Introducing: RIJEKA, new screamy emo hardcore band from Toulon!

Picture by Brian Agnès
French screamo has always reserved a special place in my heart. The early 2000 scene had birthed numerous great bands and definitely strengthened my passion for the whole movement. Thankfully, members of some of those bands and labels involved have continued to procude new music, form new bands and experiment outside the strict screamo department. Projects run by Clément Jeunet (Bökanövsky, Child Meadow, Grand Detour) have always had some part of that nostalgia embedded within their offerings and it’s been a pleasure sharing the word about his endevours. Today, I am pleased to reveal a new one, emotive hardcore, screamo tinged band called RIJEKA!

Asked about the origins of RIJEKA, Clément commented:

The project was first created few years ago with a different drummer, but didn’t last more than one practice. It really started with Hugues arrival behind the drums few months ago. A bunch of practice after and here we are with the first demo. We all played in several local bands in Toulon / Marseille area.

The demo is 6 songs long. Everything is DIY and was recorded in our practice space in Toulon suburbs. At first the drums tracks where recorded to practice at home but we thought we should use them as a demo rather than wait another 2 years without any recording. It has imperfections but in the other side it’s dynamic and has that « live » touch that we liked. Luckily our friend Jean did a great job with mixing and mastering all the tracks.

Lyrics and inspirations are about everyday life frustrations, struggles. Most likely everything that happened in France these couples of years.


After releasing this demo, RIJEKA will focus on spreading it and playing live shows.

We have two shows planned but hope for more! And hopefully hit the road for a tour.

Toulon DIY scene

There’s never been a specific scene associated with a “proper” style in Toulon, but there’s always been great, talented bands. The only negative point is that they don’t tour often, and for some of them don’t last long! It tend to change with the years.

We are surrounded by Marseille, where’s there’s always a shitload of great bands, venues and live shows. There’s also la fare les Oliviers.
Nice area was pretty quiete but comes back from the dead with new faces and a lot of energy.

Other bands worth a check

Well try avoid all the bands from France that we all already know! Check out:

Confetti malaise” from Marseille. It’s Julien’s (first drummer of Rijeka) new post/punk band. With a local all star line-up!

Bahämas” from Montceau les mines/Dijon. It’s a new band from our friends who used to play in “who needs maps”.

Constante” new band from Rennes. We are setting up a show and playing our first show in with them in Toulon.

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