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“La Fine degli Uomini Faro” – new record from post rockish screamo band RADURA takes you by the heart and lifts you away!

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It is truly interesting how the mere presence of mainstream media can change the way DIY artists think about their capabilities and create their music, which is often falsely seen as low quality. The stereotype once associated with the amotional, screamy splinter of hardcore punk was that of a disillusioned, unstable youth screaming their hearts penning laments of heartbreak and alienation. Thankfully, a newer generation of harsh dissonance lovers have adapted more challenging  songwriting and aesthetics that derive more from post rock, math rock and other experimental styles. It has long time ago injected a new lease of life into our beloved section of hardcore and it’s always a great pleasure to welcome more quality successors like the one we’re bringing yoou today. RADURA, a screamo/post-hardcore band based in Milan, Italy, have recently released a new splendid album ‘La Fine degli Uomini Faro”, full of vibrant songs with lyrics to chew over for months. We have caught up with the band to get their first hand commentary on the record, its content, and share the official track by track breakdown!

The band commented:

A melodic, delicate and intensive plot of sounds guided by a strong rhythmics. There is some screamo, some emo and some other influences, all mixed to create a powerful sound, enriched by the lyrics, that are singed in desperate screams.

Lyrics are written by the three members, and everyone sing what they write. We wanted to give the listener the freedom to feel in a personal and introspective way the line that this album takes.

These songs, as we always do, were written with the most sincerity we could put in them. Consequently this album talks about emotions we had felt in this last years, and every song describes a different face of a same existential condiction. While we were working on it, we had seen clearly that this album has a circular shape, it’s a never ending story of struggle and we hope that publishing and sharing these songs with all of you will bring a new look to this circle, maybe break it, and turn it into a story of another kind of energy.

The music, lyrics and the artwork are linked togheter to transmit the same impact we needed to comunicate.

Cover art by Italian artist Novilunium Eyes, an italian artist. Mixing by the band’s bassist, Mario Rizzotto. Master by ill Killingsworth of Dead Air Studios. The record is available via Italian label Dischi Decenti who gave the band a little help to do 100 physical copies of the album.

01. Pietre di Carta

This is the first song, the one that let the listener glance at the album and its meaning. A disharmonic and constant guitar riff leads all the first half, then the songs throw open, it flips, and something start to emerge in a melodic and harmonious ending part while the vocals express a deep pain that paralize, that leaves you untied with all the surroundings.

02. Acqualuna

It’s the brightest space in the album, a safe place. These post rock and full-emotive verses, as a drawing of a soul that is filled more and more with beauty and eventually give up in a lucent crying, let you dive into an insecure hope. This track is a pure word of love in the whole album.


03. Cadere

This song start with an intensive and negative part that contrasts the previous song: the desperated lyrics express the hopeless situation of a never ending return to the darkness; the inability to follow the light. The following part is the most technical and complex part of the album regarding the instruments and the voices too: they chase each other in a fall, that leads to the core of the album.

04. Rievocazioni

After the fall, there’s the impact. Rievocazioni is the most emoviolence song of the album, instrumentally and lyrically. The lyrics talk about nostalgia and those memories you struggle with, to find the strenght to carry on and not to look back. The second part is a slow crescendo of intensity, as the shivers you feel on the neck, until a broke desperate voice ends this trip between remembrances.


05. Uomini Faro

The oldest song of the album, the origin of the concept. All the other songs are built around this track. It’s the most intensive and deep song, as that sea described in the lyrics. There’s the desire of self destruction, of burning the last energy you have and find a peace into this. The song structure and the emotionals guitar riffs carry you between the strong waves of the exhaled feelings.

This is the gate between the different faces of the album.

06. Coda

The name Coda (italian for tail) refers to the ending section of a song and, in this case, is the ending of an entire journey, and is up to the listener to give the lyrics the meaning they want.

For us, this is the end of the concept, and it speaks about Depression, and the life of a person who is convinced that there is no more hope for him; this brings him in a path of dark thoughts and loneliness, and is the listener that has to give to the ending a meaning, in whatever way he thinks is the right one.

This song comes from a dark time, and is not easy to admit that, in a way, you’ve lost.

Coda is like a confession, is the song in which we eventually understand and accept our condition, it’s like a catharsis without any redenction, even if we are only ashes we have to keep burning, repeat the circle.

This is the meaning of all of this: every track is different, they explore different feelings and moments, but in a circle they can only become a burden, and Coda is the moment in which you understand and this, and this is the moment when you can find your way in the world.


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