”) and more intricate, melodic arrangements (“Saviors” and “Father to a Son”). It’s a deeply personal record that Armstrong admits crosses into the realm of the private, especially with tracks like “Father to a Son” delving into familial relationships.


NO DOUBT is set to make a grand comeback at Coachella 2024, marking their first collective performance since 2015.

The acclaimed group, fronted by Gwen Stefani and including Tony Kanal, Adrian Young, and Tom Dumont, will be reuniting on the stage of the famed Indio, California festival this April.

While specifics of their performance day are still under wraps, the anticipation is already high among fans eager to see the band that skyrocketed to fame in the ’90s. No Doubt’s reunion is among the festival’s headliners, which also include Lana Del Rey, Tyler, the Creator, and Doja Cat, promising a diverse and electrifying lineup for attendees.

This announcement follows in the footsteps of last year’s memorable return of Blink-182 to the Coachella stage.

From the darkened alleys of Los Angeles, THE WRAITH unleashes “Only Shadows Remain,” the second single from their forthcoming album ‘Ghost March.’

This track is a deathrock deluge, a sub-three-minute descent into a world where dystopia dances with cinematic soundscapes. The Wraith expertly marries the macabre with melody, offering a pulsating post-punk anthem that oscillates between oppressive verses and grandiose, almost orchestral bridges. Slated for release in April 2024, ‘Ghost March’ is shaping up to be a soundtrack for the nocturnally inclined, a defiant hunt for truth in a world of shadows.

CHAD TEPPER drops his latest single “i guess that’s life,” and it’s as real as it gets.

The social media sensation turned rocker, known for his high-octane personality and stunts, showcases his grunge-tinged vocals and heartfelt storytelling. With over 15 million streams last year and nods from major industry players, Tepper’s carving out his space in the alternative scene.

What a great new single he has delivered.

FOX LAKE has unveiled “Fracture,” a new single that crystallizes their journey from mathy-emo roots to alt indie soundscapes.

Hailing from Winnipeg, the band’s evolution shines through in this track, a culmination of years of meticulous crafting and an entire scrapped album.


ROTTING CHRIST, the titans of Greek death metal, are set to unleash their 14th studio opus, ‘Pro Xristoy’, on May 24th via Season of Mist.

Marking 35 years of unapologetically bold presence in the metal realm, the Tolis brothers continue to sculpt their legacy with gothic, melodic black metal that nods to ancient pagan might.

‘Pro Xristoy’, translating to “Before Christ”, is a homage to the last Pagan kings, channeling the resistance to Christianity’s sweeping transformation of olden values, traditions, and wisdom. With this forthcoming release, ROTTING CHRIST demonstrates that their ascent is far from over, still expanding the boundaries of their heretical hymns.

LORD DYING’s newest album, ‘Clandestine Transcendence,’ hits the airwaves today via MNRK Heavy.

The album continues the gripping tale of The Dreamer from their acclaimed 2019 album, ‘Mysterium Tremendum’. This second chapter in their trilogy explores the aftermath of The Dreamer’s wish to traverse beyond death. With production by Kurt Ballou, the Portland metal maestros deliver a heavier, more melodic experience that dives deeper into the realms of progressive sludge metal.

WAVES IN AUTUMN unleashes a new surge in their melodic post-hardcore journey with the single “Wintergaze,” a reflective track that grapples with the themes of addiction and the struggle for change.

This song marks a contemplative point for listeners as they are invited to confront their own demons and inspired to seek out the strength needed for personal transformation. The band’s latest offering continues to weave their signature sound while challenging their audience to introspect and grow beyond their limitations.

EKKSTACY share new album!

Vancouver’s burgeoning star EKKSTACY releases his highly anticipated self-titled album today via Dine Alone Records. His second album includes each of the previously-released singles including standout track “bella,” “i can’t find anyone,” “goo lagoon,” and lead single “problems” featuring Trippie Redd.

EKKSTACY finds the artist concocting a timeless blend of sounds that exist in the crevices between subgenres like shoegaze, post-punk, and surf rock. Synonymous to the electric live show EKKSTACY will be bringing to North America and Europe next month, the album propels forward at a breakneck pace with fleeting moments of tenderness that offer glimpses of the intimacy that coexists in his songwriting alongside the chaos.

Power rockers THE PLOT IN YOU, a gold-certified metalcore and alternative rock band, has just released a new single titled “Closure.”

Known for their ability to balance extreme dynamics and constantly surprise listeners, the band has been on the cutting edge of heavy music.

Their previous releases, including “DISPOSE” and “Swan Song,” garnered millions of streams and sold-out shows across the country. In 2023, they kicked off a new era with “Vol. 1,” featuring tracks like “Divide” and “Left Behind” that gained millions of Spotify streams.

Venezuelan Post-Rock pioneers ZETA have dropped their new full album “LIVE AT PARISH.”

The band’s unique blend of Afro-Caribbean rhythms, punk beats, and atmospheric elements creates an intense listening experience. With a 20-year career and over 1500 shows, Zeta continues to push musical boundaries. Their latest album, “Todo Bailarlo,” combines traditional Latin American music with experimental sounds.

Don’t miss Zeta’s live performance in Austin, TX on July 26, 2023.

Italian band PINHDAR has just released the single “Humans,” offering a captivating preview of their upcoming album “A Sparkle On The Dark Water.”

With a blend of trip-hop, dream pop, and darktronica elements, the song delves into the intricacies of the human condition. Cecilia Miradoli’s evocative vocals, coupled with Max Tarenzi’s reverberating guitar and synthetic textures, create a shadowy and sinuous mood that invites reflection. “Humans” is a contemplative and sophisticated piece of work that sets the stage for the album’s release on March 22, 2024.

Dynamic post rockers SLEEPMAKESWAVES have announced their new single ‘Super Realm Park’ from their upcoming album ‘It’s Here, But I Have No Names For It,’ set to release on Friday, April 12th.

The band drew inspiration from the Nintendo 64 game F-Zero for the main riff and synth in the track, infusing late ’90s influences. They added a slow, crushing, hypnotic wall of noise to conclude the song. The album was produced by the band themselves and features string arrangements by Simeon Bartholomew. It was mixed by Andrei Eremin and mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice.

CONSCIOUS PILOT, the embodiment of post-punk perfection, is set to release their new single “Modern Religion” on January 19, 2024.

This new project emerges with resilience from the remnants of the vibrant theatrical punk band Cheap Teeth. Conscious Pilot, formed by former Cheap Teeth members Joe Laycock and Jack Sharp, has now joined forces with musicians from Catholic Action and Pressure Retreat to create a post-punk revival supergroup.

“Modern Religion” marks a departure from their previous critical approach to religion and instead acknowledges and appreciates the various ways individuals find meaning in their lives, whether through organized religion, music, exercise, or unconventional activities like fishing. The song combines Laycock’s theatrical vocals with Sharp’s pulsing bass line, creating a unique and immersive post-punk experience that explores the quest for meaning in a fresh musical direction.

Munich’s CADET CARTER has released a new single, “Let It Go,” ahead of their upcoming album, “Self-Maintenance,” set to drop on April 12, 2024, via SBÄM Records.

Their music is reminiscent of bands like Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday. The band has gained recognition in the European music scene, and their new album focuses on self-care and embracing positivity. Stream “Let It Go” and watch out for “Self-Maintenance” in April 2024.

Romanian rock metal band L.O.S.T. has released a new single titled “From Down Below” as part of their 20th-anniversary celebrations.

This track is from their upcoming album, and it features a collaboration with Alin Petruț from Gothic and Andy Ionescu from Taine, who provides clean vocals.

BALSAM GROOVE teasing “You’re Safe Here,” scheduled for January 31st via Just Noise Music.

The band’s latest song from the album, “Sleep Paralysis,” premiered on New Year’s Day with an official lyric video available on YouTube.

Balsam Grove’s journey to their debut album has been marked by dedication and resilience. Founded by lead vocalist/guitarist Larry Lee Hansen and bassist Michael Ermis, the progressive post-hardcore band overcame lineup changes, challenges with promoters, and even the global pandemic.

Their 2018 demo EP, “Echoes of the Past,” gained recognition in the South Texas music scene, earning them local press coverage and radio exposure. After parting ways with drummer Bryan Renkes and guitarist Logan Wood, Balsam Grove welcomed Michigan guitarist Jim Tobakos into their lineup, adding a new dimension to their sound. The result is an energetically intense, technically nuanced album that explores themes of social isolation, nostalgia, depression, and new beginnings.

Anglo-Maltese quartet ĠENN has announced a remix project for their acclaimed debut album “unum.”

The project is set to be completed on February 23rd via Liminal Collective. The first remix, created by Indian producer Goya, is a reimagining of the track ‘Calypso’ and is set to be released on January 19th.

This remix project is the first of a trilogy, with each remix created by an artist from a different country. ĠENN has focused on collaborating with artists who are PoC (People of Color) and queer, emphasizing creative freedom and experimentation.

The band expressed their excitement for the project, stating, “Collaborating with other artists is something that we genuinely enjoy as it reinvigorates why we do music in the first place.”

With their unique blend of post-punk and experimental sounds, ĠENN’s “unum” remix project promises to offer a fresh perspective on their already acclaimed debut album.

VALS ALARM, a melodic punk duo from Amsterdam, share debut single “Boring.”

With influences from ESG, Amyl and the Sniffers, and Le Tigre, this duo brings untamed vibes, raw power, and unapologetic attitude.

Fronted by a fearless female lead vocalist with razor-sharp lyrics and a relentless male drummer and producer, their debut album, coming in April, is a sonic assault that starts with the explosive single “Boring.” It’s a manifesto that scoffs at the mundane and fearlessly calls out lackluster experiences, delivered with power and humor.

Vendetta Records has just released “To Bare the Weight of Death” by ANDRACCA, and it’s an unapologetic and desolate offering in the realm of UK Black Metal.

This album is a profound exploration of the theme suggested by its title. It delves into the raw and stark experiences of grief endured over five years, with six tracks that narrate a journey from a seemingly inescapable abyss of despair and hopelessness to a place of reconciliation with mortality and an embracing of Death in all its forms, both corporeal and metaphysical.

The path depicted in this album is not a straightforward one; it’s marked by numerous setbacks that unveil increasingly corrosive layers of grief. Despite the harsh realities of loss, there is a sense of profound appreciation for life that emerges from the depths of surrender to Death.

Finnish band FM2000 has released the second single, “Tammikuu” (January), from their upcoming eighth album titled “Happohotelli,” set to be released by Inverse Records in March.

The song is a reflection on loss and mourning, particularly the loss of two friends over the Christmas period. The album features a new experimental electronic soundscape, moving away from their characteristic heavy-punk-klezmer style. It was produced by Tuomas Kokko and mastered by Svante Forsbäck.

Scottish progressive post-rock trio MIDAS FALL has unveiled their latest single, “Monsters,” from their upcoming fifth studio album, “Cold Waves Divide Us,” scheduled for a worldwide release on March 8th via Monotreme Records.

In this new track, the band showcases a contemplative side, blending ethereal elements with syncopated guitars and drums. Vocalist Elizabeth Heaton explains that “Monsters” delves into the theme of intrusive, anxiety-ridden thoughts that can unexpectedly surface, emphasizing the idea that creating music can be a form of resolution. The single is accompanied by a video that explores the concept of music as a conduit for emotions and inspiration, directed by David Gregory of Cineoteric Films.

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